How to Quickly Access Hidden Netflix Categories on Chrome

If you ask me, Netflix recommendations just work. You turn on your screen and a host of series and shows best suited for your taste, will be neatly lined up, all thanks to its excellent machine-learning algorithms. However, not every day is same and if you were to trust your human instincts, you’d want to veer off the usual path.

Quickly Access Hidden Netflix Categories On Chrome 4

That’s when you get lost in Netflix’s huge library. Usually, one of the most common ways to search for a show is by searching the title directly. Or if you have time, you’d have to browse through its genres.

In case you have noticed, the Netflix Genres are pretty mainstream. You’d get the usual categories such as Crime, Comedy, Horror, etc. And if you ask me, this doesn’t justify Netflix’s huge archive. Luckily, not so long ago, news of Netflix codes for secret genres started flooding the interwebs.

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If you want to dive deep into the sub-genres, all you had to do was add a secret code to the URL and the movies pertaining to that genre will pop up immediately. However, as cool as it did sound, remembering and keeping a track of those codes were quite a task. Plus, there’s no guarantee that entering a code will fetch you the right content as there are many categories which are plainly used for suggestion purposes. Bummer, right?

Remembering and keeping a track of those codes were quite a task

Well, worry not. We have found the perfect workaround, in the form of a Chrome extension. Going by the name of Netflix Categories, this extension makes searching for movies and shows much easier.

Let’s see how this extension works.

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How to Use Netflix Categories

Step 1: Add the extension to your Chrome browser. It doesn’t have any ads, nor does it needs any permissions.

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Interestingly, this extension is just a simple list and doesn’t run in the background. Initially, a few categories will be loaded by default.

Step 2: Click on All Categories and you’ll be welcomed with a huge list of sub-genres. So, once you’ve spotted your favorite one, all you have to do is click on the little heart icon and that category will be bookmarked.

Quickly Access Hidden Netflix Categories On Chrome 5

Bookmarked categories will appear on the first page. This way, you won’t have to start the hunt for it every time you open Netflix.

Step 3: Now all you have to do is sit back and discover amazing shows. From political dramas to regional films, Netflix Categories lists them all. The selection process is easy. Search for a particular category and click on it and you’re sorted.

Quickly Access Hidden Netflix Categories On Chrome 3

How Does it Work

Netflix Categories is a fully open source program. The extension simply works by reloading the page with the associated genre number. In a nutshell, it’s an automation of the URL hack … only it’s much easier.

This method is only accessible in PC or tablet, that too if you’re using Chrome. If you’re using the app, either on TV or phone, you won’t be able to access the hidden genres or categories. The best workaround, in this case, is searching for the movies on your PC, and once you find something you like, search for it manually in the app.

If you’re using the app, you won’t be able to access the hidden genres

Thankfully, Netflix Categories isn’t the only Chrome extension built around Netflix. Several such extensions appear from time to time but regular updates to Netflix renders most of these useless.

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Let us list out some that are available at the moment.

Useful Chrome Extensions for Netflix

1. Netflix Party

Who said you have to watch a show all alone? The Netflix Party is a simple extension which lets you watch your favorite shows with your friends.

Quickly Access Hidden Netflix Categories On Chrome

All you have to do is start a show and then click on the NP icon. This will fetch you a link, which you’d have to share with your friends.


2. Ultrawide Display Aspect Ratio for Netflix

Up next is Ultrawide Display Aspect Ratio for Netflix. Yeah, that’s the name of the extension. Its job is simple. If your monitor is a wide 21:9 screen, the extension will help you get rid of the letterboxing.

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It chops off the top and bottom of the video, eventually letting you have a full-view display without any ugly black borders on the sides.

That’s All, Folks!

Netflix has a plethora of shows and documentaries. Don’t let the algorithms decide what’s best for you. Instead, throw in a bit of effort and discover the amazing world of hidden Netflix movies.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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