OPPO Find X6 Pro Review: Cream of the Crop

Since its inception, OPPO’s Find X series has made waves in the smartphone market. And, the company’s latest endeavor makes a strong case for the best smartphone launched in 2023 too. I am, of course, talking about the OPPO Find X6 Pro, which offers everything but the kitchen sink to the end user. So much so, I was willing to overlook the handset’s flaws and use it as my daily driver for the foreseeable future. 

By now, you must be wondering – the market is replete with stellar flagships from Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, and Xiaomi. So, how does the Find X6 Pro set itself apart? Well, you’ll have to read on, to find out. 


The OPPO Find X6 Pro has been dressed to the nines and the smartphone looks unlike anything else on the market. Now, I’ve reviewed hundreds of smartphones but I can confidently say that no other phone has captured my attention quite like the Find X6 Pro. The handset is oozing with character and you’ll find passersby gawking at its aesthetics. So, what gives? 

Well, if you’ve stumbled across the phone’s renders and design shots, then you’ll know that the OPPO Find X6 Pro comes with a captivating camera module. More to the point, the smartphone gets a two-toned finish which further accentuates its good looks. In particular, the back of the phone has been outfitted (in parts) with vegan leather material which feels remarkably premium to the touch.

OPPO Find X6 Pro

The smartphone’s leather back is texturized as well, so it should help you grip the phone better too. Speaking of which, the company has incorporated a classy brown hue for the vegan leather bits. The metal parts, on the other hand, come coated in a snazzy silver colorway.

Now, despite the cacophony of colors and textures, the Find X6 Pro looks stunning. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the choice of hues as the phone doesn’t appear gaudy or ugly. Instead, the smartphone’s design appears – for lack of a better term – perfectly poised and elegant.

OPPO Find X6 Pro

Do note that you can pick up the Find X6 Pro in a green and a black colorway as well. The colorways trade my loaner unit’s vegan leather back for an all-glass build with color-matched rails. Although the phone looks stellar in the aforementioned hues, I’d recommend going for the variant with the vegan leather finish for maximum style points. 

Moving on though, the OPPO Find X6 Pro ships with a ginormous camera module that protrudes outwards. With that said, the unit has been given a facelift and you’ll notice that the camera bump is bordered by a metal ring that is reminiscent of DSLR cameras. Suffice it to say, the OPPO Find X6 Pro offers a luxurious design that is peerless in the smartphone scene. 

OPPO Find X6 Pro Case

Making matters that much better, the Find X6 Pro gets an IP68 rating too. What’s more, the smartphone’s display is layered with Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus 2 as well. Add to that a stylish, color-matched phone cover that comes with the retail packaging and the Find X6 Pro should stand the test of time. If anything, the phone weighs a good chunk at 216 grams. Do note that the phone doesn’t feel top-heavy. Even so, I’d recommend you use the device with both hands to avoid trips to the service center. 


The OPPO Find X6 Pro ships with a superb screen too. Spec-wise, the smartphone gets a 6.82-inch AMOLED display with a 3,168 x 1,440 resolution. Needless to say, the Find X6 Pro’s display is a smidge sharper than the screens on most flagship devices.

To give you a better picture, the smartphone offers a more pixel-dense panel than the Galaxy S23 Ultra as well. More importantly, the screen can get superbly bright at 2,500 nits. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s display tops out at 1,750 nits, which should give you an idea of the display’s capabilities.

OPPO Find X6 Pro

Unsurprisingly, I was able to use the phone under Delhi’s scorching sun without any hassles. The panel got satisfactorily bright (and dim) and I never found myself covering the display or squinting my eyes to read the text on the screen. What’s more, the smartphone’s display refreshes at 120Hz as well, which made reading articles and browsing through my social media feeds an absolute treat.

OPPO Find X6 Pro

If anything, I was a bit taken aback by the phone’s inability to relay HDR media from OTT services like Netflix. To the company’s credit, the OPPO Find X6 Pro is not slated for a global release. As such, the device was running the Chinese version of ColorOS, which could have something to do with Netflix’s HDR certification.

On the upside, you can stream HD movies on the set. And, thanks to the display’s sleek bezels, you will find yourself glued to the screen too. 

Biometrics and Audio 

The Find X6 Pro comes with a speedy in-display fingerprint sensor that didn’t miss a beat during my time with the phone. The handset also benefits from facial recognition tech, which worked as advertised too. 

Despite its hefty chassis, the Find X6 Pro doesn’t ship with a headphone jack. On the flip side, the smartphone comes with a stereo speaker setup that gets adequately loud. What’s more, the audio output doesn’t distort or crackle at high volume levels either.

The company has outfitted the earpiece speaker with a privacy protection technology of sorts too, that cuts down sound leakage during a phone call by a healthy margin. So, you need not worry about passersby getting in on your personal conversations. 

Performance, Software, and Battery Life 

No surprises here, the OPPO Find X6 Pro is a stellar performer. The same can be attributed to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC which powers the device. That’s not all, as the smartphone also benefits from speedy LPDDR5x memory and UFS 4.0 storage too. 

It goes without saying then, that the smartphone can run your favorite apps and games without breaking a sweat. I, for one, could play games like Call of Duty Mobile, Grimvalor, and Genshin Impact at the best graphics and FPS presets on the phone. Despite that, the device seldom got too warm to the touch. What’s more, I didn’t run into any performance niggles either and the games rarely dropped frames. 

