How to Create and Share Playlists on Spotify

Are you missing the days where you used to make mixed tapes for your friends and family? Or are you looking to create a curated playlist for your music? The days of burning CDs for your Walkman may be at an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop sharing your music.

Spotify Playlist

Thanks to Spotify’s easy to use desktop and mobile apps, you can create and share your playlists with anyone. Apart from a shareable link to your playlist, you can also embed it on your blog or a site.

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Before creating a playlist, you first need to make sure you have Spotify on your mobile or desktop, and make a Spotify account. You can link your Spotify account to your Facebook to see what your friends are listening to. In the future, you can unlink your Spotify and Facebook accounts.

Creating a Playlist on Spotify App for Desktop

Step 1: Open your Spotify app. At the top of the left-hand taskbar, you will find helpful navigation buttons. For this guide, we will use the Create Playlist button.

Spotify Create playlist Desktop

Step 2: The app will take you to a new tab to start adding songs to your playlist. Use the search bar to look for your songs by typing in the name or artist (shown with an arrow).

New Spotify Playlist Add Music

Click the Add button found to the right of your chosen song (circled). This will add the song to your new playlist. Continue searching for music and adding them to your playlist.

Step 3: Once you have all the songs you want to your playlist, you may want to rename your playlist to something more attractive before sharing. Highlight your playlist and Right-Click (or two-finger click with the trackpad).

Screen Shot 2021 10 03 at 9 34 51 PM

Click on Rename and change your playlist name to what makes you happy.

Sharing Your New Playlist From the Spotify Desktop App

Now that we have our brand new playlist made and renamed, we can share our masterpiece.

Step 1: Find your playlist in the lefthand toolbar and Right-Click (double tap on a trackpad) to access the drop-down menu. Scroll down to the Share tab.

Spotify Share Playlist

Spotify will present you two options:

  • Copy Link To Playlist: This will copy the direct link to your playlist. You can paste this link anywhere, and whoever clicks on your link will be sent to your music.
  • Embed Playlist: This option will open a new window for you to customize how your playlist will look on your webpage. You will be able to see all the songs in your playlist, edit the color, size of the playback tool, and see the code.
Embed Playlist Spotify Pop Up Window

Creating a Playlist on Spotify App for iPhone

Step 1: Open your Spotify app. Click on the Search button at the bottom of your screen and look for the songs you want to add to your new playlist.

Spotify Home Page

Step 2: Find the song you want in the suggested menu, click on the ellipsis (…) to the song’s right. This will open a new window.

Search for Song on Spotify

Step 3: Click on Add to Playlist. A new window will pop up to create a new playlist or add to an existing playlist you may already have.

Add to Playlist Spotify

Continue adding songs to your playlist to your heart’s content.

Step 4: After adding songs, you can change the name of your playlist. Click on the Your Library button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Find your playlist in your library and click on it.

Spotify Library Button

Step 5: When you open your playlist, click on the ellipsis (…) in the middle of the screen. You can edit the name of your song, the album cover (Change name), and add a description to your playlist.

Spotify Edit Playlist Button
Change Spotify Playlist Name

When you’re done editing, click on the Save button in the upper right -hand corner of the screen.

Sharing Your Playlist From Spotify App on iPhone

QR Codes

There are a few ways to share your new playlist on Spotify. One of the newest features is through the new QR Codes.

Step 1: Find the playlist you want to share in your library and click on it. In the middle of the screen, click on the ellipsis (…).

Spotify QR Code Playlist

Step 2: Your playlist options will open, and at the top, you will see the album cover of your playlist. Underneath it is the Spotify logo and some soundbars – this is the QR code! You can take a screenshot of this or show this to your friends for them to scan.

Share Links

If you want to message your playlist to your friends or post a link online, you can do that from your phone too.

Step 1: Find the playlist you want to share in your library and click on it. In the middle of the screen, click on the ellipsis (…)

Step 2: Your playlist option will be open, and from there, scroll to the bottom of the panel. You will see a button Share. Click on it.

Spotify Share on i OS Options

You will have options to share to copy the link, share to different apps, and other various options depending on what you have installed on your phone.

Share Your Jams

Spotify has given us many ways to create, curate, and share our music. Create playlists for friends, family, people on the internet, or even for your websites. There are so many ways to make and share your vision. You can even start and host a Spotify Group Session with your friends.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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