How to Batch Rename Files in Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a great tool for editing your photos and giving them a more professional touch. Also, it supports many camera models by default and lets you import pictures easily. However, that also invites the struggle to rename the files, and doing that individual consumes a lot of time. Thankfully, Lightroom lets you batch rename the image files.

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Not renaming photos can cause problems, especially if you have to process and share them with others or online. When sending to clients, they may get confused when looking for a particular image.

Fortunately, renaming files in Lightroom is easy. And even better, you’ve got a few options while you are at it. Of course, you need to check out the Lightroom pricing for your region before you subscribe and download it on your computer.

Here’s how to change the name of your photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic on your computer.

Renaming Pictures When You Import

If you think it’s easier to do so, you can rename your files before importing them into Lightroom. That way, all you need to do is edit and export them onto your computer or hard drive.

We assume you’ve subscribed to a Lightroom plan and installed it on your computer. Below is a step-by-step guide to renaming your files when getting ready to add them to the app.

Step 1: Open Lightroom Classic on your desktop. Insert the memory card with pictures to import it to your computer.

Step 2: Click on the picture you want to import.

Lightroom import single image annotated

Step 3: On the right-hand side of your screen, expand the File Renaming tab and check the ‘Rename Files’ checkbox.

Lightroom rename file on import annotated

Step 4: From the Template menu dropdown, select Custom Name. Underneath that, type the name you want to assign to the picture.

Step 5: Import your picture. The image should now have had its name changed.

You can also rename multiple files at once using this method. Instead of ticking one picture, choose all of the ones you want to name. Once they’re imported, they’ll have your customized names rather than the default.

Renaming Images After Importing

If you want to rename your photos after transferring the files into Lightroom, doing so is simple. All you need to do is follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Double-click on the picture you want to edit the name for.

Lightroom select single image annotated

Step 2: Scroll down to the Metadata tab and expand this.

Lightroom unedited rename for single picture annotated

Step 3: Click on File Name and type in the name you want to give to your picture.

Lightroom rename single file

Step 4: After typing in the name, click anywhere on the page. Your file will now have its new name.

If you want to rename multiple files at once after importing, Lightroom also gives you the option to do this. The steps are a little different and are listed underneath this text.

Step 1: Select the photos you want to change the names of.

Step 2: Click on the option next to File Name.

Adobe mixed file name multiple images annotated

Step 3: On the pop-up box, click on File Naming. From the dropdown menu, select Custom Name.

Lightroom select custom name option

Step 4: Type in your new image file name and click OK.

After the pop-up box disappears, your selected images’ file names will now have changed.

Renaming Photos When Exporting

Renaming your files when exporting to your hard drive is also easy. To guide you through, we’ve created a step-by-step list for you to follow.

Step 1: Select the file you want to export.

Step 2: Go to File and choose Export.

Lightroom export file selection

Step 3: Under File Naming, tick the Rename To: box.

Lightroom export file annotated version

Step 4: Enter the name you want to change your image to.

Lightroom export file annotated

Step 5: Select Export.

Once your image is exported, you should see it in the location you chose to save with the custom file name.

Like with the other options, you can also choose to rename multiple files upon exporting. The steps are almost identical to the above. All you need to do extra is pick more than one image to export from the app.

Renaming Library Folders

If you want to keep your workflow better organized in Lightroom, you might also want to rename your library folders. Doing so is simple, and the actions you need to take are below.

Step 1: Under the picture preview on the left-hand side of your screen, you’ll see a list of folders. Click on the one you want to edit.

Lightroom locate library folder annotated

Step 2: Right-click and select Rename.

Lightroom rename library folder

Step 3: When prompted to, rename your folder.

Lightroom rename folder

Step 4: Click Save. Your folder name should change instantly.

Changing File Names Is Easy

Managing your files and library folders is an easy way to improve your workflow when editing your photos. And while doing so might seem a little confusing at first, it’s a pretty straightforward process.

Now that you know how to rename your files in Lightroom, you can organize everything easily. And beyond that, your clients will be able to locate things in much less time if you’re doing a project.

Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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