6 Best Offline Shooting Games for iPhone

Mobile gaming has come so far in the last decade. I still remember playing snake on my first mobile, Nokia 3310. Right now, I am dividing my free time between PUBG and Modern Combat 5. While iPhone is a great platform for developing amazing games, most of them require an active Internet connection.

Offline Shooting Games For I Phone

While this is not a significant problem with Wi-Fi hotspots and low data rates, it is still an issue. These shooting games can consume a lot of data in a short amount time leaving you in a tight spot. You also need mobile data for important stuff like mobile banking, trading, mails, and well, social media!

Today, we will take a look at some of the best offline shooting games for iPhones. Because we are talking offline here, you won’t be able to play in multiplayer mode unless you are playing on a LAN connection.

Let’s begin.

1. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a great offline shooting game for iPhones. The premise is simple and evergreen. There is a zombie outbreak and you have to do everything it takes to survive. This involves lots of guns and shooting.

Offline Shooting Games For Iphone Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger 2 is a first person shooting (FPS) game which is frequently updated with new missions. This means you will need an active Internet to update it but still play it offline. There is also a multiplayer mode that only adds to the fun.

With more than 35 locations and 500 shootout scenarios, it will keep you busy for hours at timea. Better carry a powerbank with you.

2. Overkill 3

Overkill 3 has a good storyline and great graphics. Mankind has lost all hope and you are going to restore it. Your job is to kill all the enemies in the vicinity while staying in your zone. You can move left and right or dodge behind objects to take cover. With each level, your scenario will change.

Offline Shooting Games For Iphone Overkill 3

There is a new Heli mode, my personal favorite, where your job is to drop bullets while flying in a chopper. Kind of like Rambo!

In the endless mode, your mission will be to protect a power generator. I suppose that generator is powering the entire city, or mankind!

The entire premise is set in the future and there are plenty of customizations and guns available to satisfy your appetite.

3. Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is a dark neo-noir offline shooting game with a lot of violence, adult content, and moral conflicts. A great recipe for an offbeat game. There is a sense of mystery to the storyline because as a sniper assassin, you are never told why you are going on a killing spree.

Offline Shooting Games For Iphone Lone Wolf

The story is complex and unfolds as you continue your journey through the underworld, killing people and uncovering their secrets. While there are other games out there that have better graphics, and probably weapons, Lone Wolf made the list for its gripping storyline.

4. Hitman Sniper

Have you watched the movie Hitman? If the answer is yes then you know what’s coming. An offline shooting game where you get to play the cold blooded bald assassin who likes to wear black suits. As agent 47, your job is to complete missions by infiltrating marked locations and eliminating all threats.

Apart from the usual contract based missions, there is a special zombie mode where you get to go on a killing spree. It seems everyone likes to ! Good choice in sniper weapons and you can play it offline for hours.

Offline Shooting Games For Iphone Hitman Sniper

What I liked was the complexity of the primary and secondary missions, and how the game takes you through each level. This means each level is a one big plot with subplots and multiple missions that kick in once you eliminate the primary target. You will quickly appreciate the attention to detail and storyline.

5. Six Guns Gang-Showdown

The good old days of the wild west. I grew up watching Clint Eastwood movies and there is something about the art of pulling a gun and twirling it in your hands that makes most guys go wow! Six Guns is your chance to be a gunslinger cowboy.

Offline Shooting Games For Iphone Six Guns Gang Showdown

An open world set in Arizona, you are an outlaw who has a way of finding trouble. There are robbers, outlaws, and then there are the vampires!

The best part of the game has to be the open world which allows you to explore the map whichever way you like. While the game was released in 2011, it still remains one of the few games of its kind. The graphics are cool.

6. NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is a first person offline shooting game for iPhones. NOVA is a popular franchise and while Legacy fails to bring in a new storyline, it is still a lot of fun to play. The storyline is kind of repetitive where you will continue to follow Kal and his trusted AI friend Yelena on their mission to uncover the truth.

Offline Shooting Games For Iphone Nova Legacy

The graphics have been revamped and the gameplay is now a lot faster. It is still as much fun as the previous NOVA games and if you are entering the franchise for the first time, this is where you should begin.

I’ll Never Die… I’ll Just Respawn!

Gaming was probably the best thing that happened to mankind. Maybe I overstated it but it’s definitely cool. Gaming also teaches you a lot of skills like teamwork, patience, and it can enhance your memory and improve coordination skills.

These offline shooting games for iPhones will keep you busy for hours at an end. Great for those long boring journeys where you don’t have access to Internet or have other means of entertainment.

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Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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