Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips and Tricks That You Musn’t Miss

Recently bought the Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime? Pondering what to do with it, other than playing games or watching movies? Well, it’s a Samsung device and obviously, it has many tricks up its sleeves even though it’s a budget phone.

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And keeping these many features in mind, we have rounded up the coolest Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime tips and tricks.

If you have owned a Samsung phone earlier, you must already know a few of these. But why take the chance and miss out on the cool ones, right? Let’s jump straight in!

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1. Tuck Away Your Important Apps

On more than one occasion, I have found my buddies snooping through my phone’s photo gallery. I know it’s high time I changed my friend’s circle! But …

Anyway, before that, I tried something simple — app lockers. While previously one had to rely on third-party apps, the process has been made simpler now by the built-in app locker. The Galaxy On7 Prime comes with a few handy options to do that. The Lock and Mask option is one of them.

Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 15
Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 14

Using this, not only can you hide apps from the app drawer but can also lock the important ones.

Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 16
Cool Tip

2. Get the List of Inactive Apps

The Developer options in Android phones hide a plethora of hidden features. One such option is Inactive Apps. Though its main function is to stop its background activities, it can be used to filter those apps, that you haven’t used in recent times.

Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 17
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This feature picks up apps that haven’t been used for around two weeks. Given that the phone storage fills up pretty quickly, this mode will help you in kicking out the unused apps from your smartphone.

To activate the Developer option, head over to Settings > About Phone > Software information and tap on the Build number seven times. Once done, open it and search for Inactive Apps.

3. Run Two Instances of the Same App

Ever since Xiaomi came up with Cloned apps in MIUI 8, the number of parallel apps on Google Play Store has gone up steadily. Thankfully, on your On7 Prime, you needn’t worry about third-party apps since the Dual Messenger feature is there to take care of it.

Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 2
Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 3

Launched in 2017, this feature supports all the major messaging services such as Facebook, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, etc.

Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 5

To enable it, navigate to Advanced features, tap on Dual Messenger and toggle the switch on.

4. Adjust Screen Resolution

Want to have more content on your screen? Well, you are in luck. The Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime comes with a smart option, which lets you adjust the screen resolution.

Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 7

This option is also there in the Developer options. All you need to do is search for the Minimum width option. Once you have located it, set a custom DPI value.

Unlike the conventional Display settings, here, you can also play around with the icon sizes.

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5. Seamlessly Manage Notifications

Thanks to Android Nougat, managing notifications is easier now. The apps that send notifications every few hours can be silenced once and for all. What’s more, you can even prioritize the notifications for your favorite apps.

Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 4
Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 8

Just left swipe on a notification and hit the cog icon. Once done, choose from the three options that cater most to your need.

Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 10

To prioritize notifications, tap on the Notification option in App settings and toggle the Set as priority switch to On.

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6. Ease in the Easy Mode

Remember those huge tiles on Windows phones? These tiles not only gave the phone a unique look but also made our work easier. Thankfully, a similar look can be fetched on your Galaxy On7 Prime and it’s made possible by the Easy Mode.

Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 11

This mode gives the home screen icons a tiled look and also lets you add your favorite contacts to your home screen. However, the screen zoom is maximized in this mode. So, the normal text will also appear bigger.

7. Listen to Songs in All Their Glory

Often when listening to songs in office, I tend to keep one of the earplugs unplugged for obvious reasons. As useful as it is, this style has one major flaw, I can’t listen to my favorite songs in all its glory. That’s when the Sound Balance mode on your On7 Prime comes in handy.

Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 12
Top 9 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Tips And Tricks 13

Here, you can channel the audio to your preferred side. To enable it, hover to Accessibility settings > Hearing.

Alternatively, you can also enable the Mono audio mode. This nifty option switches the audio from stereo to mono mode and thus eases the experience of listening through one ear.

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8. Flip to Mute Calls

How about muting calls with just a flip? The Easy mute option under Advanced features lets you mute a call when you turn the phone face down. Yes, no more fumbling for the volume down button now. Savvy, Right?

9. Locate Your Misplaced Phone

A phone in silent mode can be a real pain to locate. Worry not, Samsung’s nifty Find my Mobile feature is there for your assistance. It’ll take care of locating your device and even lets you unlock it remotely.

Find My Phone

For this, head over to Samsung’s Find My Mobile service and sign in using your Samsung credentials. Once done, you’ll be taken to a new page with your device’s location shown on a map.

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That’s a Wrap!

So, these were some of the tips and tricks for your new Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime. Explore your new phone and get the most out of it.

Is there a favorite of yours that we missed to include? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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