10 Best Notion Templates for Writers

Notion witnessed massive growth in use when the San Francisco-based startup made the Personal plan free for all. Apart from Notion commands and their modular approach, templates play a huge role in the Notion ecosystem. There is a template for every use case scenario. We have already covered Notion templates for the education sector, but about writers? Let’s dig some useful templates for them as well.

Notion templates for writers

Notion does offer some built-in templates. If you are not sure about them then you can always go to the community-based templates section to find unique ones. We have compiled a list of the top ten templates that every writer should try.

Note: To use any of the Notion templates from the list below, click on the download link and use the Duplicate option from the following page.

1. Weekly Agenda

Everyone needs a capable task management system. Notion does offer reminders function, but it’s limited in certain ways. You can always opt for the Weekly Agenda template to organize the upcoming week in style.

Weekly agenda

You can visualize your most important to-do’s with an agenda that lets you liberate tasks from your brain, helps you prioritize, and lets you be more deliberate about scheduling so that you’re not rushing to get things done at the last minute.

2. Blog Post

Did you know you can build your entire blog on Notion? Use this template as the basis for what a post might look like. You can include writing and images in many different configurations. You can also create a blog homepage to link out to all your posts — gallery view is particularly handy for that if you want to showcase the images in your posts.

Blog post

That option also lets you display the author and date of publication, too! To set it live on the web, all you have to do is go to Share at the top of the main blog page and turn on Public Access.

3. Book List

Does your new year’s resolution involve reading books at regular intervals? Notion’s Book list template can help you track all the books you have read and plan to read in the future. It’s a neat centralized place to visualize your reading habits.

Reading list

4. Resume

Most Notion users prefer to build the perfect resume on a Notion page. If you don’t want to start from scratch, then go ahead and give the below Resume template a try. You can build a beautiful, functional resume within your workspace.

Resume notion

Enable “Public Access” and send over the link with your job applications. You can keep improving the resume even after you sent it out.

5. Journal

Notion can replace Journal apps as well. The Journal template lets you create daily entries with tags, dates, and times in Notion. The entries tab opens the blank canvas to let you create journal entries. While the template might not replace the dedicated journal apps like Day One and Journey, but it can give you adequate functions to start your Journal journey.

Journal notion

6. Vocabulary

This one is a must-have for every writer out there. Once in a while, you come across useful words that you want to utilize in future writing samples. Notion’s Vocabulary template can help you keep track of newly learned words in a single place.

Vocabulary notion

7. Blogging Manager

Blogger, this one belongs to you. The third-party Notion template allows you to manage all stages of writing posts with a comprehensive blogging manager. You can plan posts using templates, manage guest posting, and keep track of progress and upcoming posts.

Blogging manager

8. Contracting Proposal

As freelancers, we spend a ton of time making proposals. Manually it’s very time-consuming to make an entire proposal. There are online tools, but they’re overcomplicated, expensive, and don’t have basic duplication stuff. In short, the experience is not user-friendly. With Notion, you can send mobile responsive proposals, manage them in a MiniCRM, and most importantly, re-purpose all my content and interlink stuff.

Contracting praposal

9. Freelance Clients

Are you a freelance content writer and handling many clients at once? This third-party Freelance Clients template helps you manage all the work at once. You can keep track of all the ongoing work with rates, unfinished work, due dates, and many other details right from the Notion page.

Freelance clients

10. Digital Brain Board

A brain board’s goal — similar to a collection of bookmarks — is to save and internalize key learnings from the massive amount of articles, podcasts, videos, and other information sources you consume in your life.

Digital brain board

Make Notion Work For You

Notion can replace several apps on your device using the templates. Go through the templates list above and start your Notion journey like a pro. While you are at it, let us know about your favorite and most-used template in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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