9 Amazing Honor 7C Camera Tips to Up Your Photography Game

The Honor 7C has a capable camera for the asking price. With a dual camera setup comprising a 13-megapixel primary shooter and a 2-megapixel secondary shooter, it can capture decent shots for the price.


However, the hardware specs aren’t enough to earn you great shots. You’d have to set the right variables and know the precise software quirks to turn those ‘decent shots’ into amazing pictures.

To help you capture great shots with the Honor 7C, here’s a list of camera tips and tricks.

1. Capture Moments Super Quick

Normally phones come with a nifty shortcut to launch the camera super quick. In most of the cases, it’s the power button which acts as the tiny shortcut. However, with the Honor 7C, things are a bit different.

Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 3

Not only does it launch the camera app, it also clicks the picture at the same time. So, the next time you see a beautiful landscape, don’t wait to unlock the phone and then open the camera app. Instead, double tap on the volume button, and that’s it!

Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 8
Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 9

To access this mode, open Settings, scroll down and select Ultra snapshot. Once inside, select the first option. While launching the camera through this mode, a steady pair of hands always helps.

2. Smile to Capture

By default, the Honor 7C captures pictures through a tap on the shutter button. Well, that’s how it works on a majority of the phones. However, there’s a hidden mode which will capture the image automatically as soon the phone detects a smile on your subject’s face.

To enable this mode, swipe right on the camera interface and toggle the Capture smiles switch to on.

Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 10

This mode comes in handy if you want to take selfies using the rear camera. So, instead of shuffling for the shutter button, all you have to do is smile and the phone will do the rest of the job. As they say, a smile is the greatest weapon one can have.

Instead of shuffling for the shutter button, all you have to do is smile


Likewise, there’s another alternative to the shutter button. Aptly named as Audio control, this one captures a picture only when the noise reaches a certain decibel point. Not to be used in parties, though.

3. Adjust the Background Blur

Here’s the thing about the Wide Aperture mode or the Portrait mode of the Honor 7C. Apart from adjusting the background blur in real-time, you can also adjust it later from the gallery.

Aperture Honor 7C

To do so, head over to the gallery app, open the said image and tap on the Shutter icon at the top. Once done, touch on the object of focus and slide the slider to select the blur level. Sliding towards the left increases the blur, while a right slide decreases it.

Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 7

When you have a blur you like, tap on the Tick icon. That’s it!

Cool Tip:

4. Say Hello to Good Food

Here’s the thing about the Good food mode: It makes the food items more vivid by emphasizing its color, not to mention, it makes them more appealing.

Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 1

By default, the Good food mode is not included in the phone, you’d have to install it from the built-in app-suite.

Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 1
Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 13

Swipe left which will bring up the Modes window. Tap on the More icon and install the Good food mode. Once it’s installed, focus on the food item and click.

Cool Tip:

5. Separate the Focal Point and Exposure Point

Another cool option in the Auto mode is that it lets you meter and focus on different spots of the same image. In other words, it lets you separate the exposure point and the focal point, which helps to achieve a balanced composition. This means that you won’t end up with overexposed or out-of-focus images.


To separate the focal point and the exposure point, tap on the spot where you want the camera to focus. Once it’s locked, drag the exposure button and drop it at a point of your preference.

7. The Magic of the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is one of the most important principles in photography. It helps you achieve a strong and balanced composition. The Honor 7C not only lets you have the Golden Ratio (Fibonacci spiral), it also lets you customize it. You can choose to have the spiral either to the top or bottom.

Fibonacci Honor 7C

All you have to do is go to Settings > Assistive grid and select the one that you prefer.

Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 3
Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 2

Unlike other phones, the phone just doesn’t come with the conventional grid, it actually shows the curve so that you can place your primary object of focus within the loop of the spiral.

8. Scan Documents

Beyond clicking pictures, the Honor 7C camera is also capable of scanning your documents. Switch to the Document scan mode and take a snapshot of the document. The camera will do rest of the behind-the-scenes processing like adjusting the exposure and reshaping it into a flat image.

Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 16

What’s more, you can also export the image as a PDF file. Just open the image in the gallery, tap on the three-dot menu and Print or export to PDF.

9. Experiment With Watermarks

Watermarks have lately become a rage. While some phones restrict themselves to the ‘Shot on’ watermark image, Honor has included a host of images related to location, weather, etc.

Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 14
Honor 7 C Camera Tips And Tricks 15

More like geo-stickers then watermarks, you can access them via Modes menu. Once you choose it, just tap on the three-dot menu at the bottom and you’ll be presented with the different categories. Select one and switch between the different images/stickers with a tap on the arrow button.

Ready to Go?

These were some of the cool Honor 7C camera tips and tricks. While you are exploring the camera, don’t forget to check out the selfie flash of the front shooter or experiment with the built-in filters.