Mivi Collar Bluetooth Headset Review: Mixed Emotions

Stereo Bluetooth headsets have quite literally eradicated the need for mono headsets. They offer better sound, remote control for media, and above all, great battery life as well.

Mivi, an Indian brand known for mobile accessories, has launched the Collar Bluetooth stereo headset.

Among other things, the price of this headset is really an exciting proposition, but, how well does this headset fare in other areas? Let’s find out in this detailed review.

A Basic yet Functional Design

The Collar Bluetooth headset has a very basic yet functional design. Having a basic design is actually a good thing in the case of headphones or earphones, since all you want to do is plug in and start the music.


The construction includes a metal neckband which houses the Bluetooth earpieces and their aluminum housing on either side. The metal band is covered with a polymer sleeve to offer a comfortable wear through the day.

Talking about the earplugs, they consist of magnets that help them to stick inside of their housing to aid the storage and safety of the headset while transporting it.

While not housed, the earplugs can stick to each other rather than dangling freely and get tangled with other things.

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Qualcomm Bluetooth Chipset

I have reviewed a lot of Bluetooth headsets and the Mivi Collar is one of the cheapest headsets to feature a Qualcomm Bluetooth chip. With this chip, you are likely to get better sound, better connectivity, and noise suppression.

Pairing it up with any compatible device is a breeze. Just keep the power key pressed until the LED light alternates between red and blue. Then simply search for it on any device and pair it. There are no keys as Bluetooth 4.0 does not require a passkey, however, if any older device requires it, the key you have to enter is 0000.


Data transmission is great, thanks to the chip, and additionally, the connection strength is good as well. In my tenure of testing, I hardly experienced any drops or connection problems.

With this headset, you can also speak directly to your phone’s assistant if you have done all the settings right.

You can simply tell the assistant to call your contacts, message them or even email them, all without even touching your phone.

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Audio Can Get Really Loud

Even though the materials used in the making of this headset seem good, initially I was not very happy with the audio quality. The bass was muddy and the vocals were a bit subdued.

I reached out to the brand as I thought it might be an issue with the review unit that I have received. And promptly enough, they replaced the unit.


Although this new unit sounded a bit better, I was still not very impressed with the sound quality. Somethings were really lacking.

So I decided to get on with the burn-in process. The burn-in helps the drivers open up and move more freely and get rid of obstructions if any. It did sound a lot better after burning them for close to 30 hours.

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In this process I also found out that when played at close to 70 percent volume level, this headset can last for more than 10 hours. Nice!

Another good thing about it is its extra loud volume, so people who love to listen to songs at deafening levels can opt for this (not that we recommend it). For everyone else, 50 percent volume level is just fine.

Pros & Cons

I tried this headset for a period of 10 days in which I found out some interesting and some not so good things about the Mivi Collar.


This headset has a basic design, which is good as it is simple to use. However, the wire mechanism that allows users to increase or decrease the length of the earplugs is shoddy. The plastic retainer rings can come off easily and if you lose one, you’ll end up with tangled wires.

Talking about the design, I love the metal housings and the earplugs that offer a comfortable fit. It’s useful for a good aural experience.


When compared to similarly priced products, the volume levels you get are commendable. However, the quality is one area where I feel there is a lot of tuning needs to be done.

Last but not the least, the battery life is a big positive for the Mivi Collar Bluetooth headset. You can easily use this headset for a week between recharges. While listening to music continuously I got a backup of close to 11 hours, which is slightly more than the 10-hour backup as claimed by the brand.

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Active Noise Suppression

It’s not something that Mivi has added to the headset, but its a subset of the Qualcomm chip that powers it. With this, you get Qualcomm CVC 6.0, which is a type of noise suppression technology developed to clean out the sound that goes through the microphone.


This means when you speak, if there is a lot of noise in your vicinity, this headset will try to deliver somewhat better audio. Definitely a plus.

Mivi Collar Bluetooth Headset

Mivi Collar Bluetooth Headset

Mivi Collar Bluetooth Headset

Mivi Collar Bluetooth Headset

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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