How to Use Undo on iPhone Notes and Other Apps

Did you accidentally delete a paragraph in the Notes app on your iPhone and wonder if you can undo it instead of typing it again? Apple Notes allows you to undo the last recent actions just like your Mac and iPad, but it’s hidden in plain sight. Undoing in notes is a simple process. Let’s learn how to undo on iPhone Notes.

How to Use Undo in iPhone Notes and Other Apps

Undo is one of the features on your iPhone that rarely sees the light of the day and is very nifty and helpful. Whether you want to undo the typing or formatting of a paragraph, you can do so quickly. Not only that, the undo feature works throughout the whole iOS. You can also use undo in Photos, Mail, Files, and more. Let us show you how.

How to Undo in Apple Notes on iPhone

There are four ways to use undo (or redo) in the Notes app on your iPhone. The process to do so is straightforward. Let’s learn how to do so.

Method 1: Using the Markup Tool

The undo and redo options are hidden under the markup tool in Apple Notes. You can use the markup tool to quickly undo typing, deleting, or even formatting text in the Notes app on your iPhone.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Open the note you want to undo in the Notes app and tap the markup button.

Step 2: Now, the undo/redo icons will appear on the top side of the screen. Tap on undo to revert the last edit.

Undo in Apple Notes on iPhone

Step 3: Tap the redo icon if you want to redo typing.

Step 4: Once satisfied with the edit, tap Done to close the markup tools.

Redo in Apple Notes on iPhone

Method 2: Using Shake to Undo Gesture on iPhone

You can also shake your iPhone to undo it in the Notes app. But first, let’s enable this from the settings. Here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap Accessibility.

Step 2: Now, tap Touch.

Accessibility Settings iPhone

Step 3: Turn on the toggle saying Shake to Undo.

Shake To Undo Settings iPhone

Step 4: Now, open the note you wish to undo in the Notes app; hold your iPhone firmly and shake it.

Shake to Undo on iPhone

Step 5: Tap on undo/redo depending upon preferences. And that’s it.

Shake to Undo in Apple Notes on iPhone

Method 3: Using Three Fingers Gesture to Reveal Undo Options

Step 1: Open the notes you wish to undo and tap in the middle of the screen with three fingers.

Step 2: A set of options will appear on the top side of the screen; tap on undo or redo to do the same.

Tap with three fingers to Undo in Apple Notes

Method 4: Double Tap or Swipe Left With Three Fingers

Additionally, you can also double tap or swipe with three fingers to use undo in Notes on your iPhone. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the notes in which you wish to use undo. Now, swipe left or double-tap with three fingers to undo typing.

Step 2: Alternatively, swipe right with three fingers to redo.

Swipe Left with Three Fingers to Undo in Notes 1

Method 5: Undo Using Bluetooth Keyboard on an iPhone

Apart from this, you can also use a keyboard shortcut on a Bluetooth (or a wired) keyboard to undo on iPhone Notes.

Simply open the note you wish to edit and hit the ‘Cmd + Z’ keys on the keyboard to undo the typing in the Notes app.

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Undo on iPhone using Keyboard

Other Places to Use Undo/Redo on iPhone

The undo/redo feature on your iPhone is not limited to the Notes app. You can use it across iOS and in most third-party apps and actions you can think of.

Fun Fact: All four methods of undoing/redoing notes on your iPhone work (almost) everywhere on your iPhone, including the things from the list mentioned below.

Here is a list of where you can use undo/redo on your iPhone:

  • Undo duplication of calendar events
  • Undo closing tabs in Safari
  • Undo changes or deletions in reminders
  • Undo deletion or renaming of files, folders, photos, or videos
  • Undo Editing of a photo or video
  • Undo Send a Mail
  • Undo deletion of contacts (only if you have deleted them by long-pressing)

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1. How many times can I undo/redo? 

There’s no specified limit for undoing or redoing the actions. However, you can undo your recent actions only.

2. Can I Undo the removal of a widget or app from the home screen?


3. Can I undo the deletion of a lock screen wallpaper on my iPhone?

Unfortunately, no. The undo feature doesn’t work with the lock screen wallpapers.

Undo Anything on Your iPhone

In conclusion, mastering the “Undo” feature empowers you to take control of your iPhone. Whether salvaging an accidentally deleted note or correcting a hasty edit, this simple yet indispensable tool ensures your work remains flawless. So, embrace the power of “Undo” and elevate your mobile note-taking experience.

Last updated on 14 September, 2023

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