How to Remove SearchMine From Your Mac

If you are using a Mac, it doesn’t mean you are totally protected from malware. There are many ways a Mac can get compromised, and SearchMine is one of the most common types of malware. If you don’t already know, this article will show you what is SearchMine and how to remove SearchMine from your Mac.

How to Remove SearchMine from Your Mac

To begin with, SearchMine is a malicious browser extension that typically gets installed on Macs without the user’s knowledge. Once installed, it will make the default search engine, show annoying ads, and send search results to advertisers.

Furthermore, it adds a toolbar to the browser and starts tracking and collecting the user’s online activity to sell to third parties. Due to its lack of an application folder and lack of inclusion in the Finder’s list of installed programs, it is hard to find. But how did it come to your Mac in the first place? Let’s find out.

How Did SearchMine Come To Your Mac

SearchMine is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and gets installed on Macs through bundled software. Although this software might be legitimate, it usually comes with SearchMine and other programs you don’t need.

How to Remove SearchMine From Your Mac

So, when installing new software, it’s important to know the website you are downloading from and go through the bundled programs that may be included. Check the list for programs you don’t recognize and uncheck them before continuing.

However, if you have already got SearchMine, move on to the next section to learn how to get rid of it.

4 Ways to Delete SearchMine on Mac

Here are 4 ways to delete SearchMine from your Mac Well if you have somehow fallen for the SearchMine trap. Let’s start with the easiest ones.

1. Get Rid of SearchMine From Mac Using System Preferences

Hijackers take advantage of profiles to gain access to browser settings. In this method, we’ll use Mac’s System Preferences to stop browser hijackers from stopping you to go back to the browser’s default settings.

Step 1: From the Dock, open System Preferences, or click on the Apple icon at the top left and select System Preferences.

Open the System Preferences

Step 2: Go to profiles.

Note: If you don’t have any configuration profiles on your Mac, the profile icon won’t appear.

Go to profiles

Step 3: Press the ‘–’ button to delete a malicious profile from the list if you find anything suspicious.

Pay attention to profiles called AdminPrefs, Safari Settings, or Chrome Settings.

Note: The image shown is only for reference purposes.

press the ‘–’ button to delete a malicious profile

And this way, you will be free from the SearchMine hijacker. But what if SearchMine came along with some bundled application? Well, we can remove it from there too. Follow along.

2. Remove SearchMine and All the Related Files

This method will look through your Mac’s Application folder, Libraries folder, and Login folder to find the SearchMine app. 

Note: Some images included in this section are only for reference.

Step 1: Press ‘Cmd + Space’ on your keyboard to launch Spotlight, type Activity Monitor, and press Enter.

search Activity Monitor

Step 2: Now, look for any processes called ‘SearchMine.’

processes with the name SearchMine

Step 3: If you detect one, select it and click on the Stop icon.

click on the Stop icon

Step 4: Select the Force Quit button in the prompt.

select the Force Quit button

Step 5: Navigate to Applications and search for SearchMine.

go to Applications and search for the SearchMine app

Step 6: If you find one, right-click and select ‘Move to Bin.’

drag it to the Trash and empty it

There you have it. Your Mac is now free from SearchMine. You can double-check it by checking out the login items. Here’s how.

Step 7: From the Dock, go to System Preferences.

Open the System Preferences

Step 8: Go to ‘Users & Groups.’

Go to Users & Groups

Step 9: Click on the Login Items tab.

Click to go to the Login Items tab

Step 10: If you find something suspicious that could be the SearchMine browser hijacker, click on the lock to make changes.

go to the Login Items tab

Step 11: Enter your password.

Enter the password to unlock

Step 12: Select the item and click the ‘–’ button to remove it.

click on the ‘–’ button

Double-checking will prevent SearchMine from returning to your Mac. However, if SearchMine keeps coming back, here’s how to find it on your disk.

Step 13: In the finder, choose ‘Go to Folder’ from the Go menu or simply press ‘Shift + Cmd + G’ on your keyboard.

Go to Folder from the Go menu

Step 14: Now, paste each location mentioned below, one at a time, into the search box and press Go after each location.




