Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Jabra Elite 75t: Which Wireless Earphones Should You Buy

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones are one of the newest wireless earphones from Samsung. They are a far cry from the polarizing design of the Galaxy Buds Live. Though they still have a metallic look, Samsung provides silicone ear tips. On the other hand, the Elite 75t is perhaps one of the most popular wireless earphones from Jabra. These earphones gained their popularity thanks to the dynamic music and the lightweight nature of the buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Jabra Elite 75t Which Wireless Earphones Should You Buy

Hence, it’s but natural that we compare the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with the popular Jabra Elite 75t to see which wireless earphones you should buy.

Since it’s going to be a long post, let’s get started, shall we? But first,

Specs That Matter

PropertySamsung Galaxy Buds ProJabra Elite 75t
PropertySamsung Galaxy Buds ProJabra Elite 75t
Weight6.3g per bud5.4g per bud
Touch ControlsYesNo
Included Wing TipsNoYes
USB-C ChargingYesYes
Wireless ChargingYesNo
IP RatingIPX7IP55
ANCYesYes (via OTA)

Design and Fit

Let’s start with the design of the Galaxy Buds Pro. As noted earlier, Samsung has improved the Buds Pro design and has replaced the one-design-fits-all concept with silicone buds, which is a blessing for many. Like most earbuds, the Samsung earphones’ tip fits inside the ear canal and renders a snug fit. An incredibly lightweight exterior further accompanies this. Yep, the Galaxy Buds Pro earphones are lightweight, which is a big plus.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Galaxy Buds Live Should You Upgrade 5

Like most modern earphones, these buds sport touchpads on top, using which you can play/pause songs, change the volume, or call your voice assistant. More importantly, you can switch between ANC and ambient noise. Cool, right?

The touchpads are convenient to control, and they are entirely customizable. However, they are prone to accidental touches. A simple swish of your hair (if you have long hair) or twitching of your ears may cause songs to skip or pause, and that can be a tad annoying. On the upside, you can lock the keypads, but then again, it defeats the purpose.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Galaxy Buds Live Should You Upgrade 3

Samsung ships a set of three ear tips with earphones, and you must try them all. This is because a loose bud may fall when you are in the middle of exercises. More importantly, the effect of ANC is not visible if the fit is not snug.

Last but not least, the Galaxy Buds Pro has a rating of IPX7, which makes it waterproof. So if you were caught in one of the accidental showers, you don’t have to worry about water damage. The same holds for sweat during excessive workouts.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Like the ones above, the Jabra Elite 75t also packs a lightweight design. They are slim and sleek, thereby making them easy to wear for long periods. Unlike the Buds Pro, Jabra’s earbuds sport little ear wings at the top to help improve the buds’ better placement. And they work like clockwork. The fit is snug and doesn’t stray away unless your ears are slick with sweat.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Jabra Elite 75t Which Wireless Earphones Should You Buy 1

The Elite 75t differs from the Galaxy Buds Pro in the type of buttons they employ. The Elite 75t still bundles physical buttons, and they look a tad old-school. The good news is that you can customize those buttons with the companion app. They are soft to touch and don’t jam on your ears when pressed.

Other than that, you can enable/disable HearThrough (ambient sound) feature through these buttons or choose to wake up your digital assistant. These add to the experience.

Battery Life and Connectivity

Though battery lives in truly wireless earphones are scaling new heights, wireless earphones with ANC tell a slightly different story. Compared to conventional buds, the average battery life per charge is about 5-7 hours, depending on the usage.

Likewise, the Samsung Galaxy Pro advertises a battery life of only 5 hours with ANC, and with the charging case, you get a cumulative battery life of 18 hours on a single charge. Thankfully, the case supports wireless charging, and if you have a wireless charging pad (or a Samsung flagship), you have to lay it down on the pad to get charged while you listen to music.

Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds battery

At the same time, it supports USB-C charging and a mere 3 minutes of charging yields around 30 minutes of playback.

It’s worth noting that the Jabra Elite 75t didn’t support ANC initially. It was only around October 2020 that the company updated the buds with ANC via an OTA update. Before that, the buds advertised battery life of 7.5 hours on a single charge, with the case providing 3 additional charge cycles. This gave the Elite 75t a cumulative battery life of 28 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Jabra Elite 75t Which Wireless Earphones Should You Buy 2

When you switch on the ANC, naturally, the battery levels drop. As per the guys at the Toms Guide, there’s around a 20% decrease in the battery levels in a span of 45 minutes. The good thing is these buds also support Fast Charging. 15 minutes on the wire and you’ll buy yourself an hour’s worth of playback time.

Audio Performance

So how good are these buds? Well, let’s start with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Over the years, Samsung has tweaked the sound profile of their wireless earphones. While the original Galaxy Buds sounded a bit flat, the newer Galaxy Buds Pro delivers a wider soundstage. You won’t find thumping bass, but it’s just about right to get you moving. And the passive noise isolation helps its case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro audio

At the same time, the ANC is pretty commendable. However, you won’t get to see Sony or Bose-level Active noise cancellation in this one. But thankfully, the mics on the buds’ exterior work in tandem to give you a distraction-free vibe. Noises like the hum of AC’s and fans or the bus noises are considerably hushed. However, if someone were talking loudly or blasting music on their speakers, you will find them creeping into your ears.

On the other hand, the Jabra Elite 75t delivers dynamic audio with booming bass, making them apt to be used during your morning jogs or in the gym. The good thing is that the vocals stay clear, and the bass doesn’t overshadow it.

So, how good is the newly introduced ANC? For starters, these Jabra earphones do not use Hybrid ANC and utilize only the external mics to cut out the ambient noise. While they do muffle outside noises, they struggle with high-pitched noise like the sound of wind or the cacophony of public places.


So which earphones should you choose? If you are already on a Samsung phone and are looking for a pair of earphones for casual listening, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro makes a good bargain. The companion app lets you customize your listening experience, and added features like Spatial Audio and ANC add to the experience. Plus, there are nifty features like Noise Detect which automatically switches between ANC and Ambient Sound when it detects someone talking.

But at the end of the day, if you are an audiophile and looking to listen to more than just the music in songs, the Jabra Elite 75t proves to be a good pick. The companion app bundles several customization options and you can tweak them as per your choice.

Jabra Elite 75t

They are considerably cheaper than the Samsung earphones. So, if you can live with the physical buttons (they are not a dealbreaker, trust me), you should settle for the Elite 75t. And with the Jabra Elite 85t already in the market, the odds are that you will find good discounts on them from time to time.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Jabra Elite 75t

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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