Top 6 Sturdy OnePlus 5T Cases and Covers

Much has been said about the latest flagship phone from OnePlus, the OnePlus 5T, but what has been creating the most buzz is its design and display sector.

The tapered edges, sleek rear (save for the camera bump), and the bezel-less display add to the overall cool factor of the device.

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In fact, it has been predicted by a few tech pundits that the OnePlus 5T design will stay fresh even a year from now. However, the laws of the mobile world are deceptive. Imagine a situation when you are staring at this brilliant phone, someone bumps on you and it takes a plunge of death.

We can only imagine the dread and horror. The front might be saved because of the Corning Gorilla Glass but the back … well, we can’t expect gravity to be so merciful, right?

Thankfully, the market is filled with quality cases and covers that help you in keeping your phone safe from accidental drops.

1. TopACE Shock Absorption Case

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The TopACE case for the OnePlus 5T is a slim and flexible case that doesn’t add much weight to the overall design. It has a dual-design element where the top of the device is plain and the rest has a textured finish for a firm grip.

The case is flexible and comes with the spider web design on the inside. Plus, there are precise cutouts for the speaker grills, power buttons, and the volume rockers. The TopACE case will be available from November 27.

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2. KuGi Scratch Resistant OnePlus 5T Case

Oneplus 5T Cases And Covers New 2

Another case for the OnePlus 5T with the dual-design element is the KuGi scratch-resistant case. Built from high-quality TPU material, this case is flexible and it gives you a solid grip on the phone, thanks to the non-slip bars on the edges.

Also, the lips curve around the rear camera lenses ensuring that the bump is hidden and out of harm’s way.

This beautiful case is available in four colors — red, navy blue, black, and grey.

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3. Avidet Shock-Absorption Case

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The Avidet shock-absorption case is a hard back cover and comes with dedicated cutouts for the power button, the ever-so-useful notification slider, and the volume rockers.

If you ask me, I particularly like this type of covers that has cutouts for buttons since these ensure that no button feedback is lost between you and the cover.

The very handy Avidet cover comes in four colors — red, black, white, and gold.

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4. Zedfo Case Black Cover

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A cool alternative for the Indian buyers is the Zedfo Case cover for the OnePlus 5T. It also sports a brushed texture that provides you with a firm grip.

What’s more? The raised lips along the edges also keep the front safe from scratches.

Buy the Zedfo Case Black Back Cover

5. Annure Shockproof Back Cover

Oneplus 5T Cases And Covers New

Another cover with similar design elements is the Annure Shockproof back cover. Not only does it have a brushed texture at the back, it also comes with web patterns on the inside.

Moreover, the raised lips along the camera lenses and the front edges help to keep the phone in a pristine condition.

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6. Official OnePlus 5T Cases

Oneplus 5T Cases And Covers

When we talk about OnePlus cases and covers, it would be a shame to give the official cases a miss. The official OnePlus 5T cases come in a variety of color and material that add to the elegance of the phone.

So, whether it’s the leather flip cover or the more popular sandstone cover, you can give them a try. The official cases are sold on the OnePlus website.

Buy the Official Silicone Protective Case for OnePlus 5T

That’s All, Folks!

These were some of the cases and covers for the OnePlus 5T that are available now or will be available shortly. With time, more cases from the likes of Tudia and Otterbox will hopefully be added to the line-up.

So, which one of these will end up in your shopping cart?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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