How to Pin Extensions to Chrome Toolbar

Extensions help you add features and enhance your overall browsing experience. Depending on their permissions, they can also change your browser’s functionality. And while Chrome has a dedicated extension icon, individual extensions are not visible by default. So, here’s how you can pin extensions to your Chrome toolbar and make them more accessible.

How to Pin Extensions to Chrome Toolbar

Apart from pinning extensions to your Chrome toolbar, you can also rearrange their order to make them more organized and unpin the ones you don’t need anymore.

To do that and more, read on as we have a detailed look at how to pin extensions to the Chrome toolbar. Additionally, if you’re having trouble viewing them on the Chrome toolbar, then how to go about fixing it as well. Let’s begin.

How to Pin Extensions to Chrome Toolbar

Even though Chome does not allow you to automatically pin extensions, you can work around it by manually pinning the extensions to the Chrome toolbar instead. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Open Chrome and in the menu bar, click on the puzzle piece icon. This will open a list of extensions installed on Chrome.

Step 2: Click on the pushpin icon next to the extension you wish to pin to the Chrome toolbar.

Open extension menu & click on the pin icon

Once the pin icon for the extension turns blue, the extension will be visible in the Chrome toolbar.

How to Rearrange Chrome Toolbar Extensions

Once you’ve pinned the desired extension to your Chrome toolbar, you can rearrange them in your order of preference. Here’s how.

Note: You can only rearrange extension icons within the extension toolbar. Additionally, you cannot rearrange or move the jigsaw icon.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and go to the Chrome toolbar.

Step 2: Here, drag and drop the extension icons as you want.

Drag & drop the extension icons

This will rearrange Chrome toolbar extension icons according to your preference.

How to Unpin Chrome Toolbar Extensions

If you don’t wish for a particular extension to appear on your Chrome toolbar or if the toolbar looks too cluttered, you can unpin extensions from your Chrome toolbar as well. Here’s how.

Note: This will not uninstall or disable the extension but only remove it from the Chrome toolbar. You can still access the extensions by clicking on the extension icon.

Step 1: In Google Chrome, go to the Chrome toolbar and click on the jigsaw icon.

Step 2: Now, click on the blue pushpin icon for the extensions you want to unpin.

Open extension menu & click on the pin icon

Once the pin icon turns white, the extension will unpin from the Chrome toolbar. Alternatively, you can also right-click on each extension and select Unpin from the options to remove it from the toolbar.

How to Disable Extensions From Chrome Toolbar

Apart from pinning extensions to the Chrome toolbar, you can disable them as well. Different from unpinning, this will cause the extension to stop working altogether. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome toolbar and right-click on the desired extension.

Step 2: Here, click on Manage extension.

Right click extension & click Manage extension

Step 3: Turn the slider off.

Turn the slider off

Once this is done, the extension will disappear from the Chrome toolbar as well. While the extension will be disabled, its icon will still be available in the extension menu. You can have a look at our other article if you wish to permanently remove the extension from Chrome instead.

How to Fix Chrome Extensions Disappearing From Toolbar

If you want to pin an extension to the Chrome toolbar but it is not appearing in the extension list, it might be worth checking if the extension is enabled. If it is indeed disabled, then it will need to be enabled in order for it to appear in the extension list. Follow these steps to check and, if required, enable an extension in Chrome.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser and click on the menu icon.

Step 2: Then, click on More tools and select/ Extensions.

Click on menu then More tools & Extensions

Step 3: Now, go to your desired extension. If disabled, click on the slider to enable the extension.

Click on the slider to enable extension

After enabling the extension, check the Chrome toolbar. If the extension was previously pinned to the Chrome toolbar, then it should appear once again.

FAQs for Pinning Extensions in Chrome Toolbar

1. Can I delete an extension from the Chrome extension toolbar?

To delete an extension from the Chrome toolbar, right-click on the extension and then click on ‘Remove from Chrome’. Once you click on Ok, the extension will be deleted from Chrome.

2. Is the Chrome extension toolbar available in incognito mode as well?

While the extension toolbar is available in incognito mode, all your pinned extensions might not be visible there. If your extensions have ‘Allow in Incognito’ turned on, only then will they appear in the Chrome extension toolbar when using incognito mode.

3. Will my Chrome extensions automatically sync across all my devices?

If you’re signed in to all your devices using the same Google account and have turned on sync settings, then your Chrome extensions will also automatically sync across all signed-in devices. Check out our other article if you’re having issues syncing your Chrome extensions.

4. Can you change the extension settings from the Chrome toolbar?

To change extension settings, right-click on the extension from your Chrome toolbar and click on Manage extension. Here, you can change extension settings and permissions accordingly.

Your Extensions Your Toolbar

Pinning your frequently used extensions to the Chrome toolbar is a great way to increase your accessibility and, in turn, productivity. With that in mind, check out these 20+ Chrome extensions to increase your productivity.

Last updated on 06 March, 2023

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