11 Best Google Sheets Templates to Increase Your Productivity

Google’s suite of apps such as Google Docs and Sheets are popular among small businesses, the education sector, and startup. You can attribute this growing trend to a couple of reasons. Unlike its rivals, such as Office 365 Essential and Premium, Google’s productivity suite is completely free to use.

Google Sheet

The second reason is seamless sharing and collaboration among colleagues. In this post, we will talk about the Google Sheets app. The software is an excellent Microsoft Excel alternative. Besides basic spreadsheet functions, Google does offer some compelling built-in templates to start with.

It won’t cover every use scenario, though. And that’s where the third-party templates chime in. I will list out the top eleven Google Sheets templates with each use case. I will mostly focus on third-party templates with a couple of mention from Google.

Google does offer some compelling built-in templates

Whether you are a student, marketer, business owner, or an accountant, I’m sure you will find the list below handy. The availability is also not an issue as these apps are web-based and have native apps for iOS and Android. Let’s jump in.

Note: If you want to use any of the templates below, click on the download button and open the template. Go to File > Make a copy, and it will get saved in your Google Drive folder. You can now open the template in Google Sheets and make edits.

1. Balance Sheet Template

Balance Sheet Template is a neat way to organize all your financial details in one place. You can see all assets, fixed assets, liabilities, and equity details. One can also store the data year vise and common financial ratios to get a better view of the financial life.

Balance Sheet

2. Inventory Template

This one is useful for small businesses. It helps to keep track of inventory with relevant information. You can add details such as item name, remaining stock, order ID, delivery date, and more.


One can also add stock location, so if you have multiple warehouses around the cities, the template can be handy to track the total inventory per location.

3. Weight Training Workout

Fitness freaks, join me here. The weight training template is a perfect companion tool for your gym schedule. You can pre-plan the whole month’s workout details in advance. And as you complete the day’s training, you can add trainer’s comments, inches lost, weight details, and the overall mood for the day.

Weight Training

4. Customer Relationship Management

This one is a must-have for customer-centric companies, where one needs to reach out and take care of potential customers personally. The dashboard displays total sales, the number of companies, negotiations with consumers, followed up ones, and more.

Cutomer Relationship

The people tab lets you add customer details such as name, mobile number, website, address, city, and more. Similarly, the companies tab contains details of current, and potential companies with email, phone, and LinkedIn addresses. You can assign the companies to employees to get a follow-up soon.

Customer Relationship 2

5. Vacation Check List

During long holiday trips, you won’t want to miss out on a single thing or detail to ruin the adventurous days. Of course, there are dedicated travel apps to make the process smooth. But what if you want a simple solution?

The Vacation checklist template is a simple but effective way to make sure all the things are in place before leaving home. There are multiple sections, such as General, Activities, Road Trip, Food items, Electronics, Kitchen tools, and more.

Vacation List

6. Startup Master Spreadsheet

When pitching an idea to a potential VC or showing company growth to investors, a startup needs to get their data straight in one place. And that perfect place is the Startup Master spreadsheet.


You can add monthly and quarterly data such as total revenue, profile, growth, margins, customer visits, average sale value, and more.

7. Monthly Budget

Well, I know people are using apps to manage finance and expenses. But some prefer it the traditional way. You can use the monthly budget template to add relevant details such as date, amount, description, and category.

Monthly Budget

The template is divided between income and expenses sections. Go to the summary tab to see the expenses and income filtered via categories.

8. Nutrition Tools Template

The nutrition tools template is a perfect recipe planner for cooks. It’s essential for those managing kitchen details at home. You can add details like date, calories, meal description, daily cost, and more.


The Calorie breakdown chart shows data in charts. The recipe list, grocery list, pantry list, and ingredient list lets you add the necessary details for a perfect meal planning for the day.

9. Social Media Report Card

This Google Sheet template is suitable for influencers. You can keep track of every post’s engagement numbers in detail. The template has added Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at the bottom tabs. One can see the total interactions, clicks per post over time and more.

Social Data

10. Project Timeline

Do you know one can manage the entire projects in Google Sheets too? If you don’t want to mess with Trello and Asana, the Project Timeline template by Google Sheets might be a good start for you.

Project Timeline

You can divide the project timeline into different stages, add details, and see the live data through the timeline. Share the sheet with other team members to get them on board.

11. Invoice by Google

One can always use an Invoice template to send the billing details in a hurry. The Invoice template lets you add the company name, address, item name, description, price, and more.

Invoice Sheets

After adding everything, go to File > Download > and save it as pdf.

Note: If you want to find more invoice templates, then read our dedicated post of top seven invoice templates

Use Google Sheets like a Pro

As I mentioned earlier, you can always start Google Sheets from scratch, but using a relevant template gets the job done in no time. You can always search for more third-party templates from the web. Which template are you starting within Google Sheets? Share details in comments.

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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