Instagram Stories vs Facebook Stories: What’s the Difference

What started with Instagram eventually came to all the platforms owned by Facebook. We are talking about stories. Borrowed from Snapchat, Facebook first launched stories on Instagram, followed by WhatsApp and then separately on Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories Comparsion Differences

Part of the same family and yet all the four stories are different in their own ways. However, their basic ephemeral nature remains true for all. Meaning, the stories last for 24 hours only, until they disappear.

Interestingly, while most of the users use Instagram stories, very few people use Facebook stories. Is it bad? No. Not at all. Facebook stories has most of the features that you find in Instagram stories. But there are some differences too, and that’s what we want to explore in this post.

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Let’s get started.

User Interface

When you open the story screen of both the apps, you will find different options at different places. Technically, they both have same options, but their positions are different.

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 11
Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 12

For instance, the Gallery icon is present on the right side in case of Facebook stories and on the left side in Instagram stories. Similarly, flash and camera switch icons are present at the top in Facebook stories, however, in Instagram, they are at the bottom.

Interestingly, in Instagram, everything is at the bottom, making all the options easily accessible.

Both the stories let you customize the story settings right from the story screen. Similarly, you can double tap the screen to switch camera in both stories.

Also, capturing a video by holding the camera button holds true for both.

Exclusive Features

Right on the story home screen, you will find that Instagram includes a bunch of extra features such as Boomerang, Superzoom, Rewind, Focus, and Hands-free. The only features you get in your Facebook stories are Live and Text, which are also present in Instagram.

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 13

Difference in Type/Text Feature

Both the apps have a separate screen for creating text-only images. While it is known as Type on Instagram, it goes by the name Text on Facebook stories.

Apart from the name, there are other differences too. For starters, you cannot change the font style in the Facebook story. However, that’s not the case with Instagram. You get multiple font styles and you can also align the text.

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 1
Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 2

If you are heartbroken by Facebook stories, don’t be. Thankfully, they let you choose the background color from the carousel at the bottom. Although Instagram also lets you change the background color, you have to tap the color button repeatedly to find the color of your choice. It doesn’t have a carousel or a color palette. Ah!

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 3
Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 4

Unfortunately, once you have created a Text story on Facebook, you cannot modify it further. You cannot add more text or stickers to it. I like how Instagram lets you customize it further.

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 5
Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 6

Backgrounds in Facebook Stories

Okay. Facebook stories aren’t that bad. While you get face filters in both the stories, Facebook adds cool backgrounds to your stories. You can view the live preview of backgrounds before adding them. Currently, Instagram stories don’t have any such feature.

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 14

Face Filters

As mentioned above, both the apps have face filters. However, they are limited in number and style on Instagram. But on Facebook, you get lots of them in different styles and characters.

Old Photos From Gallery

Again, both the apps let you upload old pictures from your gallery in the stories. You can upload photos older than 24 hours too. You can then add text, stickers, and doodle on them.

However, there is one major difference between the two. I’m talking about the way old pictures are shown in these stories. I personally dislike the horizontal scroll of Facebook stories for selecting pictures.

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 15
Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 16

Thankfully, Instagram provides a neat vertical view to select old images. You can also tap the Gallery option to switch to folder view.

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Instagram is far ahead when it comes to doodles. You get four types of pencils to draw. You can change their sizes and colors too. When it comes to Facebook, you will have to live with only one type of pencil.

Fun Fact:
Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 17
Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 18

Privacy Settings

Both the apps provide similar privacy settings. You can hide your story from specific people in either case. However, if you have a public profile, Facebook lets you limit your stories to friends only. On the other hand, you cannot restrict stories in Instagram to your following list or followers only.

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 19

These were the differences between Facebook and Instagram stories. Interestingly, you can share Instagram stories directly to your Facebook account. You don’t have to upload them separately. Once you enable this feature, your stories will be published on both the platforms.

Here’s how to do it.

How to Share Instagram Story to Facebook

To automatically share Instagram stories to Facebook, follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap the profile picture icon at the bottom-right corner of Instagram. Then tap the menu icon in the top-right corner.

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 7
Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 8

Step 2: Go to Story settings and enable ‘Share Your Story to Facebook’. You will be asked to log in to your Facebook account. Once you have authorized Facebook, your Instagram stories will then be published automatically to Facebook.

Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 9
Instagram Vs Facebook Stories 10
Note: Currently, you cannot share Facebook stories directly to Instagram but you can do it for Messenger stories.

Story It!

While there are minor differences between Facebook and Instagram stories, there is something about Instagram stories that makes it easy to use.

Do let us know which one you like in comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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