5 Best Things About the Design of Honor 9N

Would you recognize your phone if it was kept upside down on a table with a couple of other phones? If you can, it’s well and good. But if you can’t, then you need to think over your choice of phone. Phones in India these days, especially the ones in the budget segment, tend to follow the same indistinguishable pattern — rectangular black boxes fitted with the identical dual camera modules. In one word? Boring.

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If you have seen the recent Honor flagships, you may have noticed that the company has raised its game in the design department. Thankfully, the same strategy extends to the recently launched Honor 9N.

With its smooth glass back, rounded corners and stunning colors, there’s no denying the fact that the Honor 9N stands out from the crowd. And the best thing about it is that the design permeates far more in-depth than you can see.

Confused? Read about the best things about the Honor 9N’s design, and you’ll find out why!

1. Full Glass Finish

It’s rare to find a phone in the sub-Rs 15,000 price bracket which sports a glass back. In most cases, you’d find one with a plastic or a polycarbonate back. The Honor 9N breaks this monotony with its mirror-like glass finish on the rear and smooth matte outer frame. This gives the phone a beautiful and stylish look.

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Another welcome addition is the gradient color on the back panel. This effect makes the phone shine a variety of colors when the light falls on it.

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What’s more, there’s no clutter on the back, aside from the camera module and the fingerprint sensor. The fact that the phone is available in a range of eye-catching colors — Robbin Egg Blue, Sapphire Blue, Lavender Purple, and Midnight Black — is the cherry on top.

Time to ditch the standard black, eh?

2. Smooth Curves

Another cool factor is the smooth and rounded corners. If you ask me, these give the phone a modern look which combined with the 2.5D glass design and the streamlined bezels, adds to the overall aesthetic of the phone.

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Besides that, Honor 9N with rounded corners is more ergonomic, not to mention, has no sharp edges. After all, you wouldn’t want the stiff corners of your phone poking your hand or in your pocket.

3. Symmetrical Notch

Ever since the notch made its debut a year ago, there have been numerous experiments on its size and shapes. While some manufacturers have opted for a wide notch, others have adopted a smaller size. Well, with the Honor 9N, Honor plays it smart between both these designs and most importantly, it does so rather beautifully.

Best Things About The Design Of Honor 9 N Corners

It has a small and symmetrical notch that isn’t there just for the sake of it. Obviously, with a smaller notch, you’d be able to enjoy the screen’s real estate in a better way.

Also, if you are not a big fan of the notch, you can mask it to and revert your phone to the 16:9 aspect ratio.

4. Small Ergonomic Design

The Honor 9N’s 5.84-inch display feels surprisingly smaller, all thanks to the minimal bezels and the notch. With its glass back and front, contoured sides and well-rounded edges, the phone is easier to grip. Moreover, using the phone with one hand will be much easier than the large phones with the Note moniker.

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Since the phone weighs 152 grams, you won’t experience much wrist pain owing to its light weight. Heavy phones tend to elevate wrist pain, especially the ones over 200 grams.

Did You Know

5. Dazzling Display

Last but not the least, the Honor 9N sports an FHD+ (1080×2280 pixels) display which makes watching videos or playing games much more immersive. The display is rich, bright and sharp, and the color reproduction is on par with the price.

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The viewing angles are great meaning that you can see the screen content from any side. What’s more, you can see the display comfortably even when you are in a bright outdoor environment.

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Plus, if you were to compare the LCD quality with other phones (in the same price bracket), you’ll find that the display quality in Honor phones is superior to its competitors.

There’s Something More to The Design

The Honor 9N checks all the right boxes when it comes to design and aesthetics, especially for India since there are so many similar looking phones in the market. This phone manages to stand out in the crowd with its elegant design and stunning color options while adding a hint of sophistication. And the feature-rich EMUI 8.0 running Android Oreo is the cherry on top.

The Honor 9N is a Flipkart exclusive device. Check the link below.