How to Take Instagram Story Screenshots Without Being Detected

The year 2018 doesn’t seem good for social media fans. Recently, Snapchat rolled out an ugly update and Instagram introduced the Active feature. Guess what? That’s not all. Instagram is testing a new feature where the other person will be notified if you take a screenshot of their story.

Yes, you read that right. But don’t worry. In this post, we will tell you how to take a screenshot of an Instagram story without notifying the other person.

How To Take Instagram Story Screenshots Without Being Detected

The feature is currently being tested for some users. Once it reaches you, you will be shown a warning notification saying that the person will be able to see that you took a screenshot. Kindly remember that the notification will be shown only once. So be careful.


Before the feature was introduced, it was a common question that whether people can see if you screenshot their photos on Instagram or not? Well, the answer is still no for Instagram posts but, unfortunately, things have changed for Stories.

What Changed

Instagram has copied almost every feature of Snapchat such as Stories, face filters etc. And now they are also borrowing the screenshot notification feature.

Instagram Story Screenshot 1

In case you are not aware, the feature already existed in the Instagram Direct Message, where if you took a screenshot of a disappearing chat, the person would be notified. The same holds true for stories now.

If you take a screenshot or record the story screen, the user will receive a notification saying you have taken a screenshot of their story.

In addition to that, users will also be shown a separate icon in the story views section next to the name of the person who has taken a screenshot.

Instagram Story Screenshot 2
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How to Take Screenshots Secretly

There are four ways to do it:

  1. Airplane mode
  2. Web app
  3. Third-party apps
  4. Use another phone

1. Airplane Mode

Taking screenshots in the Airplane mode is one of the oldest tricks that even Snapchat users had been using for a long time until it stopped working for them. However, it works for Instagram as of now.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your phone and open the story that you want to screenshot. Make sure it loads completely.

Step 2: Now go to your phone Settings and enable the Airplane mode. This will turn off all the active connections on your device such as Mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

Instagram Story Screenshot 3

Step 3: Once the Airplane mode has been activated, open the Instagram app again and tap the story that you want to screenshot.

Step 4: Leave the Instagram app and wait for a few seconds. Then disable the Flight mode to activate all the network connections.

If you follow all the steps carefully, Instagram won’t notify the other person.

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2. Web Version

If you have not been living under a rock, you would know that Instagram has a website too. While the website lets you browse posts and stories, it doesn’t let you upload photos and send or receive messages.

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Since we are concerned about taking screenshots for stories, the website comes to our rescue. Interestingly, if you take a screenshot of a story on the Instagram website, it doesn’t send a notification to the user.

Instagram Story Screenshot 4

So, the next time you want to grab a screenshot, open the web version of Instagram. Tedious, but it works.

3. Third-party Apps

There are many third-party apps that will let you save stories without notifying the other person. While some may work for you, others may not. It’s better to check and confirm with your friends before taking the actual screenshot.

Some apps that you can try on Android are:

Apps for iPhone:

You can also use Storiesig website to download stories on any platform.

4. Use Another Phone

If all the above methods fail, use the age-old technique to save the Insta stories. Simply open the story that you want to capture on your own phone and then take a photo of that story from your second phone. That’s it.

What’s the Need to Screenshot a Story

Well, there could be many reasons. Don’t judge.

For instance, there is a product in someone’s story that you like and want to buy. Earlier you could simply take a screenshot and then use it later. Sadly, now that would make you look like a creep.

Instagram Story Screenshot 5

Similarly, one would screenshot a picture if they wanted to keep it as their wallpaper. Thirdly, people usually take a screenshot of a thing if they want to share it with their friends.

Be Careful!

While the above tricks work as of now, we would suggest being careful while using them. Also, stalking is bad. Don’t misuse these tricks.

Do you know of some other method? Let us know in comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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