Here’s Why You Should Buy a Video Doorbell

Of many smart devices at home, the a new one joining the club is the humble doorbell. The new video doorbells let you see who’s at your door and you can also have a conversation with them without opening the door. While they do add a sense of security, but is that the only reason to buy a video doorbell? Well, there are plenty.

If you are wondering to get a video doorbell or stick to the good old non-smart version, here are all the reasons you should buy a video doorbell. Before we get to that, let’s see what a video doorbell is.

What Is a Video Doorbell

Well, it’s pretty much what the name suggests. Just like standard doorbells, they let you know who’s at your front door. But they go a step ahead and double as a video surveillance device. They record small video snippets whenever someone rings the bell or detects any movement.

And this way, they enhance the overall security of your house. Add the Smart factor, and you’ll have a capable security system at your disposal. The best part is that if you have a compatible smart speaker like the Echo Show, you will be able to see who’s at your door on the smart screen.

And should anything bad happen, you can always take the video to the relevant authority. While most video doorbells rely on cloud storage, there are a few doorbells that do provide local storage (more on that later).

So if you are in a dilemma if you should get a video doorbell, here are the reasons you should buy one.

1. Smart Features

A video doorbell is not just about recording video snippets when someone’s at your door. Some modern video doorbells come with additional features like two-way audio, night-vision, person tracking, package tracking, and much more.

Some models, like the Google’s Nest Doorbell, also announce whenever it detects a familiar face. Ingenious, right?

2. Two-Way Audio

When most of us work from home, answering the door often can be cumbersome. That’s when two-way audio comes into the picture.

You can have conversations and also leave instructions for delivery person. Also, the two-way conversation adds to a comfort of security since you do not have to open the door to a stranger.

Two-way conversation is available in smart doorbells and traditional doorbells. In the case of the latter, you’ll have to come near the in-house unit to speak. That said, you will still be under your home’s security

3. Person and Package Tracking

Another nifty addition is person tracking and package tracking. Person tracking uses smart tracking to let you know if you have an animal or a person at your front door. However, it’s available in only a few premium video doorbells. We would urge you to go through the feature page with a fine toothcomb if you are planning to buy a video doorbell.

Another nifty feature in some doorbells is Package Detection. This one alerts you if it notices a package in its Field of Vision so that you can take necessary action.

In fact, video doorbells like the Ring Video Doorbells come with package Removal alerts. It is an added advantage if you live in an area where package thefts are common. If required, you can also set up a geo-fence so that the doorbell doesn’t notify you of any unwanted things.

4. Remote Access

But the feature that works the best in almost all smart video doorbells is remote access. Whether you are away for work or vacation, you will be alerted to every activity on your smartphone.

Interestingly, doorbells like the eufy Video Doorbells start recording a little early before pressing the doorbell.

5. Night Vision and Video Footage Quality

However, most of the above features go for a toss if the recorded video is low quality. Mostly, all the popular video doorbells deliver decent picture quality, at least during the day. You will be able to make out faces and features easily. The feature to look at is HDR recording. In the absence of HDR, some doorbells tend to record dark videos when the sun is at the front.

But the feature that wins the prize is the night vision. While a couple of budget video doorbells delivers somewhat murky video quality in low light, the ones like the Arlo Essential, Ring Video Doorbells, and the Nest Doorbells deliver excellent night vision.

Local Storage vs. Subscriptions

Most popular players like Arlo and Ring come with a subscription plan. Though they add to the cost, they prove to be a good backup plan since you can always go back to an older video snippet to reference. Moreover, the subscription fees are not expensive and usually range between $2-$5 per month, depending on the plan type.

On the other hand, doorbells like the Blink Video Doorbell or the eufy Security video doorbell 2K lets you store offline videos. They are cost-effective, and you do not risk losing the videos. However, you’ll have to be super alert, lest some important files are over-written.

The bottom line is that you get to review and analyze the videos later. This is especially important if you want to amplify the security of your home.

Best Video Doorbells

There are quite a few players out there when it comes to video doorbells. If you simply want the best experience, the Arlo Essential Wire-free Video Doorbell delivers excellent results.

It brings nifty features like 12x zoom, built-in sirens, Home & Away mode, and supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. More importantly, the videos are sharp and bright.

However, if you are on the Google ecosystem, you may want to give the Nest Doorbell a shot.

The Nest Doorbell is not as expensive as the one above and brings a treasure trove of features, including facial recognition. So if your aunt walks up to your door, this video doorbell is smart enough to alert you of the same. No Kidding! Apart from that, it bundles a 4:3 tall aspect ratio, smart alerts, facial recognition, and a wide FoV.

For those tied in the Amazon Alexa ecosystem, you can check out compatible video doorbells like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and the Blink Video Doorbell.


The future is here, and video doorbells are here to stay. But truth be told, you may not need all the features. But having a doorbell out by the front door brings a sense of security since you can track everyone who came by your front door. On some days, you can bury yourself in your favorite book without worrying about strangers showing up at your door.

Last updated on 30 March, 2022

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