How To Set Up and Use VPN Apps on Android TV

You can install multiple streaming apps on your Android TV and never miss out on your favorite games, movies, or shows. There is a plethora of content out there that can be enjoyed on your Android TV. However, whatever content you see on streaming apps is based on your location.


There might be shows or movies you want to watch that are unavailable in your region on streaming apps. So, you can install a VPN app on your Android TV to access that content. In this post, we will share the steps to set up and use VPN apps on your Android TV.

How to Download and Use VPN Apps on your Android TV

If you are using a VPN app for your Android phone or iPhone, chances are that it is also available to download for your Android TV. Many VPN apps like Express VPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and Proton VPN are available to install and use on Android TVs. They offer both free and paid services.

Here’s how to download and install a VPN app on your Android TV.

Step 1: On your Android TV, go to the Google Play Store Tile and select it.

Step 2: In the search bar of the Google Play Store, type the name of your VPN app and install the app. For example, we are using Proton VPN for this post.

Step 3: After installing the VPN app, open it on your Android TV.

open vpn app android tv

Step 4: Sign in to your account. You might need your computer to register your Android TV as a device.

sign in to VPN app android tv

Step 5: Select the region for connecting the VPN after you sign in.

selct region for vpn app android tv

Step 6: Select Ok to confirm the connection request by your VPN service provider.

approve vpn connection request android tv

You have now connected to a VPN on your Android TV. Just close the VPN app and start watching content on streaming platforms.

Do note that there might be a few existing titles on streaming platforms that might not be available to stream because of a VPN connection. We suggest using a paid VPN subscription instead of a free account.

How to Turn Off VPN on Android TV

Here’s how you can turn off VPN on your Android TV.

Step 1: Open the VPN app on your Android TV.

open vpn app android tv

Step 2: Select Disconnect.

disconnect vpn app android tv

VPN App Not Working on Android TV

If any of the installed VPNs are not working on your Android TV, here are some troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

1. Check VPN Subscription Status

You need to start by checking whether your VPN subscription is still active. You can visit the official website or open the mobile app of your preferred VPN service and check the same. If required, you can also change the payment method if your previous payment couldn’t process.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Internet connection speeds are crucial to use a VPN on your Android TV. So you can run a speed test to ensure that your Internet Service Provider is not facing any downtime.

3. Force Quit and Relaunch VPN App

You can try to force quit and relaunch the VPN app on your Android TV. This will give the app a fresh start.

Step 1: Long-press the VPN app icon on your Android TV and then select Info.

app info android tv 1

Step 2: Select Force Quit from the right menu.

force stop vpn app android tv

Step 3: Select Ok to confirm.

force stop vpn apps android tv

Step 4: Reopen the VPN app and check if the problem is solved.

open vpn app android tv

4. Update the VPN App

You can check for an app update on your Android TV. Installing an updated version of the VPN app should fix the issue.

Step 1: Open the Play Store on your Android TV.

Step 2: Select your profile icon at the top-right corner.

Step 3: Select Manage Apps and Games from the left side.

Step 4: Select Updates.

Step 5: If an update is available for the VPN app, download and install it.

Step 6: After that, open the VPN app to check if the problem is solved.

You can also read our post if the app is not updating on your Android TV.

Use VPN on Android TV

You can set up and use VPN apps on your Android TV to expand your content viewing options. For an immersive and theatre-like viewing experience at home, you should have at least a 55-inch TV. We have listed a couple of options for the best 4K 55-inch Smart TVs.

Last updated on 25 August, 2023

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