6 Cool Personalized Tech Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Regardless of whether it’s the festive season or not, it’s never a bad time to shower some love on your friends and family with gifts. While there are plenty of gifts that you can get for your tech-savvy friends, a customized gift always adds extra value. This is exactly why we’ve compiled a list of the best personalized tech gifts that you can buy.

personalized tech gifts

All the products mentioned on this list can be customized to your liking. You can either add your text or images to them to make the gifts unique. In fact, we’ve tried to cover all age groups to cater to all the important people, whether adults or kids, in your life. Here are some of the best customizable tech gifts for all your tech-enthusiast friends and family members.

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With that out of the way, let’s get to the customizable gifts.

1. Custom Laptop Skin

A laptop skin may seem like a basic accessory but the fact that this one is customized makes it special. You can add your image to the skin and even select the size so you get a skin with the perfect fit for the laptop. The seller gives you the option to choose from 12-inch to 16-inch laptops so pretty much all sizes are covered.

Skins are the best way to customize a laptop. A skin protects the top surface of a laptop from getting dirty or scratched while adding absolutely no weight to it. This makes it a much better option than a case that is thick and bulky. Apart from protection, the skin also changes the look of your laptop entirely.

While skins generally come in pre-printed patterns, this one is completely customizable. So, you can upload an image of your choice and the seller will ship you a unique skin that you can gift to your friends and family.

It can be a unique tech gift that’s rather inexpensive but one that will stay on their laptop for a long, long time. The reviews say that the print quality is good and removing the skin doesn’t leave behind any residue.

2. Echo Dot 5th Gen for Kids

Here’s a gift for all the kids in your family! A smart speaker like an Echo Dot can be a nice gift for young children since it can aid in the learning process. What’s an even better gift you ask? Well, it’s an Echo Dot that’s specifically designed for kids! This is a special variant of the Echo Dot 5th Gen with a special design and parental controls.

If you think a standard Echo Dot looks unappealing to kids, you must consider the Echo Dot 5th Gen for kids. There are 2 customized designs to choose from — Owl and Dragon. They’re both unique and will surely interest your children. It adds a fun touch to something as mundane as a speaker.

Since it’s an Echo Dot, you get all the functionality of Alexa from playing rhymes and songs to setting reminders. Alexa can also answer questions that kids may be curious about and even assist with homework.

The specialty of this Echo Dot, apart from the design, is that it has parental controls. So, you can track usage, limit certain search terms, etc. The voice of Alexa can also be changed to that of an owl or a dragon depending on which variant you get.

3. Casetify Custom Phone Case

Casetify is one of the most popular accessory brands out there for phone cases. There are several predesigned templates on Casetify but the main attraction is the customizable, personalized phone cases. You can choose several patterns including a single image or even a collage, and then add your images for personalization.

Casetify gives you several options to customize a phone case based on who you’re gifting it to. You can choose the phone’s model, the type of case, and then the layout of the custom pictures. Once you upload the images, you can reposition them. There are several options for devices as well. So, you can choose to get a case for an iPhone, iPad, Mac, and some Android devices.

The cases themselves are excellent in terms of quality and offer a great deal of protection if you drop your phone. You seldom find phone cases that are both protective and attractive so this one from Casetify solves that problem. It is slightly on the expensive side but you’re paying for the quality and the superior protection.

4. Nomad Base Station Wireless Charger

Nomad is a popular brand that makes good-quality smartphone accessories. This is a wireless charging pad that can charge up to 2 devices at once. While the product is made by Nomad, you cannot personalize it if bought directly from the brand. But, you can get it from Mark & Graham with customized text for your loved ones.

The Nomad base station — apart from being a wireless charger that charges 2 devices at once — is also an excellent desk accessory that accentuates the look of your setup. It has a wooden base along with a leather pad on the top to rest smartphones or any other accessory that supports wireless charging.

This can be a thoughtful gift since wireless chargers are convenient and also look good when rested on a desk or a bedside table. Unlike standard wireless chargers, the Nomad Base Station has a rich and premium look making it a unique tech gift for anyone who has an iPhone and AirPods. Ensure that before ordering, you select the checkbox next to ‘Add personalization’ to customize it as per your requirement.

5. Aura Carver Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames were extremely popular back in the day but their relevance has certainly faded away with time. However, they can be excellent personalized gifts for your close family. If you have pictures of your family members or friends, you can load them onto this frame and then gift it to them. This way, they can have a customized album of photos on the frame as soon as they turn it on.

The Aura Carver is a digital photo frame with a large 10.1-inch screen. It looks just like a standard photo frame so it’s essentially a gadget that also acts as an aesthetic showpiece that you can keep on your table.

You can add custom photos via a smartphone app that you can download on both Android and iOS. It connects to Wi-Fi and keeps running a stream of photos that you upload to the frame. If you wish to customize it for a family member or friend, you can download their photos and then upload them to the frame.

Another nice aspect of the frame is that it comes in a box that looks good for gifting. There’s also a cool feature where you can sync all new photos captured from your phone to the photo frame automatically. If you have a slightly high budget, this is a great gift.

6. AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

This gift needs no introduction. The AirPods are one of the most popular pairs of wireless earbuds across the world. Apple recently launched the AirPods Pro 2nd Generation which makes for the perfect gift for anyone. They’re also extremely useful since you can use them anywhere for listening to songs, watching movies, etc. Besides, the personalized engraving makes the deal even sweeter.

Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 have a great sound quality and industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation. Not only is it great for listening to your favorite music tracks but it’s also an excellent gift for those who use an iPhone or a Mac. This is mainly because the headphones fit so well into Apple’s ecosystem. They can switch seamlessly between an iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Enough about the AirPods Pro’s capabilities. How can you personalize it, you ask? Well, Apple gives you the option to engrave text, emojis, or even memojis onto the AirPods case. This way, you can add a personalized touch by mentioning someone’s name or any piece of text related to them before gifting them. Certainly an excellent gift for an audiophile!

Make Your Gifts Special

A personalized gift goes a long way in making someone feel special. If you want to customize a gift for someone close to you, consider any of these personalized tech gifts to add an extra hint of surprise. It will surely make your gift stand out from the rest.

Last updated on 24 January, 2023

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