How to Share Contacts in Bulk via Android Apps

Our phonebook is filled with at least hundreds of contacts. From family to emergency services, everyone finds a place in our contact lists.

Remember those days when we would hastily look for a pen and a piece to jot a phone number down? How about that thick phone book that used to lie beside the landline, filled with numbers of friends and relatives?

Bulk Contactss

Don’t get too nostalgic, my friend. Finding and sharing a phone number was a task back then and no matter how much you miss those days it won’t change the reality. In the digital era, finding and sharing contact information is a cakewalk.

While there are many methods to share a phone number from Android devices via WhatsApp, SMS, and email, sharing contacts in bulk is still not a very easy thing to do.

Today, we will discuss three Android apps that let you share contacts in bulk seamlessly.

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1. Share Contacts

The Share Contacts app available for free on Google Play Store. This smart Android app allows you to send specific information of as many contacts as you want via SMS, email, WhatsApp or any other messaging application.

Share Contacts 1
Share Contacts 2

Using the app is pretty simple. You just have to select the contacts and the details you want to share and make a list. There is no virtual limit on the number of contacts you want to send.

Once you’re done compiling the list, just share it through any messaging app and hit Send. What’s more? You can also move this to the external memory chip.

Download Share Contacts from Google Play Store

2. Send Contacts

Contact information is sensitive data. You don’t want to copy paste it to any wrong box accidentally. With Send Contacts, you can be double sure about which number is going to whom.

Send Contacts 1
Send Contacts 2

Similar to the above app, this Android application allows you to tick multiple contacts while you keep a track of how many contacts you have selected.

Once you have selected the number, you can then send the information to a specific number on your contact list via SMS or Facebook Messenger. Unlike Share Contacts, this app does not allow you to pick a particular detail and only lets you share phone numbers.

Download Send Contacts from Google Play Store

3. ContactBox

Last on this list of mobile apps comes ContactBox. I’ve kept this app below the other two because it only works if both you and the person with whom you’d want to share the contacts need to have ContactBox installed.

Contact Box 1
Contact Box 2

This works the best for a family or a small business firm where you can create lists of contacts of various individuals who fit the category and keep all the members in sync.

With ContactBox, you can make lists of different contacts, edit them whenever and however you like and share the contact lists with anyone who has the app. It’s super easy and allows you to sync all the details at once for every member.

You can also make calls, texts or emails from this app directly. It also identifies the caller for you.

Download ContactBox from Google Play Store

Our Pick

These were the free Android apps that you can use to share contacts in bulk. Honestly, I liked Share Contacts the best. Why? Well, it’s simple and a truly no-frills app that does what it’s supposed to do and no more.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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