Phaiser Tecton BHS-730 vs Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones: 4 Key Differences

Winged headphones are one of the most popular Bluetooth headphones designs on the market. With impressive features like IPX4 water resistance certification and a cool new design, Bose’s SoundSport wireless headphones come across as an impressive pair. Another admired pair of headphones is the Phaiser Tecton BHS-730. It also sports similar water resistance features and is designed to stick to your ears even when you are sweating it out in the gym or while running.

Phaiser Tecton Bhs 730 Vs Bose Sound Sport Wireless Headphones

So, what makes the Phaiser BHS-730 better than the Bose SoundSport wireless headphones? Or, it is the other way around? The following points will help you understand the key differences between them.

Bose SoundSport wireless headphones & Phaiser BHS-730: A Brief

The Bose SoundSport wireless headphones made their debut in 2016 and were the company’s first ever Bluetooth-enabled sports headphones. Initially, Bose did face an issue with heavy sweat damaging the headphones. However, the company was quick to respond to the defects and quickly replaced the damaged products. Also updated their products to have a better sweat resistance.

With more than 18k reviews, Phaiser’s Tecton BHS-730 headphones bear the tag of Amazon’s choice. Also, the product has excellent customer service and comes with an equally good lifetime sweatproof warranty.

Specs That Matter

PropertyBose SoundSport wireless headphonesPhaiser Tecton BHS-730
Audio FormatStereoStereo
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2, MultipointBluetooth 4.1, Multipoint
Charging TimeUp to 2 hoursUp to 1.5-2 Hours
Battery Time6 Hours per Full Charge8 Hours per Full Charge
In line RenoteYesYes

1. Design and Fit

The Phaiser Tecton BHS-730 features bullet-shaped earbuds with the wings that allow a snug fit and help to keep them in place when you are running or exercising. Also, the design is sleek and doesn’t have any big parts dangling from your earpieces. Both the earbuds are linked by a thick wire which you can wear around your neck without causing any tugs or pulls, as reviewed by BassHeadSpeakers. What’s more, the ends are magnetic, which you can stick to each other when not in use.

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The design of the earbuds is complemented by the foam tips which adapts to the shape of your ear canal and thus filtering out the ambient noise. They also come with a responsive inline remote and mic which also act as playback control. Aside from that, you can shorten the cord length, thanks to the cable management clip that comes in the box. In short, the BHS-730 sports a slim look and the sleekness of the winged tips means that you’ll be able to wear them with hats and caps.

You can shorten the cord length in the BHS-730

Interestingly, the Bose SoundSport wireless headphones feature a winged tip similar to the BHS-730. However, the StayHear+ ear tips are proprietary. Thanks to the wings, they fit snugly in the ears’ crevices called cymba concha and stay put. However, the odd feature about these headphones is the slightly bulky design of the earpieces which protrude out of the ears. So, if you are looking for a discrete-looking pair of headphones, these are not for you.

Bose Sound Sport Wireless Headphones 1

Also, they have an open design meaning that it doesn’t block the ear canal fully and sit loosely around it, which lets a bit of ambient noise to creep in. Along with the inline remote and mic, the SoundSport headphones comes with a tiny clip which you can attach to the collar of your shirt or t-shirt so that the length of the cord length doesn’t get in your way.

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At $149, these headphones don’t feature any way to wear them over the ear. That means, you won’t be able to shorten the cord as per your liking. The default style is on top of the ear canal, and it stays that way.

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Speaking of supplementary wings and earphone tips, the BHS-730 comes with three additional pairs of wings and tips (Small, Medium, and Large). Also, you get two sets of collar clips and cable management clips each. On the other hand, the SoundSport comes with three different sizes of wing tips.

On the other hand, the SoundSport has a battery life of 5.5 to 6 hours. Though the battery life is almost the same, the SoundSport has the advantage of quick charging and NFC.

Bose Sound Sport Wireless Headphones 2

While the Quick charging technique easily buys you an hour of playback time after a 15 minutes charging time, the NFC chip lets you pair phones easily. All you need to do is tap the NFC-enabled phone to the earpiece to connect.

Experience wise, you may have to charge the headphones around twice a week, even if the usage is light.

The Bose Connect app makes plenty of your work manageable

The Phaiser BHS-730, on the other hand, doesn’t have any companion app.

4. Sound Output

Lastly, let’s talk about the sound output (wouldn’t it be unfair if I didn’t?). The SoundSport wireless headphones, true to its Bose heritage, delivers a superior sound experience with pronounced bass and cleaner sound. As per the folks at Tom’s Guide, the audio profile is balanced and doesn’t come with the overblown bass that is common with other headphones. Plus, it helps to keep out the low-end noise at bay. In fact, the audiophile in you may be satisfied with the output.

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On the other hand, BHS-730 bundles an 8mm driver in the earpiece which gives a dynamic audio output. The sound quality is clear and is coupled with good highs and lows, given that the size of its earpieces. Also, there’s no distortion even in high volumes.

As Amazon customer djr writes,

Phaiser Bhs 730 User

In a nutshell, for the price, the BHS-730delivers a pretty decent experience.

Which is the Right One?

For starters, both the headphones are IPX4 certified which means they are water and sweat resistant. Secondly, both recharge via micro-USB ports, support Bluetooth 4.1 and deliver a similar battery life. So, which one should you buy?

Well, let’s start with the sound output. The Bose SoundSport certainly produces a superior sound compared to the Phaiser BHS-730. Though the BHS-730 produces decent sound, it certainly won’t please the audiophile and music enthusiasts. Also, there is a huge gap in price. The Phaiser BHS-730 is priced at just $35, while the Bose SoundSport wireless headphones retail at $150.

The BHS-730 produces decent sound, it certainly won’t please the audiophile

Another point which you may consider is the long-term usage. Reading through the customer reviews on Amazon, we can safely draw the conclusion that the BHS-730 is a great buy if you’re looking for something temporary and saving up to buy an expensive pair of headphones (like the Beats Solo3 headphones). They don’t last long, and the battery may fail over time.

As opposed to the above, at $150, the Bose SoundSport is more of a long-term buy. The sound quality is excellent for a wireless earphone, and you get the advantage of app control.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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