8 Best iCloud Tips and Tricks to Use It Like a Pro

Apple iCloud is a pretty neat cloud storage platform that integrates deeply with the Apple ecosystem. iCloud is used for taking backups of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac data, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Here are some iCloud tips and tricks to get even more out of this service.

Icloud tips and tricks

Note that iCloud is different from iCloud Drive, which works like Google Drive. iCloud backs up all kinds of data found on your iPhone like photos, notes, calendar, contacts, and more. A life-saver when you lose your device or buy a new one. Restoring everything to a brand new iPhone has always been easy, thanks to iCloud.

Let’s begin.

1. How to Access iCloud

You can access iCloud on the web by visiting the official site by clicking on the link below. Sign in with your Apple ID and enter the 2FA code if you have activated it.

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You can also access iCloud on your iPhone. Open Settings, tap on your profile pic and select iCloud.

Icloud tips and tricks 2
Icloud tips and tricks 3

You can manage iCloud storage space, enable/disable services that back up to iCloud and more here.

Icloud tips and tricks 4

Apple offers iCloud apps for Windows and macOS.

2. How to Save a Backup to iCloud

Open Settings and go to iCloud as you did in the previous step. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to select iCloud Backup.

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Icloud tips and tricks 6

Make sure that iCloud Backup service is enabled. While it will make periodic backups, you can make one immediately by tapping on the Back Up Now button. You can also view when the last backup was taken below.

You can manage or enable/disable all apps and services that you want to back up to iCloud in the previous screen. Apple offers 5GB of free storage to all users.

Icloud tips and tricks 7

3. How to Use

iCloud is an app as well as a service. Hence, you can use it just like any other app. You begin by creating an account or using your existing Apple ID, download and install the app on your laptop, sign in, and begin setting it up.

4. How to Delete Photos from iCloud

There is more than one way to delete photos from iCloud. The process is made simple because Apple comes with a Photos app that syncs flawlessly with iCloud backup.

5. How to Delete Backups in iCloud

Open Settings and go back to the iCloud option under Apple ID. Tap on Manage Storage right below the storage bar chart. You can either click on Backups or individual apps here. What’s the difference?

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Icloud tips and tricks 9

Tapping on the first option will let you delete device backups from iCloud. Those could be your or one of your family member’s device backup, if you have family sharing on.

Tapping on the app will allow you to delete the backup of that particular app alone.

Icloud tips and tricks 10
Icloud tips and tricks 11

If you have more than one device associated with the same Apple ID, you will see a list of all the devices under Backups.

6. How to Clear Space in iCloud

There are two ways to solve space problems. One is to clear data stored in iCloud by various apps. That includes photos, voice memos, files, backups, notes, and more. You will clear the most space by deleting old device backups and media files like photos, videos, and audio memos that you no longer need. They consume the most space.

Note: Offloading unused iOS apps will save the corresponding app’s documents and settings in iCloud. So if you remove those items, then the app will appear as new whenever you redownload it on your iPhone or iPad.

7. How to Access iCloud Photos

Make sure that iCloud Photos is enabled under Settings > Profile Pic > iCloud > Photos.

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Icloud tips and tricks 13

You can now view all your photos in the Photos app. Nothing changes on that front except one setting. When you enable iCloud Photos, you can choose to save iPhone storage by choosing to optimize it. Doing so will save the full resolution photos/videos on iCloud while optimized versions on the device. That will happen only when you are running low on storage space.

Icloud tips and tricks 14

You can also access the same photos on the iCloud site and other Apple devices using the same Apple ID.

8. How to Share an Album in iCloud

Make sure that Shared Albums is enabled under Settings > Profile Pic > iCloud > Photos. You will see that option only when iCloud Photos is enabled on the same screen.

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Open the Photos app, tap on Albums, and select the + icon. Choose New Shared Album from the pop-up menu.

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Icloud tips and tricks 18

You will now give it a new name and then send email invitations to everyone you want to be part of this new shared album/folder.

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Icloud tips and tricks 20

Tap on Create to finish. You and everyone you invited to the shared album can add photos to it now. All the photos will be in sync on all shared devices.

On Cloud 9

iCloud is pretty good but relies on Google servers to offer sync services to its customers. That’s an interesting fact seeing how Apple likes to build and develop in-house. Still, it is a pretty solid cloud storage service, and these iCloud tips and tricks will only help you be more productive.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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