/Library/Application Support

paste each of the locations mentioned below

Make sure each folder is free of malware-related files. Trash all of them if you find any, but be careful not to delete any crucial files.

3. Remove SearchMine From Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

Since the steps differ for web browsers, we have listed the steps for each separately. Choose your web browser and follow the steps accordingly to delete SearchMine.

A. How to Get Rid of SearchMine From Chrome

Step 1: Open Chrome and paste the below address into the address bar.


paste the below address

Step 2: Select Reset Settings in the sidebar and click on ‘Restore settings to their original default.’

Reset Settings

Step 3: Press the Reset Settings button on the dialog box to confirm the Chrome reset.

confirm the Chrome reset

Step 4: Now, paste the below address to the address bar to open Chrome policy. 


pasting the below address to the address bar

If you find any suspicious policy, continue to follow the steps; otherwise, jump to Step 7.

Step 5: Press ‘Cmd + Space’ on your keyboard to open Spotlight, type Terminal app, and press Enter.

Open Terminal app

Step 6: Paste the commands mentioned below, one after the other. 

defaults write HomepageIsNewTabPage -bool false

defaults write NewTabPageLocation -string ""

defaults write HomepageLocation -string ""

defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderSearchURL

defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderNewTabURL

defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderName

commands mentioned below

Step 7: Select Chrome from the menu bar and click on Quit Google Chrome. Now, restart. 

Restart Chrome

There you have it. Chrome will start with the default settings. But what if you are using Safari? Follow the steps below.

B. How to Delete SearchMine From Safari

You must note that removing the data may log you out of some websites or change their behavior.

Note: Some images shown below are only for reference. 

Step 1: Press ‘Cmd + Space’ on your keyboard to open Spotlight, type Safari, and press Enter.

Open Safari

Step 2: Go to Preferences in the Safari menu.

Go to Preferences

Step 3: Go to the Advanced tab.

Go to Advanced tab

Step 4: Check the box next to the ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar.’

Check the box next

Step 5: Now, click on Develop in the menu bar and choose Empty Caches.

click the Develop menu

Step 6: Head over to the Safari menu and click on Clear History.

Note: Choose all history from the drop-down menu and hit Clear History.

Click clear history

click on Clear History

Step 7: Go back to Preferences.

Go back to Preferences

Step 8: Select the Privacy tab and click on ‘Manage Website Data’ to open a list of websites storing your browsing data.

Select the Privacy tab

Step 9: Select shady websites, hit Remove, and click Done.

Select shady websites

Step 10: Head over to the General tab and check the Homepage.

Make sure it’s the one you want to use as your start-up page.

Change the homepage link

Step 11: Finally, go to the Extensions tab to check for a malicious one.

go to the Extensions tab

Step 12: Choose it and click Uninstall.

Uninstall the extensions

There you have it! You have successfully cleared out the Safari browser. Follow along to see how to wipe off SearchMine from Firefox.

C. How to Remove SearchMine From Firefox

Step 1: Open Firefox, and at the address bar, paste the below address, and hit Enter.


paste the below address

Step 2: Click on Refresh Firefox on the right-hand side.

Click Refresh Firefox

Step 3: In the dialog box, click on the Refresh Firefox button.

click on the Refresh firefox button

The browser will restart and revert to its default settings. 

4. Use Third-Party Tools to Delete SearchMine Quickly

You can use the third-party tool if you don’t want to go through a step-by-step process of eliminating the SearchMine browser hijacker. One such tool is Malwarebytes, which we have covered extensively.

FAQs on SearchMine on Mac

1. Why does Chrome keep telling me I have a virus?

This is probably because you might have unwanted software or malware installed on your computer:

2. Does Apple notify you if you have a virus?

Apple does not notify users of virus alerts. These people are scammers who send fake messages saying that your device has viruses. Be cautious.

Dumping the Browser Hijacker

Browser hijackers like SearchMine are common, but only a few users take proper caution to let not malware take over their search or, for that matter, see what they search for. There’s a reason behind the name SearchMine; it mines your search data and sells it on the market. As always, it is better to prevent than firefighting to keep your PC safe from viruses and malware.

Last updated on 19 October, 2022

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