How to Print with TeamViewer Remotely and Locally in Windows 10

TeamViewer, one of the leading remote-management solution providers, has a remarkable remote printing feature. That feature allows you to print documents locally from your Windows-based computer conveniently. Well, it runs on macOS too.

How To Setup Remote Printing With Teamviewer Windows 10

Whether you are in another continent or just a few kilometers away, you can print files or documents from another device using your local printer.

I’ll show you how to set up and use remote printing in Windows 10. You will also learn how to troubleshoot local and remote printing issues on TeamViewer.

How to Set up Remote Printing on TeamViewer

Remote printing allows you to access and print files stored on remote devices using local printers. Accessing the local printers on your remote devices eliminates the need to transfer files to your local machine before printing them.

Set Up Remote Printing Team Viewer

To set up remote printing, launch the TeamViewer app. Next, install the TeamViewer print driver. Let’s explore how you can do this step-by-step.

How to Install the Print Driver While Installing TeamViewer

Follow these steps to install:

Step 1: Click on the installation file to begin the installation.

Step 2: Check the box “Show advanced settings” and click on “Accept – Next” option.

Team Viewer Installation Screen 2

Step 3: Check the box “Install TeamViewer Printer Driver” and click Finish to complete the installation.

Team Viewer Installation Screen 3

How to Install the Print Driver After TeamViewer Installation

Follow these steps to install

Step 1: Click on Extras at the dashboard menu to reveal Options.

Team Viewer Installation Screen Dashboard Extras

Step 2: Tap “Advanced” to reveal Advanced Network Settings.

Team Viewer Installation Advanced Setting Printer

Step 3: Click on Install to Install TeamViewer Printer Driver.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Install Printer Driver

After installation, a message will appear, The TeamViewer printer driver was installed successfully.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Installation Remote Printer Success Message

Connect to Your Remote Machine

You may now connect to your remote device by clicking the Connect button on TeamViewer.

Step 1: Click Connect on your TeamViewer app.

The TeamViewer Connect button is available on two locations on the app. The first button is on the top-right-hand corner of your app if you’re using Windows OS. The second is right below the File Transfer radio button near the center of the TeamViewer app interface.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Connect To Remote Device

Step 2: To use remote printing during a session, click on Files and Extras on the TeamViewer Toolbar.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Files And Extras

Step 3: Tap Activate remote printing.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Activating Remote Printing

If you have carefully followed these steps, you are set to print remotely on TeamViewer.

How to Print Remotely on TeamViewer

Let’s explore the step-by-step process for printing from your remote computer.

Step 1: Open any file or document you want to print and initiate Print Job.

Step 2: From the list of printers, select the printer that ends with ”via TeamViewer.”

Team Viewer Remote Printing Remoe Printing Va Teamviewer 2

Step 3: Click Print to execute print Job.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Remote Printing Via Teamviewer 2

Troubleshooting Remote Printing issues on TeamViewer

If you experience issues while using remote printing, you may follow these steps to resolve those issues.

Step 1: Check to ensure remote printing is activated.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Activating Remote Printing

Step 2: Verify that your printer is selected as the default Printer for the TeamViewer printing. You may take the following steps to verify that your printer is the default TeamViewer printer.

Click on the Windows Start Button, if you’re using the Windows OS. Type Control Panel in the search bar and click on Control Panel.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Click To Open Control Panel 2

Click on View devices and Printers.

Team Viewer Remote Printing View Devices And Printers 2

Right-click the printer (named via TeamViewer) you want to use for remote printing and set as default printer.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Set As Default Printer

Step 3: After setting your printer as the default printer. Click the printer Right to select to see if there are print jobs in the queue.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Printer In Use

If there are print jobs in the queue, right-click to cancel the print job. This action will also clear the print queue.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Cancel Print Job

Step 4: Restart the Printer Spooler on both local and remote system so that the drivers and spooler can work properly.

To restart the printer spooler follow these steps,

Click on the Windows Start button and type Services in the search bar and click Services.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Click On Services

Now, scroll down to Printer Spooler and right-click to Restart.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Click To Restart Printer Spooler

Step 5: Execute the job print again.

While Printing, you may need to check the print status on both local and remote devices to ensure the file is completely sent to the local printer.

Team Viewer Remote Printing Print Queue

Put TeamViewer Remote Printing to Work

As you can see from the guide, you don’t need to transfer files to your local device before printing. If you’re in a meeting or having a presentation and you need to print files from your computer at home or office, you don’t need to worry. The remote printing feature comes in handy as it offers seamless remote printing capabilities.

If you encounter any problems while printing, follow the troubleshooting guide to resolve them. You can also contact TeamViewer customer support. Now that you know how to use remote printing on TeamViewer, you can explore its capabilities.

Next up: What if you run into issues with your printer internet connection? Well, you want to use the next post to help you sort it smoothly.

Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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