Top 4 Ways to White Out Text in PDF for Free

Most organizations, businesses, enterprises, and government departments use PDFs to share confidential information. You can password-protect a PDF file to prevent unauthorized access. You can also white out or redact sensitive parts of a PDF to keep prying eyes away. Thankfully, you don’t need paid software to complete the job. Here are the best ways to white out text in PDF for free.

Whiteout text in PDF for free

You can hide the crucial information or remove unnecessary text and content from the PDF. You can always convert PDF to a Word file and make changes in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. But it’s a time-consuming process. Instead, use the tricks below to erase parts of a PDF.

1. Preview App on Mac

The default Preview app on Mac is feature rich. Apart from opening images and PDFs, it has several editing tools too. Here’s how you can use Preview on Mac to white out or redact text in PDF.

Step 1: Launch Finder on Mac. Browse to the PDF you want to edit, and right-click on it to open the PDF file in Preview.

Step 2: Select the markup toolbar at the top.

Edit PDF on Mac

Step 4: Expand the shape menu and select a square.

Step 5: Do note that Preview won’t delete the content behind the annotation. Expand the stroke and color menu at the top and select a white color.

Step 6: Place the white square box in the relevant place and hide the text and other content.

Add shape in PDF

Step 7: If you completely want to erase content from PDF, click the Redact menu at the top.

Step 8: Use the trackpad or mouse to draw around the content you want to erase.

Redact content in PDF

Step 9: Hit the x mark at the top to close Preview and save your edited PDF.

If Preview isn’t working, check our dedicated post to fix the problem.

2. Small PDF

Small PDF is a web-based PDF editor to make necessary changes on the go. Here’s how to use it to white out or redact text in PDF for free.

Note: If you have PDF with confidential information, we advise against uploading it on the web to make changes. You’ll be uploading the PDF file to a web server. It’s in your best interest to stick with an offline PDF editor.

Step 1: Visit Small PDF on the web.

Step 2: Drop or choose your PDF file from the desktop.

Choose PDF files

Step 3: Select Mark Up at the top. Expand the shape tool at the top.

Add shape in PDF

Step 4: Select Rectangle and draw it around the part you want to hide.

Step 5: Change the background color and outline to white. Repeat the same to hide all the relevant content on a PDF.

Change color for share in PDF

Step 6: Click the download button at the top.

download PDF on Small PDF

You also have the option to export the PDF as a Word document or an image.  

3. Sejda PDF

Sejda is yet another web-based PDF editor to white out text for free. Let’s check it in action.

Step 1: Navigate to Sejda PDF on the web.

Step 2: Upload a PDF or add one from Finder or File Explorer.

upload file to Sejda pdf

Step 3: Sejda opens a feature-rich PDF editor to make changes. Click Whiteout at the top.

whiteout PDF in Sejda

Step 4: Select the content you want to hide from the PDF file. You can also change the background color to Black or any other shade.

Change background color in PDF

Step 5: Hit Apply Changes.

apply changes in sejda PDF

Step 6: Download your edited PDF from the following menu.

Download Sejda PDF

Sejda is an online PDF editor. Be careful with your sensitive PDF files.

4. Foxit PDF

Foxit is one of the best PDF editors for Windows and Mac. The software is available on Linux too. It’s packed with all the PDF features you want in your workflow.

Step 1: Download Foxit PDF from the official website.

Step 2: Complete the installation and open the app.

Step 3: Open a PDF file from Finder (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows).

Open PDF in Foxit

Step 4: Select Edit at the top and click Add Shapes.

add share in foxit PDF

Step 5: Select the square shape and draw it around the text you want to hide.

Step 6: Change the fill color to white from the sidebar.

change background color to white

Step 7: After making all the necessary changes, click File in the top left corner and hit ‘Save As’.

Step 8: Download the PDF file to a relevant folder.

download PDF file

Foxit PDF comes with a 14-day free trial. After that, you’ll need to pay for the software to continue using it. The prices start from $14.99 per month.

Hide Sensitive Information on a PDF

With ample PDF editors available online, you don’t need to pay a pricy Adobe Acrobat to white out a PDF file. Which PDF editor do you prefer? Share your pick in the comments below.

Last updated on 24 April, 2023

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