The smartphone’s performance chops are further substantiated by synthetic benchmarks wherein, the device churned out superb scores in GeekBench’s single-core and multi-core test runs. More notably, the handset throttled to just 81 percent of its peak throughput in the CPU Throttle test as well. At the same time, the smartphone averaged a whopping 2,93,330 instructions per second!

I was equally impressed with the phone’s battery backup too. To that end, the Find X6 Pro is fuelled by a 5,000mAh cell that easily saw me through the end of a work day. For anyone curious, my usage comprised an hour or so of gaming, connecting with my friends via various social media apps, staying up to date with my team on Slack, and clicking a truckload of photos. I also used the smartphone to listen to music and watch videos on Youtube throughout the day. 

OPPO Find X6 Pro

Be that as it may, the phone always had around 20 percent of juice in the tank by the time I hit the bed. What’s more, the device ships with a 100W charger that can top up the phone in around half an hour. You can charge the Find X6 Pro wirelessly at up to 50W as well, which is great. 

OPPO Find X6 Pro

Understandably, the smartphone’s software experience leaves something to be desired. Now, I quite like OPPO’s ColorOS, as it comes with a truckload of customization options. That said, the Chinese version of the custom skin was chockablock with bloatware.

More notably, the smartphone’s interface required me to key in a password for SMS verification. This in turn marred my experience when using payment-related applications like Gpay and Paytm. I also ran into frequent disconnections when using the device to make phone calls. 

Now, at the expense of sounding like a broken record – the Find X6 Pro is only geared toward its home market in China. As such, you should be prepared to live with the aforementioned niggles if you do end up buying the phone. 


OPPO’s Find X series has routinely put forth impressive camera-centric devices and the company’s Find X6 Pro is no different. But, before I dissect the smartphone’s camera prowess, let’s take a closer look at the device’s camera specs. To that end, the device is backed by a trio of 50MP sensors. These include a 1-inch, f/1.8 primary sensor, an f/2.2 ultrawide sensor with a 110-degree FoV, and an f/2.6 periscope sensor with up to 3x optical zoom and up to 120x digital zoom. For selfies, the smartphone gets a 32MP snapper up front.

OPPO Find X6 Pro

So, are the cameras any good? Well, to cut a long story short, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fault with the Find X6 Pro’s camera setup. The handset clicks remarkable stills that are replete with details and vivid colors. The smartphone’s primary camera, in particular, generates a superb bokeh effect and overturns images with bountiful details. The same can be seen in the snaps of the garden wherein, the device has reciprocated the information in the scene with the stone walkway to a tee. 

In fact, even at a 100 percent crop, you will find ample details towards the center and the corners of the composition. That’s not all, as the colors, albeit a bit saturated, appear tasteful. What’s more, the device has tackled HDR well and you’ll notice that the images don’t exhibit any highlight clipping either. Add to that, the shadows don’t appear crushed or subdued either. 

The icing on the cake is that the device clicks resoundingly beautiful images after the sun has set. In fact, in the shot of my apartment complex, you’ll notice that the smartphone has brought out the details in the foliage superbly. So much so, you can make out the different leaves in the shrubs and the trees clearly. What’s more, the elements in the frame (cars, benches, etc) appear structured too. In other words, the subjects don’t look soft, even at a 100 percent crop. 

Moving on though, the handset can click sharp images at 3x optical zoom too. In fact, you can even get away with stunning images at 6x hybrid zoom. Understandably, you will have to keep your expectations in check as you climb up the Zoom ladder. Even so, I can confidently say that with ample lighting, you can click superb stills at up to 6x zoom with the Find X6 Pro. 

Case in point, the 3x zoomed photos of the flowers attached above. Here, you will notice that the smartphone hasn’t blotched the colors of the petals. What’s more, the device has created a superb bokeh around the petals as well. If anything, I noticed that the camera struggled with exposure in overtly bright environments. 

For instance, you’ll notice that the device has overexposed the petals of the red flower in the 3x and the 6x snaps attached above. Thankfully, the smartphone more than makes up for its finicky exposure metering at high zoom levels by overturning splendid images of human subjects.

Be it the subject’s skin tone, the details in and around their face, or the blur effect wrapping around the subject’s frame, the Find X6 Pro snaps a human subject with utmost accuracy and precision. The same is substantiated in the 3x stills of my friend wherein, the smartphone has retained the subtle nuances brought about by the sunlight falling on their face elegantly. 

In a similar fashion, the device snagged remarkable portraits at 3x and 6x zoom too. So much so, the Find X6 Pro has hit the nail on the head as far as the subject’s skin tone is concerned. Furthermore, the photos don’t look soft or unappealing at a closer crop either. Add to that, the blur effect doesn’t seep into the bits that should be in focus, which is great.


There are no two ways about it – the OPPO Find X6 Pro is a terrific smartphone. To that end, the handset leaves no stone unturned in the performance department. It can last a day (and then some) on a single charge and it refuels rapidly at 100W too. The Find X6 Pro gets a vivid display as well, and the smartphone’s design will undoubtedly attract eyeballs every time you take it out of your pocket. Add to that, the handset is a godsend for photography buffs and you can click remarkable images with the device.

Clearly, the Find X6 Pro checks most, if not all of the right boxes. Add to that, the smartphone has been priced competitively too and the device starts at CNY 5,999 (approx. Rs 70K / $842). Now, as much as I want buyers to take the plunge and import the device, the smartphone’s software experience is simply not up to the mark. That’s quite a shame as the Find X6 Pro is truly a phenomenal piece of hardware. And, that being the case, I do hope the company brings its flagships to more markets down the line.                

Last updated on 29 August, 2023

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