What Is Bionic Reading and How to Use It

Reading has played a massive role in helping us gain information and improve our imagination. However, if you have ADHD or dyslexia or feel that your reading speed could use improvement, Bionic Reading is for you. With everything improving, shouldn’t reading also get one?

what is Bionic Reading

If reading takes time in your routine and you want to reduce it, you should know what bionic reading is and how to use it to improve productivity and reading comprehension and save time. We will guide you through all the necessary information, including how to use it on your devices. Let’s start!

What Is Bionic Reading

Before we look at how to use bionic reading, let us know more about it. Swiss developer Renato Casuut created it to make reading easier. With this technique, your eyes can quickly peruse the texts with the help of artificial fixation points. Confused? Don’t worry, take a look at the picture below:

How to Use Bionic Reading

In this picture, the first three letters of the word Guiding are in bold, and so are Tech’s first two letters. These bold words are those artificial fixation points we mentioned earlier. With this technique, when your eyes focus on the bold part of the word, your brain can complete the rest without even fully reading them.

As you can guess, this will help you read faster and, thus, save time (the time to read the whole word) while consuming the same information. Here are some more bionic reading examples:

bionic reading

Benefits of Bionic Reading

  • Improved Reading Speed and Efficiency:  It is said that bionic reading could potentially allow users to read at a faster pace and process information more efficiently.
  • Accessibility: It is helpful for users with visual impairments or reading disabilities, with the help of screen readers, text-to-speech tools, or other assistive devices.
  • Customization: It facilitates users to customize their reading experience by adjusting the text, font, background color, and other elements.
use Bionic Reading extension benefits

Disadvantages of Bionic Reading

  • Learning curve: It requires some time to get used to bionic reading. If you are not interested in investing some minutes of the day to learn this new technique, it might not be for you.
  • Dependency on Technology: More reliance on bionic reading tools might lead to decreased traditional reading skills and a dependency on technology for understanding and processing information.
  • Distraction: Instead of doing good, it might cause issues. Incorporating bold and light text together might slow the reading speed for some and irritate the eyes.
using Bionic Reading extension disadvantages 1

How to Use Bionic Reading

Now that you have decided to use the feature, we have mentioned how you can do so, depending on the device.

On PC and Mac

Step 1: Open Chrome or any other Chromium-based browser that supports the Chrome web store.

Tip: Here are some of the best Chromium-based browsers for Windows

Step 2: Install the Bionic Reading extension using the link below.

Step 3: Hit ‘Add to Chrome’ and select Add extension to confirm.

Tip: Once installed, it’s best to pin the extension for easy access.

Choose Add to Chrome 1

Step 4: Now, open the webpage you want to convert. Next, hit the Bionic Reading extension icon.

select the extension icon at the top

This will reload the current page in a new bionic reader mode format. From here, you can customize certain features, including font size, style, and background colors.

You can also download the Windows and Mac apps using the link below.

On Smartphone

Bionic Reader also offers a dedicated app for both iOS and Android. You can download it from the link below.

Once you open the app, there are three ways to access it. You can follow the one that suits you.

1. Convert the Text: This will be the first option available in the app. Paste the text you want to convert and tap Process.

choose text paste the text and then tap Proceed

2. Website:  As you can guess, paste the link of the article or webpage you want to convert and hit the process button.

3. File: You can only use this feature if you have subscribed to the premium plan. However, once subscribed, you can upload and convert the text.

Remember that certain features apart from converting a document are locked behind the premium version. This includes the customization option, free for the Google Chrome extension version.

FAQ on Bionic Reading

1. Can you set your phone to Bionic Reading?

There is no official way to convert all the text on your device to a bionic reading style. However, you can still use the methods mentioned in this guide to convert text, articles, and documents.

Read Faster

Now that you know everything about Bionic Reading, we would like to know your experience with it in the comments below. You can also try your hands on these websites and apps to download audiobooks for free to complete books faster and meet your reading goals.

Last updated on 16 November, 2023

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