6 Uber Cool Apple iPhone 8 Accessories That You Shouldn’t Miss

While the Apple iPhone X is taking most of the limelight, the humble iPhone 8 is making a good headway among most Apple fans primarily due to its price and range of features.

If you compare the two, there is honestly not much of a difference except for the elusive Face ID and the bezel-less display that the iPhone X has to offer. No wonder why the iPhone 8 is more popular among the buyers compared to its bigger cousin.


The iPhone 8 comes with a ton of new features and, today, we are talking about some really cool accessories that we believe will help you get the best out of your iPhone 8.

Apple I Phone 8 8

Along with the iPhone 8 accessories and all the links to the products, a few guides to the iPhone 8 have also been included in this article. So rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

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1. Jackery Wireless Charger Power Bank

Wireless charging and fast charging are two of the newest features of the new iPhone 8 and many fans are really happy with them. So, how about a wireless charger and a battery pack combo for your new Apple device?


This is exactly what the Jackery Wireless Charger Power Bank for iPhone has to offer. This portable charger comes with integrated wireless charging capabilities and also supports conventional wired charging.


With its 6,000-mAh battery life, you can recharge your device twice with this before the juice runs out. Just lay your device on this battery pack and it will start charging it.

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2. Pictar Plus Camera Grip

The iPhone 8 has one of the best cameras to offer but the slim and slippery design of the phone does hamper its usage in some ways. So, what are your options?


Well, you can invest in a camera grip and the Pictar Plus Camera Grip is one of the best ones out there.


This camera grip fits snugly on to your iPhone and connects seamlessly offering functions such as shutter control, a manual ring for zooming on to objects, and an integrated camera mount. You can easily attach this grip to any tripod, giving you total DSLR-like functionality.

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3. Zvedeng Multi-functional Lighter Case

We have already established that the design of the iPhone 8 is not the most user-friendly and, with its all glass back, it’s quite fragile, especially for people with butter fingers. For them, investing in a solid and a durable case is a mandate and we have a brilliant recommendation for you.


The Zvedeng Multi-functional Lighter Case is as good as it gets. It’s a shockproof, protective case for your iPhone 8. This sturdy case comes with a number of tricks. First up, you get a flame-less lighter, which may be great for a few people. But for non-smokers, it also has a bottle-opener that they can use at a party.

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4. AMIR Phone Camera Lens

The rear camera on the iPhone 8 is really brilliant but misses out the ability to take wide-angle shots. However, there are plenty of accessories available to help rid your problem.


The AMIR Phone Camera Lens is a neat little solution that includes a wide-angle lens and a macro lens in one setup. With its clip-on design, it’s easy to snap it on to the back of any iPhone without breaking a sweat.


However, as a word of advice, if you’re planning to take a wide-angle shot using this lens, make sure to maintain your distance from the object. Otherwise, you’d have to deal with the barrel effect, which might spoil your picture.

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5. ALALEI Fast Charging Pad Stand

With the addition of wireless charging, Apple has really made the life of iPhone 8 users a lot easier. Now, they no longer have to run around searching for charging cables. While the official Apple wireless charger might be a bit expensive, there are a few alternatives that are better and faster.

Fast Charger

The ALALEI Fast Charging Pad Stand promises to charge the iPhone 8 1.4 times faster than any other charger with the help of two integrated coils. With its standing cradle design, it appears to be the perfect accessory for your work desk or the study table.

Fast Charger1

This wireless charger supports all Qi-enabled devices. So, if you have the Samsung Galaxy S8 or any other device that supports wireless charging, you can charge them using the same station.

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6. Sprtjoy 2-in-1 Lightning iPhone Adapter

All things are great about the iPhone 8 except the fact that the 3.5-mm earphone port has been removed. Well, hardcore Apple fans would argue that you can easily overcome this problem with an adapter. However, that also limits the usability to a significant extent.


If you hold the same opinion, you should definitely get the Sprtjoy 2-in-1 Lightning iPhone Adapter. This adapter packs a lightning charger pin and a3.5-mm connector in a single wire, which means that you can now listen to your favorite tunes using your headphone and charge your phone at the same time.


There is one downside though. You would not be able to control your audio playback using the headset or the keys on your headphone as this functionality takes a bit of a hit with this adapter. However, the pros of this adapter outdo the cons pretty easily.

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Let us know in comments which one of these iPhone 8 accessories have made their way to your shopping cart. We’d love to hear from you!

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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