7 Best Free Pitch Deck Templates for Google Slides

So you have an amazing business idea and want to take it up with some potential investors. While you can easily prepare a simple infographic on Google Docs detailing the concept, it won’t get you the impact you need. For that, you’ll need a brief, yet informational, pitch deck.

Pitch Deck Templates Google Slides Featured

Now you can always create a custom pitch deck on Google Slides or PowerPoint; it’s just like any other presentation. But if this is your first time, I’d recommend using or modifying a template designed specifically for pitch decks.

Since there are quite a few Google Slides templates available online, you might find it difficult to choose one that fits your needs. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best pitch deck templates for Google Slides that you should definitely check out.

e1. Elevator Pitch Deck

The Elevator pitch deck is all that its name suggests. It’s colorful to grab the attention of your audience. This template makes use of infographics to present your content in a way that it is simpler to understand and gets your point across in a really short time span.

Pitch Deck 1

The deck consists of 12 unique, editable slides in a 16:9 widescreen layout. All the elements used in the presentation are easy to edit, animations are aplenty, and you can even change the color scheme to match that of your brand.

Pitch Deck 2

Even though the number of slides is on the lower side, they cover almost everything you’d need to include in your pitch. There’s a dedicated slide for nearly every thing, such as the problem you’re tackling with your business, the solution you’re providing, illustrating the potential market size and detailing your business model. If you’re looking for a pitch deck that relies heavily on infographics, then this one should do the job.

2. Business Plan Template

Now if you’re thinking of going for a minimal yet stylish look, then you should check out the Business Plan template. It includes over 20 customizable slides in a 16:9 aspect ratio which is perfect for large screens.

Pitch Deck 13

The slides cover everything from an about us section to an entire section dedicated to your company’s mission, vision, and team. It also has a neat timeline that extends over several slides. You can use that to highlight your company’s goals and the time frame in which you wish to achieve them.

Pitch Deck 14

Along with the slides, you get access to all the elements and icons used in the template, custom animated transitions, and even the font/pictures included in the sample. If you want to add images, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping your image in the placeholder. Just note that this template is in .pptx format, so you’ll need to upload it on Google Drive to be able to use it on Google Slides.

3. Roderigo Presentation Template

The Roderigo presentation template takes a completely different route when it comes to design. It allows you to make use of a variety of different vector elements that can add some depth to your presentation. It offers 25 completely editable slides with a professional design and teamwork inspired illustration.

Pitch Deck 11

As far as the slides are concerned, I’m sure you won’t miss anything because this template has it all. There’s a slide for everything from your company’s concept to charts and graphs that will help you showcase the financial aspect of your business.

Pitch Deck 12

Other than the slides, you also get access to an amazing icon pack with over 80 icons and a world map to show how you plan on taking your business international. The template also has a 16:9 widescreen layout which works well across all devices.

4. General Pitch Deck

If you’re aiming to create a very minimal presentation that makes use of a lot of images to get the point across, then you should check out the General Pitch Deck. It offers 29 fully editable slides that are easily modifiable with minimal effort.

Pitch Deck 5

You get a slide where you can talk about your company and your team. Another one lets you shed light on the problem you wish to tackle, detail your solution and even talk about the competition. On top of that, you also get access to a useful SWOT analysis slide for highlighting your company’s strength, weaknesses, the opportunity and the threats you might face.

Pitch Deck 6

The template also includes over a thousand icons, along with Flaticon’s extension for customizing your slides. Much like the rest of the templates, it also has a 16:9 aspect ratio, and it even includes information about the fonts, colors, and resources used in the template.

5. Mindfulness Pitch Deck

Does sustainability play a major role in your business idea? Then you should try the Mindfulness pitch deck which makes use of slides filled with images of nature to drive your point home. It offers 24 unique slides that offer complete customization.

Pitch Deck 9

Just like the General pitch deck, this one includes slides to talk about your company, the team, your goals, the problem you want to address, and the solution you’re pitching. It also has a slide for SWOT analysis, along with some cool infographics that will help you talk more about your product.

Pitch Deck 10

You also get access to over a thousand different icons that you can use anywhere in the presentation, easy to edit graphics and maps, and information about the fonts and colors used.

6. Business Pitch Deck

Want your presentation to look a bit more muted compared to the other decks? Then you should take a look at the Business pitch deck. It offers 30 different slides that make use of a muted, gray color scheme with just a couple of pastel shades for highlights.

Pitch Deck 3

As with all the other decks, every slide is completely customizable and lets you include everything from your company’s agenda to data analytics. The template also lets you add large photos in the background, which will make your presentation more impactful.

Pitch Deck 4

With this deck, you also get access to over a thousand different icons and 11 unique themes to customize your slides with a single click. And all the slides are in a 16:9 aspect ratio which scales well on all types of screens.

7. Tech Startup Deck

And finally, if you want your presentation to ooze a futuristic tech vibe, then the Tech Startup deck is just for you. The deck includes 25 completely editable and easy to modify slides that cover all relevant information.

Pitch Deck 7

I personally quite like the hexagonal theme that can be found in pretty much each slide, including the infographics. And unlike the other decks, this one includes slides that will allow you to add case studies, user reviews, and a demo of your product.

Pitch Deck 8

You also get access to 11 different themes to customize the color scheme and over a thousand icons that you can use anywhere in the slides. But the editable infographics is what takes the cake, at least for me.

Presentation is Key

So now that you know about a couple of great pitch deck templates that you can use with Google Slides, it’s time to prep your presentation. There’s just one more thing I’d like to add. While the visual appeal of a presentation will help you grab your audience’s attention, it’s the content that will keep them interested till the last slide. So make sure you focus on making the content as good as possible because, for everything else, you already have these templates.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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