6 Best Huawei Honor 8 Pro Cases and Covers

You are inching your way on a crowded footpath, looking at your daily schedule on your brand-new Huawei Honor 8 Pro, but as luck would have, someone bumps into you and the phone plunge to the ground.

Best Huawei Honor 8 Pro Cases And Covers

If lady luck is on your side, odds are that the display will remain intact, thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass. What about the edges and the corners? Well, you can’t simply ignore the dings and the scratches. Quite a bummer for a new phone, right?

It’s no secret that some of the recent smartphones are unapologetically delicate (we truly miss you, Nokia 1100) and the same can be said about some of the flagships as well.

So, to keep your Huawei Honor 8 Pro in pristine conditions, we have rounded up some of the best cases and covers available online.

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1. Brain Freezer Dual Rugged Armor Case

Best Huawei Honor 8 Pro Cases And Covers 3

The first on our list is the Brain Freezer dual rugged armor case. If you are looking for a tough and durable case for your Honor 8 Pro, this case should serve the purpose.

It comes with dual layer protection and is built such that the inner shell absorbs the maximum impact. Though it gives a bulky look to your slim phone, prevention is better than cure, remember?

It’s available in four different colors — Silver, Golden, Grey and Metal Slate.

Buy the Brain Freezer Dual Rugged Armor Case

2. Senyoo Ultra Slim Case

Best Huawei Honor 8 Pro Cases And Covers 5

If preserving the slim look of your Honor 8 Pro is what want, trust the Senyoo ultra slim case for this job. Available in a number of colors, it comes with anti-shock technology at the corners and a smooth finish at the rear, to give a chic look to your phone.

Buy the Senyoo Ultra Slim Case

3. CEDO Rugged Armor Shock Proof Back Case

Best Huawei Honor 8 Pro Cases And Covers 7

Textured phone cases have been a recent rage worldwide and the CEDO rugged armor shock proof case is no different. It has raised lips along the edges to protect the screen and the camera lens.

Moreover, you get tactile buttons for both the volume rockers and the power key.

Buy the CEDO Rugged Armor Shock Proof Back Case. You can also try the Golden Sand ShockProof Case for the Honor 8 Pro

4. Celkase Slim Mesh Case

Best Huawei Honor 8 Pro Cases And Covers 1

Another case which keeps up the premium aesthetics of the Honor 8 Pro, while giving it protection is the Celkase slim mesh case.

This case fits snugly around the phone and with the fine textures on the cover, it offers a firm grip.

Buy the Celkase Slim Mesh Case

5. Bracevor Leather Case

Best Huawei Honor 8 Pro Cases And Covers 6

If you are looking for a leather flip case, Bracevor proves the point bang-on. The glistening leather lends a sophisticated look to your phone, while at the same time, giving it overall protection.

Moreover, this flip case also doubles up as a kick-stand so that you can easily watch videos with ease.

Buy the Bracevor Leather Case

6. Efonebits Clear Transparent Case

Best Huawei Honor 8 Pro Cases And Covers 4

For a stunning phone like Huawei Honor 8 Pro, it would be a shame to keep it covered. If you are someone who echoes with this thought, you should be investing in a good quality transparent case.

The Efonebits clear transparent case boasts of a perfect fit. Made using silicone, it has precise cuttings for the camera, charging point, fingerprint sensor, and the microphone.

Plus, the raised bevels around the edges protect the surface from scratches and occasional dings.

Buy the Efonebits Clear Transparent Case

Which is The One?

So, which one out of these will land in your shopping cart? If you ask me, one really shouldn’t ignore all the good things that people are saying about the CEDO rugged case, so I vote for that.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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