8 Best Notion Templates for Work

With seamless sharing and collaboration capabilities, Notion to continues to slide from a personal database tool to something you would use at work. With the right template, Notion can completely transform how you get the job done at work. Here are the top eight Notion templates for work.

Notion templates for work

You can always create a Notion page from scratch, but it will require major efforts and time from your side to create the perfect setup. Here’s is where templates come in to solve problems. Simply pick a relevant template from the list below, modify Notion blocks where required, and you are good to go.

1. Content Calendar

This is ideal for those working in the content creation department. You can schedule all the content going out the next month on a Notion page. The template comes with a weekly view and allows you to manage Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter content in style.

Notion content calendar

There is also a page for a Brain dump and Refine ideas to brainstorm with other Notion team members.

Notion ecommerce template

It offers a quick look at all the sales you made, inventory, currency exchange rates, and a separate page for data, analytics, and more.

Finance tracker in notion

The finance tracker template is built with many formulas which allow you to add a transaction and automatically calculate the new balance in your bank account. Neat, isn’t it?

Notion ikigai template

Of course, you can replace them with personalized questions. The Ikigai section below will help you add more questions and life goals to a Notion page.

5. Job Applications Template

Are you looking to change the workplace shortly? These days, recruiters ask for personal details, work experience, cover letter, resume, and more. You can compile everything in a single Notion page and share the view-only link with others.

Notion cover letter

You are all set to make the perfect impression at your new job.

Notion blog post panning

There is also a dedicated database for blog post ideas to brainstorm ideas with team members. Don’t forget to share the Notion page with others to make edits or join the conversation.

Notion tookit template

It will ultimately help you nail down its vision and mission, track OKRs and set up a custom roadmap in minutes.

Notion docs template

This is especially helpful for recording company processes and publishing product or design specs where many people can comment, contribute and reference them going forward.

Master Notion at Work

Pick your favorite templates from the list above and start managing your work schedule from Notion. While you are at it, do show us your perfect Notion setup at work in the comments below.

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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