6 Rea­sons to Use Repair­it to Repair Dam­aged Video and Photos

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We capture photos or record videos on our cameras and smartphones almost every day. Some photos and videos tend go corrupt over time or while transferring them to different storage. Tools like Repairit can help you repair corrupt videos and photos.

6 Reasons to Use Repairit to Repair Damaged Video and Photos 2

Repairit comes with a clean interface and is quite user-friendly. Besides that, this repairing tool for videos also comes with many additional features. For all those unusable videos photos on hard drive, phone, or standalone USB drive, here are a few reasons to use Repairit to fix them.

Let's get started.

1. Easy Workflow

Repairit bundles a clean and clutterless interface, which is easy to use while fixing photos and videos. There are no confusing drop-downs or hidden menus. So you can quickly figure out your way around the tool.

6 Reasons to Use Repairit to Repair Damaged Video and Photos 1

Overall, there's a simple 3-step process. As soon as a repair is complete, the tool will ask you to preview the file. This ensures that broken files and videos do not unnecessarily hold space on your hard disk or USB drive. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can save the file and delete the broken one. Simple, right?

2. Advanced Repair Mode for Photos & Videos

Repairit lets you opt for advanced repairing for videos and photos, just if a file has extensive damage. At this point, you will have to remember that if a file has extensive rendering issues, repairing it will be a difficult thing to do.

Reasons to Use Repairit to Repair Damaged Video and Photos 22

Nevertheless, in advanced repairing, you'll need to provide a sample video for the repair to complete. Repairit uses the information from the sample video to repair the damaged video. For instance, it will pick the format from the sample video and use it in its repairing process.

However, the sample file needs to be in the same format as the corrupted file and should be from the same device. Only then Repairit can analyze the data and the tech for repairing the damaged file.

Once successful, the resulting videos will still hold on to their original quality and will not likely damage the video.

3. Compatible With High-Resolution Files

Thanks to smartphones and modern cameras, shooting a 4K video is now standard. But as we noted earlier, videos can get corrupted pretty easily, and it's the same for 4K and other high-res files.

But guess what? Repairit can handle high-res files like 4K and 8K well.

4. Support for a Wide Variety of Formats

Apart from supporting high-res files, Repairit can work with several file formats for both videos and photos. For now, it supports video file formats like MOV, MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. Among other new formats, it also supports the MXF video format.

As for photos, it supports JPEG, JPG, CR3, CR2 and a few other formats. That means you can get the damage rectified irrespective of the video format, whether it's a simple dash cam footage or a high-res video from your action camera.

And well, you can see all the information such as duration, size, format on the Repairit dashboard.

5. Repair Corrupted Videos in Bulk

Another notable feature of this video is that you do not have to do the same process for every damaged video on your smartphone or camera. Instead, Repairit provides bulk upload function wherein you can select the videos all at once and let the tool handle the load.

Reasons to Use Repairit to Repair Damaged Video and Photos 3

The same holds for photos. You can upload corrupted photos in a bulk to fix them.

6. Supported on Windows and Mac

As noted earlier, the tool has a clean and clutter-free interface which makes it easy to navigate. This tool is available for Windows and macOS. Since it's a lightweight one, it won't hog most of your system resources. So you won't have to worry about it hampering your system's performance.

Bring Back the Old Memories

Repairit ensures that all your precious memories in the form of videos and photos do not go to waste. If the videos and photos in question are missing important information, it will be challenging to restore them to their former structure.

That said, it can take care of the known errors that corrupt video files and photos. Moreover, the simplistic way to repair video makes it good for users from all walks of life.

You can either go for the monthly license of $39.99 for a month. However, the wise thing to do would be to opt for a Lifetime License and save a few bucks.

For now, the Lifetime License costs around $69.99 and bundles all the features mentioned above.

Reasons to Use Repairit to Repair Damaged Video and Photos 2

And being an offline tool, you do not have to risk losing your videos on some random online tool.

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