How to Delete a BeReal Post on Android and iOS

BeReal is one of the social media platforms that allow you to share unfiltered and authentic moments. Sometimes, however, you may feel like deleting a BeReal post you are unhappy with or that doesn’t match your current vibe. This article will show you how to delete a BeReal post on Android and iOS devices.

Delete a BeReal Post

But before we dive into the steps, you may wonder why you would want to delete a BeReal post in the first place. Well, there are many reasons for doing so. You might have posted something by mistake, or perhaps your circumstances have changed and you no longer wish to share it. Regardless, knowing how to delete a BeReal post is essential. Let’s explore the process step-by-step.

Things to Know Before Deleting a BeReal Post

There are things you must know before deleting a BeReal post. 

  1. Once you delete a BeReal post, it cannot be recovered. Ensure you are certain about deleting it, as there is no way to retrieve it later. In addition to that, deleting a BeReal post not only deletes it from the feed but also from your Memories section.
  2. You can only delete one BeReal post per day.
  3. Deleting a BeReal post will remove it from your profile and the feeds of users who follow you or have access to it. It will also remove any likes, comments, or other interactions. 
  4. If you delete your BeReal post, you’ll need to post another one before you can view public posts in Discovery.

Before deleting a BeReal post, take a moment to review the content, assess its impact, and consider the potential consequences of removing it. That said, let’s begin with the article. 

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How to Delete a BeReal Post Quickly

You can delete a BeReal post on the BeReal app with ease. The process is simple to follow and remains consistent whether you use Android or iOS. However, for demonstration, we are opting to go with an iOS device. If you are on Android, you can follow along.

Step 1: Launch the BeReal app and navigate to the post you want to delete.

navigate to the post you want to delete

Step 2: Once in the post, tap the three-dot icon in the top right. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Delete my BeReal.’

select ‘Delete my BeReal’

Step 3: On the next screen, you will be asked, ‘Why do you want to delete your BeReal?’ select any relevant option and choose ‘Yes, I’m sure.’

Step 4: To re-confirm, BeReal will ask you for the last time if you are sure you want to delete your post. To confirm, tap Delete. 

tap Delete

There you go. You have successfully deleted your BeReal post. If you don’t want to delete your post but instead want to delete just the Memories, keep reading. 

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How to Delete a BeReal from Your Memories

When you capture a BeReal post, the system automatically saves it to a private gallery called Memories, exclusively accessible to you. If you decide to delete your public BeReal post, it will also remove the image from Memories. 

However, it’s important to note that deleting a photo from Memories won’t affect the visibility of the original BeReal post. So, even if you remove it from Memories, the post will still be publicly visible to your friends. With that understanding, let’s begin with the steps.

Note: For demonstration purposes, we are going with an Android device. You can follow the same steps on iPhone too. 

Step 1: Launch BeReal and tap on your profile icon in the top right corner.

tap on your profile in the top right corner

Step 2: In the profile screen, you will see the Your Memories section below your account name. Tap on ‘View all my Memories.’

Tap on 'View all my Memories'

You will see a calendar view of the photos you have posted on BeReal. 

Step 3: Give a gentle tap to any date you wish to remove from Memories. From the post, tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner.

tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner

Step 4: Select ‘Delete from Memories’ from the drop-down menu. In the ‘Are you sure you want to delete this BeReal?’ pop-up, choose Delete.

Note: You can download the image before deleting it from the Memories section. 

choose Delete

There you have it. You have deleted your BeReal memory without deleting the BeReal post. However, if you cannot delete your BeReal post, continue reading to know how to rectify it.

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Why Is Delete My BeReal Not Available

If the ‘Delete My BeReal’ button is not available in the BeReal app, there could be a few reasons for this. Here are some possible explanations:

  1. The BeReal app may have a time limit for deleting your BeReals. If you have exceeded this time limit, the option to delete your BeReal may no longer be available.
  2. If the BeReal you want to delete has been shared with you by another user, you may not have permission to delete it. Only the original creator of the BeReal has the authority to remove it.
  3. It’s also possible that there is a technical glitch or bug in the app preventing you from accessing the delete feature. In such cases, you can close and reopen the app or update to the latest version to see if the issue resolves.

If you cannot find the ‘Delete My BeReal’ option or if it’s unavailable for you, it’s recommended that you contact the BeReal support team to resolve the issue. If you have any queries we missed addressing, move on to the section below.

FAQs on Deleting a BeReal Post

1. Can people still see your BeReal if you delete it?

No, once you delete a BeReal post, it will be removed from your account and no longer visible to others. However, it’s important to note that if someone had already taken a screenshot or saved the BeReal before you deleted it, they may still have a copy of the content.

2. How many times a day can you delete your BeReal?

BeReal allows users to delete posts once per day. In other words, you can delete a BeReal post once every 24 hours. After deleting a BeReal, you won’t be able to delete another until 24 hours have passed.

3. Do BeReal posts delete after 24 hours?

No, BeReal posts don’t automatically disappear after 24 hours. Moreover, BeReal does not automatically remove posts after a certain period. You can view your BeReal posts until you delete them manually. Therefore, if you want to remove a BeReal post after a certain period, you must do it yourself.

4. What does 6 hours late mean on BeReal?

BeReal sends a notification to all users in the same region simultaneously, and they have two minutes to capture and post a photo of themselves and their surroundings. If you miss the two-minute window, you can still post a late BeReal, but the app will show how many minutes or hours late you were. So, ‘6 hours late’ on BeReal means that you posted your photo 6 hours after the notification was sent.

Remove Your Post

Deleting a BeReal post is a simple and effective way to maintain control over your online presence. Following the step-by-step instructions in this article, you can easily remove any unwanted or outdated posts from your BeReal account. You may also want to check out these Android apps to block social media apps and fight addiction.

Last updated on 19 June, 2023

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