How to Get OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock on Any Android

OnePlus recently launched its 2017 flagship, the OnePlus 5T smartphone, with all bells and whistles. In addition to a gorgeous 6-inch 18:9 Optic AMOLED display, it comes with a new Face Unlock feature that unlocks your phone within 0.5 seconds without you having to touch any button. The feature is also expected to come to OnePlus 5.

Google already offers a similar feature with Android called Trusted face but it’s nowhere near as fast or convenient as the current competition.

Face Unlock Android Cover

Luckily, if you are an Android user, you can get the Face Unlock feature on your phone. AutoInput is a Tasker plugin, which allows you to automate virtually any UI menu inside the device. It will also let you unlock the phone by just showing your face. Here’s how you can set up the feature.

How to Get OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock on Any Android

Important Note

Step 1. Download AutoInput App

Download the AutoInput app from Google Play Store. It’s been stated that you need to join the AutoInput beta program to use the app. However, I was able to use the app without becoming a beta tester.

Face Unlock1

Also, when I tried to join the program, it said that my account wasn’t eligible for this app’s testing program.

Step 2. Start a Free Trial

Open the app, tap on the Start Trial button and you will get a free 7-day trial of the app. You can even buy the app for $1.99.

Face Unlock2

However, it’ll be better to test the app for a few days and buy if you plan to use it regularly.

Step 3. Enable Accessibility Service in AutoInput

This step is only required for devices running Android Nougat. If your device is running Android 8.0 Oreo, you won’t need this step.

Auto Input Enabled

For devices running Android Nougat, you will see a prompt in red text to enable the service. You will be now taken to Settings of your Android device. Scroll down to AutoInput and tap the toggle to enable it.

Step 4. Enable Auto Dismiss Keyguard

Users with Oreo devices can continue to follow steps from here. You’ll now see a prompt in green text that says AutoInput accessibility service is enabled.

Face Unlock

Tap on the Auto Dismiss Keyguard button right under the Standalone Features tab. Toggle to enable this feature.

Step 5. Set up Trusted Face

To set up your face, go to Settings > Security and Location and then tap on Smart Lock. At this point, you will have to enter your current PIN or pattern, if you have one.

Trusted Face1
Trusted Face

Tap on “Trusted Face” and follow the steps to set it up. You will have to scan your face. Make sure you have enough light around while setting this feature up.

Smart Lock1
Smart Lock

Step 6. Try Face Unlock on Your Android

Now that you have set the feature up, try to unlock the phone with your face. This workaround allows you to unlock the phone by just pressing the power button. It eliminates the process where you’d either use the fingerprint scanner, a PIN or a pattern to unlock the phone.

It must be noted that this method is not as secured as the actual OnePlus 5T feature. Several times during this testing, I could unlock the phone without even looking at it directly. This means that the phone unlocked immediately as you press the power button.

Face Id 5

Other Apps Don’t Fare Well

There are several apps in Google Play Store that claim to unlock your phone with facial recognition. However, these apps are old and haven’t been updated for some time.

In addition to bad ratings, they show bad reviews where the users complained about how the application had affected their phone. Hence, it’s better to avoid downloading such misleading apps.

In comparison, the combination of AutoInput and Smart Lock is fairly secure and effective.

Note: This method will not work on an MIUI-based phones as Smart Lock

Also, Check Out Our Video On This

Here’s a video showcasing all the steps of the article for better understanding. Don’t forget to check it out!

That’s All Folks!

What do you think about the Face Unlock feature? Will you try it on your Android phone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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