How to Prioritize News Feed on Facebook

Facebook feed has become the staple source of news and information for many of us. But its abundance of news sources has grown to be more of a curse than a benefit as trustworthy news sources are becoming scarcer by the day.

In such a scenario, it’s important for all Facebook users to carefully pick and choose to see content from credible news sources and friends who do not post stupid ‘1 Share = 1 Respect’ posts.


As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised to make the social media platform as much free from fake news and offensive posts as possible and prioritize high-quality local news from trustworthy sources, we can expect Facebook to be cleaner in the future.

However, it helps to a great extent if you set some restrictions above Facebook’s own algorithm to further filter the content you see every day.

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There are three ways you can prioritize your news feed on Facebook. Here they are.

1. Choose What You ‘See First’

When you subscribe to a page, Facebook automatically activates the Follow option. However, as you may have subscribed to multiple pages, your news feed may get crowded by content from multiple sources and the page you wish to more often may skip your eyes easily.

In order to avoid that, you can set the Follow option of the desired page to ‘See First’.

Step 1.

Go to your favorite Facebook page, the one you wish to see first thing in the morning. Tap the Follow option (it should show ‘Following’ if you’ve already subscribed to it).

Step 2.

The next screen will give you three options — Unfollow, Default, and See First.

See First

As you tap on the ‘See First’ option, you’ll notice a prompt underneath the options saying “Always find the latest posts at the top of News Feed”.

This is exactly what Facebook will do from the moment you tap See First. It will prioritize the posts uploaded on this page and you’ll see them on top of every other page. Pretty neat, right?

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2. Set News Feed Preference

Picking one friend over another is difficult. Similarly, choosing to see just one page’s content over all others’ is too dictatorial and seems a little unfair to the other pages.

Facebook has recently introduced a smart solution to this dilemma. It’s called News Feed Preference. Using this setting, you can prioritize not one but multiple feed sources – pages and friends.

Step 1.

Tap on the hamburger menu or the More option at the top-right corner of the app. Scroll down and you’ll find the News Feed Preference option under the HELP & SETTINGS section.

Step 2.

You’ll then land on this cute page with an image of a happy crab holding two images of Facebook posts in its claws. Under that, you’ll the Prioritize who to see first option.

News Feed Preference
Prioritize Who To See First

Step 3.

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of all the pages and friends you have. The ones interact more with will automatically appear before you get to the not-so-favorite ones.

You can select the ones you want to prioritize by tapping on them. You can select multiple pages and friends and they will get a ‘See First’ tag (with a star).

Prioritize Who To See First 2
Prioritize Who To See First 3

I personally found this method extremely effective. Once you’ve made these changes to the setting, your Facebook news feed will be just the way you want.

A Clean Feed is All We Want

So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of all the unwanted clutter from your Facebook news feed and follow only the pages and the profiles you like.

You can always unfollow people and pages but hey, who’s got that much time to hit the unfollow button again and again. Setting the news feed preference is the best way to improve your Facebook experience.

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Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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