Best Paid Apps For Free – December Week 2

During the holiday season, Google often comes up with promotions around apps on Google Play Store. Google makes sure to promote and create publicity around these offers.

However, there are always some hidden sales going on the Play Store — be it a part of a giveaway or a limited period offer. Sadly, most of these sales evade your attention.

Paid Apps For Free

To make sure these sales don’t go unnoticed, we’ll talk about such paid Android apps that you can get absolutely free week after week.

And, here is this week’s list of paid apps that you can get for free. However, if you like any of these apps, make sure to install them as all these are available free of cost for a limited time. So, only the fastest fingers will get to enjoy them.

Catch a glimpse of what offers were available last week here.

Like any other paid apps, you get a lifetime subscription to the services once you download these Android apps. You can also install them on several devices, provided that they are connected to the same Google account.


1. Metapod

Podcasts, be it for entertainment or infotainment are great, and thousands of people across the globe are hooked on to them. While some like to listen to podcasts on their computers, there’s no dearth of people who listen to them on their smartphones.


For smartphone users, Metapod is a brilliant one-stop utility to manage all the podcasts and listen to them. This application supports all types of podcasts and can automatically update them. The best part of this app is that you can configure it to download podcasts when charging or when in a Wi-Fi zone.

Metapod allows users to resume podcasts and supports Bluetooth headsets and controls for those who hate wires.

This app retails for Rs 50 on Google Play Store but it is available for free right now.Download Metapod now

2. Buff Knight Advanced – Retro RPG Runner

Many of us love playing retro games and there are a lot of them available on Google Play Store. Buff Knight Advanced – Retro RPG Runner is one such modern game, which comes with a retro touch.

Buff Knight

Fight strong monsters and bosses off with swords and spells as you improve your character and progress in the game.

Buff Knight1

Collect artefacts to upgrade weapons and armor to become the most powerful knight ever.

This is a paid app, which is available for free. Please note that this version will show some in-app ads.

This app retails for Rs 60 on Google Play Store but is available for free right now.Download Buff Knight Advanced – Retro RPG Runner now

3. Battery Saver: ZEMB Full

Android smartphones are notorious when it comes to battery consumption and while there are hundreds of ways to optimize battery performance, installing a utility to do so is the best alternative available.

Battery Saver
Battery Saver1

Battery Saver: ZEMB Full is one such paid Android app that can ease this task for you and optimize your device’s battery and offer considerable savings to extend battery life.

This nifty app has a smart software algorithm baked into it, through which it understands your usage pattern and optimizes battery consumption accordingly to offer you more battery life.

This app retails for Rs 95 on Google Play Store but is available for free right now.Download Now Battery Saver: ZEMB Full now

4. Coin Princess V

This week, the Play Store seems to be a lot heavier with a bunch of cool retro games. The second retro game on our list today is Coin Princess V.

Coin Pricess

The game is built around a very familiar story where the coin princess has been abducted by the devil and you are her only hope.

Coin Pricess1

It’s your chance to play the knight and save the princess and bring her back safely to the coin kingdom.

Coin Princess V promises hours of fun with a smile. It’s an intriguing 2D fighter game that comes complete with some great background music for your ears.

This app retails for Rs 60 on Google Play Store but it’s available for free right now.Download Coin Princess V now

5. Widget Maker full

This one is strictly for those, who love a little DIY. The full version of Widget Maker is a clever widget-making app that can be customized as per the users’ need and can yield some amazing results.

Widget Maker
Widget Maker1

With Widget Maker, you can choose to customize several elements such as the battery, clock, notifications, and so on. Using these, you can create custom positioning of the widgets within the widget that goes well with your wallpaper.

Rest assured, you will go completely crazy creating cool effects on widgets with real information. However, you’ll have to tinker around a lot before you get the hang of it.

This app retails for Rs 230 on Google Play Store but is available for free right now.Download Widget Maker full now

Until Next Week …

This is all that we have for you this week but make sure to come back next week for more such interesting paid Android apps that you can get for free from Google Play Store.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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