Nimbus Note vs Evernote: Comparison of Features

Since Evernote changed its pricing plans in 2016, users have been looking for its alternatives. Very few apps come close to Evernote as it offers a zillion features. Talking about alternatives, some of the popular ones are OneNote from Microsoft, Google Keep, Zoho Notebook etc. But there’s one more that can truly challenge Evernote when it comes to features: Nimbus Note.

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Is Nimbus Note a worthy competitor to Evernote? Does it have all the Evernote features? Oh, and what about the web clipper?

Let’s dive into this detailed comparison of features offered by Nimbus Note and Evernote.

Let’s get started.

Cross-platform Availability

One of the reasons for the success of Evernote is because of its availability across platforms. Whether you want to use it on an Android, iPhone or a Windows device, it has an app for everything.

Any guesses about Nimbus Note? Yes, it’s also available for all platforms. Nimbus has an app for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, and Windows phone. Not only that, you also get a web version, and Chrome and Opera extensions.

User Interface

Both the apps have almost similar user interface with notes on the first screen, search and settings on the top, add new note button at the bottom-right corner and other things present under the navigation drawer. However, there are some differences too.

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Nimbus Note Vs Evernote 3

Evernote looks more polished and refined on its apps but on its web version, Nimbus is cleaner. On the other hand, Nimbus mobile apps kinda gives the old, basic look and feel but its Windows app and web version are amazing. In fact, the Windows version offers tab layout for notes.

Further, it offers more features such as theme support. You can switch between light and dark mode on Nimbus Notes, the feature missing in Evernote.

Similarly, Nimbus Notes lets you customize the first screen. You can either set it to show all notes, all folders, tags, a folder of your choice or your favorite notes. In Evernote, you are stuck with all the notes.

Nimbus Note Vs Evernote 4

Further, Nimbus Note also lets you change the format of the home screen. You can choose between lists, custom lists, and card view.

Attachments and Formatting

Whether you want to add a photo, PDF, music file or draw in your notes, both the apps support these attachments. You can also format your notes with multiple formatting options. For instance, you can change the size, color, and font of your text. You can even make it bold, italic, or create a list and so on.


Folders and Subfolders

When it comes to Evernote, it lets you organize your notes in notebooks. These are just a collection of similar notes and can go up to one level only.

Nimbus, on the other hand, offers a hierarchical structure. At the top lies the folder followed by subfolders. What’s interesting is that you aren’t limited to just one subfolder, you can create subfolders within a subfolder as well. All these folders can have different notes in them.

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Nimbus Note Vs Evernote 6

Personally, I like to have a note app with the folder structure and Nimbus Note offers that.


In addition to folders, both the apps support tags. You can organize your notes using them.


Nimbus Note offers the ability to color-code notes. However, it is available on the mobile apps only. You don’t get the feature on the web version and Windows app. On the other hand, Evernote doesn’t let you color-code notes.

Nimbus Note Vs Evernote 7A

To-do Lists

Again, both the apps let you create to-do lists. However, none of them is good and each has its own drawbacks. On Evernote, it looks that the feature has been forcefully put there just for the sake of it.

Nimbus Note Vs Evernote 8

While Nimbus offers a better version, the to-do lists aren’t directly available. Meaning, if you open a note with to-do lists, you will not see them. You have to hit the view to-do lists button first, which is strange.

Strange because sometimes we just want a simple to-do list, which should be easily available. But considering the fact that one can create a note and add a to-do list to the same note is an important feature missing in most of the notes and to-do list apps, we can do with it. However, I would really want it as a separate feature.

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Nimbus Note Vs Evernote 10

Search and OCR

Evernote offers a faster search than Nimbus. When you search for a keyword in Evernote, the notes containing them are instantly displayed but in the case of Nimbus, it takes some time.

Even though both the apps support Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and let you search in images and documents as well, it is a paid feature and available for premium users only.

Add Favourites

While both the apps offer powerful search features, sometimes it makes more sense to have the important notes available directly. For that, you can use the favorites or shortcut feature. While Nimbus calls it favorites, Evernote prefers to use the term shortcuts.

In Nimbus, the favorites option is available directly on the home screen making it very easy to access the notes. In Evernote, you have to open the navigation drawer first and here you will find the shortcuts option.

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Nimbus Note Vs Evernote 12


Evernote is limited when it comes to reminders. You can only set time-based reminders here. On the other hand, Nimbus Note offers time, location and even phone-based reminders.

Nimbus Note Vs Evernote 13

Shared Notes

You can use Evernote for professional purposes too as it lets you work on shared notes. You can even chat with others using the Work Chat feature. While Nimbus also lets you share notes, you cannot work on them simultaneously.

Web Clipper

Evernote is known for its web clipper feature. It’s basically a save button for the internet. Whenever you like something on the internet, be it text, image or full web page, you can clip or save it to Evernote with just one click.

Nimbus Note Vs Evernote 16

The same feature is available in Nimbus Note too. Interestingly, you can use it on a wide variety of browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, and even mobile devices such as Android and iPhone. But Evernote’s web clipper is smoother to work with and has a more polished user interface.

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While you get many features in the free versions, both these apps have premium versions that offer additional features. For starters, they limit the amount of information that can be synced in a month. To sync more information, you have to switch to the premium version. In Nimbus Note, you can sync 100 MB of data per month while in Evernote you are restricted to 60 MB only.

The worst thing about Evernote is that in the free version you can sync between two devices only. This is one of the reasons that made me switch to Nimbus Note, as it offers synchronization between unlimited devices even in the basic version.

Do check out Nimbus Note if you are looking for a worthy Evernote alternative.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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