A Guide to Setting Up and Using Bixby Routines on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Samsung takes on Google Assistant with the Bixby digital assistant on mobile devices, smart TV, and Tizen-powered smartwatches. Bixby not only focuses on answering user questions but also handles the offline tasks on the phone. Samsung has a packed neat Bixby Routine add-on that does several functions on the device based on voice commands.

Setup Bixby Routines

What Is a Bixby Routine

Samsung’s Bixby Routines are your pre-defined set of rules that trigger whenever a certain phrase or command is said to the digital assistant. It follows the ‘If This Then That’ format of things.

Bixby will perform the actions based on your settings using rules or commands. For instance, you can set Bixby to share your calendar events every morning or bring it up whenever you ask it. Read on to find how to set it up.

Where Is Bixby Routines

Bixby Routines is a part of Bixby digital assistant. You can access it from the Bixby home menu. Long-press the Power key on your phone to wake up Bixby assistant.

From the bottom menu, tap on the little Home icon and it will open the Bixby main menu. Now tap on the hamburger menu at the top-left and select Quick commands from the following menu.

Bixby UI
Quick Commands

By default, Bixby offers several ready-to-go Bixby commands. You can either use them and edit tasks or create one from scratch. Here, we will create a Bixby command from the main screen and add tasks based on our preferences.

Create a Bixby Command

Now that you know what’s Bixby command and how to access it, let’s create a Bixby routine.

Step 1: Go to the Bixby Home and open Quick commands.

Step 2: Tap on the + icon at the upper right corner.

My Commands
Add phrase and command

Step 3: First, you need to specify a quick command or phrase. We have added “What’s Up” as a quick command.

Step 4: In the What Bixby does menu, tap on Add a command option.

Select command
Select the app

Step 5: Here, you can see all the apps that support Bixby commands.

For this post, we will use the combination of Calendar, Email, time, and weather conditions.

Step 6: Select Calendar and tap on ‘Show my schedule’ from the following menu.

Step 7: Go back and select the Gmail app. Tap on the ‘In Gmail show my emails’.

Each time, you will have to select Add a command option to keep adding commands to the phrase.

Show my schedule
Show my mail

Step 8: Select Date and Time, and tap on ‘What time is it?’ action.

Step 9: Now select the Weather Channel app, and you will see that the command we want to use isn’t listed here.

You can select Type it at the bottom and use the built-in keyboard to type a custom command. We have typed the “What’s the weather today” query for the Weather Channel app.

What time is it
Show weather

From the main menu, you will see the final Bixby phrase and actions associated with it. You can always tap on the x mark and remove commands or change the command position.

Save routine

For example, you want Bixby to announce the time first, and then schedule, emails, and weather. Drag and drop the ‘What time is it’ command to the top, and you are good to go with the Save button at the bottom.

Go back to the home screen. Wake up Bixby using the side button or ‘Hey Bixby’ voice command. Say ‘What’s up’ command, and Bixby will perform actions based on your set commands. Look at the screenshots, and you will see Bixby in action with showcasing the current time, upcoming day’s schedule, Gmail, and today’s weather details.

Routine in action
Bixby showing schedule

Here are another couple of Bixby routines that you can implement in your life.

Add a “Good Night” phrase, and Bixby will do the following.

  • Turn on do not disturb
  • Disable AoD (Always on Display)
  • Set the wake-up alarm for 8 AM tomorrow
  • Turn on location
  • How’s the weather tomorrow?
  • Read tomorrow’s schedule
Routine example

Add an “I’m driving” phrase, and Bixby will take the following actions.

  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Turn off Wi-Fi in Settings
  • Play Commute playlist

Delete Bixby Commands

If you no longer need Bixby commands, then open the Bixby home and navigate to Quick commands > My commands. Tap on the three-dot menu at the upper right corner and select Delete. Select the commands that you want to delete and confirm your decision.

Delete bixby commands
Delete bixby routine

Use Bixby Like a Pro

Bixby is an integral part Samsung ecosystem. And it’s good to see that the Korean giant is taking a different route to stand out in the crowd with a useful Bixby Routines function. Let us know how else do you plan to utilize Bixby commands on your Galaxy device.

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Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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