How to Change YouTube View Count From Lakhs to Mil­lions and Vice Versa


When a video goes viral on YouTube, it’s mostly talked about in millions. For instance, a GT video has 7 million views or 1 million likes. Most of us are used to the familiar ‘million’ notion for YouTube. Imagine if it changes randomly, and you notice the YouTube count in a different numeric system such as lakhs and crores? The same has happened with many YouTube users. For them, YouTube is showing views in lakhs. We will tell you how to change YouTube views count back to millions on YouTube apps (Android, iOS, and iPad) and web.

Change youtube view count million fi

There’s another side of the story as well. What if a user isn’t familiar with millions? They would prefer to see their regional numeric system for YouTube views. This post will also tell you how to change YouTube view count from millions to a system of your region.

Let’s get started on how to change the view count on YouTube.

Tip: For the unaware, 1 Lakh = 100k, 10 Lakhs= 1 million, and 1 Crore = 10 million.

How to Change YouTube View Count on Android

On Android phones and tablets (Samsung, OnePlus, Mi, Asus, Huawei, etc.), you will need to change your phone’s language to get back to millions. Let’s understand with an example. Recently, YouTube introduced the support for the regional numeric system (lakhs and crores) in India. So YouTube users in India who had kept their system language as English (India) woke up to views showing in lakhs.

To switch to millions, they will have to change their system language to English (UK) or English (US).

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone and go to System or General Management or Additional Settings depending on the option available on your phone.

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Step 2: Tap on Language & Input followed by Languages.

Change youtube view count million 2
Change youtube view count million 3

Step 3: Here you will see the languages enabled for your device. The first one will be taken as default and used for all apps. If an app doesn’t support the first language, the second language will be used, and so on.

Change youtube view count million 4a

Now, if you want to change views to millions, you need to make English (UK) or English (US) as your default language (should be at the top of the list). Similarly, if you want views in a regional system, change the default language to the supported language. Read what happens by changing device language at the end of the post.

Note: YouTube doesn't support all kinds of numeric systems.

Now, click on Add language if you don't see English (UK) or English (US). Tap on the language to add it to the list. Once added (or if it’s already available) move English (UK) or English (US) to the top by dragging it with the help of the two horizontal line icon next to the language. If you don’t see the three-bar icon, tap on Edit. Then change its position. Go back or press the Apply/Done button to save the changes.

Change youtube view count million 5
Change youtube view count million 6

Step 4: Restart your phone. Open YouTube. The new view count system will be shown.

Change youtube view count million 7
Change youtube view count million 8

How to Change YouTube View Count on iOS and iPadOS

Like Android, you will need to change the device language on the iPhone and iPad to change it for YouTube. If you want YouTube views in millions, select English (UK) or English (US), and if you want in a different system, choose a different default language.

Here are the steps to change system language for iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: Open Settings and go to General.

Change youtube view count million 9

Step 2: Tap on Language & Region followed by iPhone or iPad Language.

Change youtube view count million 10
Change youtube view count million 11

Step 3: Select English (UK) or English (US). Hit Done to save the changes.

Change youtube view count million 12

Step 4: Restart the phone. The new count system will reflect when you open the YouTube app.

Change youtube view count million 13
Change youtube view count million 14

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How to Change YouTube View Count on the Web

Interestingly, on the desktop site of YouTube, you get a native option to change its language without affecting the system language.

Open in a browser and click on your profile picture icon at the top. Choose Language from the menu.

Change youtube view count million 15

Note: If you aren't logged into YouTube, click on the three-dot icon at the top.

Select English (US) or English (UK) for millions.

Change youtube view count million 16

What Happens by Changing Phone Language

Changing your phone’s language or YouTube’s language (on the web) will not affect your trending list or recommendations on YouTube. Those get affected if you change your country in the YouTube settings.

If you are switching between various variations of the English, you will not notice any drastic change except in the case of spellings. For instance, you will notice 'center' in American English and 'centre' for British English.

But if you switch to a completely different language, your system language will get affected. So you will see the menus, app name, settings, etc., in a completely different language. The language taken by third-party apps depends on the app itself. For instance, changing system language will affect the WhatsApp menu and settings language.

Change youtube view count million 17

However, system language is independent of your keyboard language. So changing the system language will not affect the language you type from your phone’s keyboard. That is changeable from the keyboard settings.

Views Matter

While the YouTube views will be the same in all the numeric systems, their format matters a lot, especially when you are used to a certain type of counting system such as millions. We hope the above methods for different devices such as Android phones, iPad, iPhone, Windows computer, Mac, etc., must have helped you restore your preferred metric system.

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