7 Best Honor 9i Camera Tips and Tricks

With the launch of the Honor 9i, the brand has practically outdone itself. This product is great overall with features that make it stand out from the array of Android devices out there.

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Considered as one of the best bezel-less smartphones under Rs 20,000 by many, the Honor 9i has a lot to offer.

Among its features, the camera is something pretty commendable and there are a lot of neat tricks that the brand has added for shutterbugs.

Here, we will talk about 7 such neat camera tricks that you can perform with the Honor 9i.

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1. Ultra Snapshot

There are times when you feel the need to take a picture instantly. However, opening the phone and then taking a picture takes a lot of time. You often end up missing the precious moment. With the Honor 9i, you can simply click a button using Ultra snapshot feature and take your photo.

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Now, anytime you feel like taking a picture quickly, simply double-click the volume down key on the side of the phone and it will instantly take the picture without you having to unlock it.

Your phone stays locked after you have taken the photo if you have the security feature enabled.

2. Object Tracking

Object tracking is another very important camera feature in the Honor 9i, which comes handy especially while recording a video. Many high-end cameras feature this as it helps users to capture flawless images and sharper videos.

Huawei Honor 9I2

You can enjoy this cool feature with the Honor 9i. By enabling Object tracking feature, you can get the camera to focus on a particular object in the frame. The camera will automatically vary its focus to keep that object sharp and clear.

3. Square Images

With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram, square images have become really popular. The honor 9i lets you capture Instagram-ready square images.

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The benefit of using a square image is that you can present a lot more information on it and the viewers do not have to scroll to see the complete image.

4. Voice Capture

Another interesting feature of the device is Voice Capture. While many smartphones today offer voice-based capture for images, Honor 9i lets you even customize the feature.

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Screenshot 20171220 154353

You can choose a trigger in the form of regular phrases such as “Say cheese”. If you are capturing an image of a crowded street, a festival or a music concert, you can also set the device to take a shot when the surrounding noise reaches a particular level.

With a large number of people around, it might be a little difficult for the device to hear a single word. However, if you customize it, the device will automatically capture the image when people around it make a lot of noise.

5. Focus With Volume Key

What is the most annoying thing that happens when you are trying to take a selfie? If I’m not too wrong, it’s getting the focus right by tapping on the screen when the device is not close to you.

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Screenshot 20171220 154535

In order to overcome this problem, the Honor 9i features focus control as a Volume button function. The volume rockers are customizable and you can choose among functions such as Zoom, Focus, and Shutter.

Once it’s set to control the focus, all you need to do is press the volume rockers up or down and the camera will focus in or out, respectively.

6. Capture Raw Format

The Honor 9i has an advanced mode called Pro photo that allows users to play around with the camera settings to take images as they desire.

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Along with the advanced mode, this smartphone also features RAW format image capture. Raw format images are useful for professional photographers as they capture a lot more data compared to the JPEG or compressed images, allowing them to edit and play around with the images easily.

7. Mirror Reflection

One of the major problems while taking selfies is that no matter how beautifully you take the selfie, it always comes as mirrored. Many smartphone developers try to solve this problem by mirroring the selfie. However, there are devices that do not offer any solution for this.

Huawei Honor 9I3

The Honor 9i has a unique feature called Mirror reflection that you can use if you require the device to correct the orientation of your selfies. All in all, selfie lovers now have more options than just the beauty mode.

Click Away!

For a mid-range smartphone, the Honor 9i offers many features in the software department. In addition, users are free to download new modes from the integrated store.

Huawei Honor 9I1

Right now, we are quite impressed with the camera quality and the features it has to offer. Going forward, users may expect even better features with future software updates.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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