How to Edit Screenshots on Your iPhone

Capturing screenshots is a neat way to share what’s currently on your screen. But if the intent behind taking a screenshot is to share it with someone, editing screenshots can help you deliver that message effectively. And that’s where the Markup tool on your iPhone can come in handy.

How to Edit Screenshots on i Phone

While capturing a screenshot is quite straightforward, there’s a lot you can do afterward. In this post, we’ll go through all the tools you can use to edit screenshots on your iPhone. So, let’s get right to it.

Getting Started

Once you’ve captured a screenshot on your iPhone, a small thumbnail will appear in the screen’s bottom-left corner. Tap on it to view your screenshot.

After opening the screenshot, tap on the Markup icon at the top, and a bunch of editing tools will appear at the bottom.

Markup Tool
Edit Screenshots with Markup Tool on i Phone

Crop and Scale Your Screenshot

Not every element of your screenshot is always important. So, start by cropping out unwanted parts of the screenshot. Tap and drag one of the corners or sides of the border to crop your image.

Crop Screenshot on i Phone
Cropped Screenshot on i Phone

Similarly, you can also use your fingers to perform the pinch in or out gesture to scale your screenshot.

Draw on Screenshot

On the Markup screen, you’ll see a couple of tools at the bottom. You can choose from the available pen styles to easily draw arbitrary shapes or highlight a part of your screenshot.

Select a pencil, pen, or a highlighter from the toolbar below and choose a preferred pen size to start drawing.

Drawing Tools in Markup
Pencil Tool in Markup

Use the color picker tool to select a color for your pen, pencil, or highlighter.

Change Color of Drawing Tools in Markup
Pick a Color for Pencil

You can use the Lasso tool to trace a circle around the drawing and drag it.

Lasso Tool in Markup

Additionally, there’s also a Ruler tool to draw straight lines. Tap on the Ruler to add it to your screenshot and place it in a preferred location.

Ruler Tool in Markup
Use Ruler in Markup

If you make a mistake at any point, use the Eraser tool to erase a part of an object or the entire object itself.

Eraser in Markup
Erase Object in Markup

Add Text to Screenshot

Aside from drawing, you can also add a text on an image. For that, tap on the Plus icon in the bottom-right corner and select Text from the menu that pops open.

Add Text to Screenshot

Type in your text and move the text box to a preferred location. Tap on aA icon in the bottom left corner to change its color, font, size, alignment, etc.

Text Format Tool in Markup
Format Text

Add Signature to Screenshot

Like adding a text box, Markup also lets you add your signature to the screenshot. You have to tap on the Plus icon and select Signature from the menu.

Add Signature to Screenshot

You can add a new signature or drop one of your previously saved signatures from the menu that pops up.

Add or Remove Signature
Add Signature

Add Shapes to Screenshot

The Markup tool also presents you with a few basic shapes that you can use in your screenshot.

Tap on the Plus and choose from the available shapes. Once added, use the blue dots around the shapes to resize the object.

Anotate Screenshots
Anotate Screenshots on i Phone

Tap and drag the green dot to add a curve a shape.

Curve Shape in Markup

You can achieve this with the square, round, or speech balloon shapes as well. For instance, you can take advantage of the rectangle shape and change its border size to hide out sensitive information like email addresses, contact details, and so on.

Mask Information on Screenshot

Magnify a Part of Screenshot

Another way to bring focus directly to a part without cropping out the screenshot is with the Magnifier tool. You can use it to enlarge a particular area that you want the viewer to focus on.

Tap on the Plus icon to select the Magnifier tool.

Use Magnifier to Screenshot

Once added, rotate the green dot clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the magnification respectively.

Magnifier on Screenshot
Increase Magnification

Similarly, tap and drag the blue dot in or out to enlarge the magnifier.

Increase Size of Magnifier

You can use the opaque tool in conjunction with the magnification tool to hide irrelevant information.

Tap on the Plus and choose Opacity from the list. Then use the slider to increase or decrease its intensity.

Opacity Tool in Markup
Increase or Decrease Opacity

Undo or Redo Tool

If you make a mistake while editing your image, you can use the backward or forward arrows at the top to undo or redo changes.

Undo or Redo Changes

Alternatively, if you wish to remove a shape, text box, or signature without going back and forth, tap on the object and select Delete from the menu.

Delete an Object

Save and Share Screenshot

After editing your screenshot, tap on the Done button in the top left corner to save your edited screenshot.

Save Screenshot on i Phone

Alternatively, tap on the share button up top to share the screenshot.

Share Screenshot from i Phone

Editing Made Easy

The Markup tool on iPhone certainly makes it easy to edit screenshots with various options. Hopefully, the above guide has given you a clear understanding of all the tools available. If you’ve any questions, ask us in the comments below.

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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