How to Reset Mi Band 3 and 4

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 and 4 are prone to regular issues just like any other gadget. While for some users, the band shows incorrect time, while others have problems with notification syncing. Well, resetting the band always helps with such glitches. But how do you reset Mi Band 3 and 4? Find the answer in this post.

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When we talk about reset, there are two types — soft and hard. The soft reset simply restarts your Mi Band without unpairing it. The hard reset or factory reset, on the other hand, will unpair the device.

Let’s see how to unpair and reset Mi Band 3 and 4. We will start with restarting Xiaomi Mi Bands.

How to Reboot Mi Band 3 and 4

Let’s see how to soft reset Mi Band 3 and 4.

How to Restart Mi Band 4

To reboot or restart Mi Band 4, follow these steps:

Step 1: Touch the band once to light up the display.

Step 2: Swipe up on the band until you see the More option. Tap on it.

Step 3: Again, swipe up till you see Settings. Tap on it. Inside Settings, tap on Reboot. Confirm by tapping on the tick button. Your Mi Band 4 will reboot quickly.

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How to Restart Mi Band 3

Currently, there is no way to reboot Mi Band 3 manually. You can only reset it to factory settings. However, you can let the Mi Band 3 drain itself so that it shuts down. Charging it will restart the band. It’s not a great way to restart as it will take many days if you have a lot of battery in your band. But if it’s essential to restart the band, that is your option.

How to Factory Reset Mi Band 3 and 4

There are two ways to do so. You can either do it from the band or use the Mi Fit app. The first one can be used to reset Mi Band without the phone and app. Here are the steps for both.

Note: You will have to pair the device again after the reset. Any customizations you have made through the Mi Band itself will reset when you use the factory reset option.

How to Factory Reset Mi Band 4 from Band

For that, touch the band once. Then, swipe up to go to More. Tap on it. Swipe up again till you reach Settings. Tap on it. Swipe up inside Settings till you see Factory Reset. Tap on it. A confirmation message will appear. Tap on the checkmark icon to confirm. Your band will reset in 2 seconds.

How to Factory Reset Mi Band 3 Using Band

To do so, light up the band. Swipe up to go to More. Swipe left till you see Factory reset. Press and hold the button on your band to reset it. Press again to confirm when asked.

Mi band reset 7

As soon as the reset is successful, you will see the Pair device first. You might need to unpair it if you want to connect it to the same phone. The next section takes care of unpairing the band.

How to Unpair Mi Band 3 and 4 from Mi Fit App

To disconnect Mi Band 3 and 4 from the phone, open the Mi Fit app and tap on the Profile tab at the bottom. Tap on your band.

Mi band reset 2

Scroll down and tap on Unpair.

Mi band reset 3

Note: To unpair without a phone, use the Factory reset option inside the Mi Band.

What Happens When You Factory Reset and Unpair Your Band

Factory resetting the band will remove customizations that were done from the band. However, if you made any changes from the app, those will stay.

When it comes to data such as steps, sleep tracker, and more, it will not reset. If you log in with the same account that was used to sync data, it will be restored as soon as you log in again. However, only the data that was synced before resetting will restore.

Unable to Reset Your Band

If your band is stuck, and you cannot use the Factory reset option, you should let your band drain the battery fully. Then, charge it. Hopefully, the band will not be stuck.

Tip: In case your band doesn’t charge after the battery has drained completely, find out how to fix the charging issue on Mi Band.

Problem to Pair After Reset

When you use Factory reset on the band, it might get stuck on Pair device first or Connect to the app to update. Don’t worry.

Here are some solutions to fix the problem:

1. Restart Phone

Try restarting the phone from which you are trying to pair the band.

2. Unpair from App

If you are unable to pair the band after reset and you only see Connecting on the app, then unpair the band from the Mi Fit app, as shown above.

Mi band reset 4

3. Charge Your Band

Your band needs to be sufficiently charged to pair with your band. So, charge it first.

4. Forget Mi Band from Bluetooth Settings

For that, open the Bluetooth settings on your phone. Unpair or forget the device there. Then, pair it from the Mi Fit app.

5. Clear Cache and Data of Mi Fit App

You should also try clearing the cache and data of your Mi Fit app on Android. For that, open Settings on your Android phone and go to Apps. Under All apps, look for the Mi Fit app. Tap on Storage. Then, tap on Clear cache and Clear Storage/data. Restart your phone.

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Mi band reset 6

Open the Mi Fit app. You will have to login again. Then, pair the band.

6. Update Mi Fit App

Sometimes, a bug in the app is also responsible for the problem. So try updating the Mi Fit app. Find out how to know if apps need an update on Android and iPhone.

7. Connect Using Third-party Apps

If the Mi Fit app fails to pair with your Mi Band, you should take the help of third-party apps such as Notify and Fitness app or Mi Band Master. Use these apps to pair your Mi Band to your phone.

Change Is Good

Resetting the older versions of Mi Band, such as Mi Band 2, was a troublesome task. Fortunately, things have changed in the future generations of Mi Band. The Mi Band 4 even added the option of rebooting your band. Let’s wait and watch to see what Mi Band 5 has in store.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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