10 Best Google Docs Templates to Create Flyers

Enterprises and businesses of all sizes often laud Microsoft 365 offering. Meanwhile, Google’s productivity apps remain the default choice for first-timers, small businesses, and the education field. Sharing and real-time collaboration are seamless. Since these tools are web-based, accessibility is easy, and that’s why many users prefer to collaborate on Google Docs. And it carries a hidden treasure of templates. So instead of building a template for your requirements from scratch, you should use the default and third-party ones to become a more productive Google Docs user.

Google Docs flyers

While Google Docs includes some basic ones, there are several talented designers who’ve created templates for a specific use.

As you may already know, Google Docs is available on Android, iOS, and Web. Their mobile apps get the job done but the template functionality is best served on the web.

In this post, we will talk about the top ten Google Docs templates that can help you create beautiful flyers on the go. Whether you are a student, restaurant owner, freelancer, or anyone running a business, you will find a helpful template from the list below.

NOTE: To download the templates from the list, open it in the browser, go to File > Make a copy, and save it to your Google Drive account. Now, you will be able to make edits in it.

1. World Tourism Day

I know 2020 isn’t the best year to travel and explore new places. Before you move away, hear me out. The show must go on. The popular places around the world are slowly opening up for tourists. If you are in charge of marketing at a traveling company, then download this Google Docs template to create a flyer.


It’s simple, looks elegant, and doesn’t go overboard with styling elements. Just replace the image with a relevant picture, and you are good to go.

2. Freelance Digital Marketing Services

Are you looking for some freelance digital marketing projects? This third-party template allows you to create professional-looking templates with information, including your name, social media profiles, email, mobile number, website, and more. Also, don’t forget to add a passionate quote to close deals.

Digital marketing

3. National Sports Day

Create a cool-looking sports day flyers using this Sports day template. Well, I understand that Sports still has limits for viewing, but doesn’t stop you from getting your fan club enthused. I like those little touches with cool illustrations of football and other sports activities. You can add contact details, date, time, and even play with colors in the flyer.

Sports day

4. Hotel Promotion

Are you looking to welcome new guests after a rather dull 2020? Go ahead and prepare a dashing flyer with hotel pictures, amenities, food, preparations, and more. You can also add a hotel address, name, mobile number, and website details to it. Give it a try and welcome new guests.

Hotel promotion

5. Design Yummy Food Menu

If you don’t have a budget to hire dedicated graphic designer to work on your restaurant menu, this template can save your day. With a ready-to-go Google Docs template, one can easily create eye-popping restaurant menus in minutes.


The template is directly connected to Google Drawing. Double-tap to make edits, and it will open the drawing app to allow changes. You can add menu items, change photos, tag price, detail ingredients, and more.

6. Sale Template

Preparing to launch a sale? You can use this Microsoft Word template to create awesome looking sale flyers with item names, reduced price, discount, time, date, shop name, and more. Quickly create sales posters and share them among the social media handles and customers.

Sale template

7. World Heart Day

It’s essential to keep your heart healthy for a peaceful life. Nowadays, people take too much mental pressure and end up with Cardiac issues. You can spread awareness and create a webinar with date, time, and other details using the flyer template below.

World heart day

8. Graduation Template

Students, rejoice. This one is for you. I bet you have worked hard for the entire year, and now its time to get rewarded. After completing graduation, you can throw a grand celebration party with the cool-looking graduation template. Add the date, time, venue, and you are ready to go. I like the added design elements, such as the graduation hat above the disco ball.


9. Election Party Flyer

Elections are coming and campaign managers know that election campaigns are exhausting. After the voting day, you can celebrate the election party with this template. You only need to add event time, name, place, and a little description. Okay, this may be niche but you can always customize the text to suit your club or city election party.

Election template

10. Personal Trainer Template

Gyms are slowly opening up with limited attendence. All those who have put on weight, are looking forward to get back in shape. If you are working as a personal trainer, you can use this third-party Word template to create perfect marketing material for your coaching business. One can add images, talk about your goal, price per session, address, contact details, social distancing practices, and more.

Personal trainer

Master Google Docs

Google Docs may come across as an innocent online word processor but can be mighty helpful. The template list above is just the tip of the iceberg. The word-processing software is full of nifty tips and tricks. With the right use of a template, one can quickly get familiar with the capabilities of Google Docs. If you come across any unique third-party template from the web, share them in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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