9 Best Google Docs Templates for Teachers to Use in Classrooms

Google Docs is one of my favorite and most-used apps. I have written several guides on Google Docs for GT. It’s also popular in the classrooms with teachers and students both using them with templates to suit their needs. Yup, Google Docs comes with a lot of templates for different use cases, and Google has designed them keeping with teachers in mind.

Google Docs Templates For Teachers

Teachers have also designed most of these templates while the fans of the app crafted other templates. If you are not happy with the list, you can create your own templates just as easily. But first, take a look at the list below. You might find something useful or usable.

Let’s begin.

1. Student Report

Working on an assignment? Help your students out by giving them a Google Docs template for submitting reports. That will bring uniformity to all reports submitted, making your work easier.

Google Docs Templates For Teachers 1

Student Report template has a header and more importantly, a nested table of contents. That will make it easy to scan the report and jump between different sections. Finally, there is a bibliography at the end. Of course, you can add your custom menus and tweak it further as per your requirements.

2. Class Notes

Majority of students use their laptops and smartphones to take notes inside as well as outside the class. As a teacher, you could help them make the process easier and more systematic by giving them a Google Docs template for taking notes.

Google Docs Templates For Teachers 2

There is a margin on the left and space to take notes on the right. That mimics pretty much how traditional paper notebooks work. In the header, there is a space for student’s name, subject, date, and organization (school/college) name. Pretty neat and straightforward.

3. Plan Lessons

Here is a Google Docs template for teachers who often plan lessons for their students. The template carries questions that require adding details like who are you teaching, subject matter, the 5 Es and 4 Cs, learning objectives, and so on.

Google Docs Templates For Teachers 3

You can choose to edit it according to your needs. A comprehensive list with spaces for the answers will have you ready in no time. There is even a section for students with special needs, in case you have someone in your class.

Here is another Lesson Plan template which takes a much simpler approach.

4. Assignment Grading

Grading assignments will get a lot easier and quicker with this Assignment Grading Google Docs templates for teachers. There is a list of criteria for the assignment that has to be met. Again, this would be streamlined if you have used any template for the assignment to the students.

Google Docs Templates For Teachers 4

You can edit the columns based on the scoring technique that you use in the school. Calculate the total score and enter in the last column. It is a simple yet effective way to grade students on assignments.

5. Project Report

Are your students working on a project report? Standardize the whole process by sharing with them this project report template. There is a colorful header that can be changed.

Google Docs Templates For Teachers 5

The author has used colorful headers, page numbers, and dividers in the template that give it a cool and unique look. Also, that makes it refreshing to read the report.

6. Teacher’s Resume

Are you looking to switch jobs? Seeking a challenging opportunity, or maybe you are a fresher? Here is a cool resume Google Docs template for teachers. It looks professional but colorful enough to attract attention.

Google Docs Templates For Teachers 6

Take a more professional approach with a single-page resume. That will save recruiter’s time as he/she has fewer pages to scan, and that presents you as a professional. Here are some excellent examples of how to fit everything into a single page.

7. Staff Meeting Minutes

Attending a teacher’s meeting? Maybe an annual staff meeting to discuss new strategies on education and events? This meeting minutes Google Docs template for teachers comes with a separate column for each point.

Google Docs Templates For Teachers 7

There are separate rows for meeting purpose, agenda, points, and notes. You can enter date and other generic information in the header. The template is nothing fancy but effective and easy to use.

8. Send Newsletters to Parents

The job of a teacher is not just to educate the children. They are also supposed to keep the parents informed, and what better way to do it than newsletters? The newsletter template comes with a header which explains what the newsletter is all about, and then a space to explain it in detail.

Google Docs Templates For Teachers 8

Google team has built a newsletter template themselves which is good enough. You can find it in the templates section or click on the link below.

9. Syllabus

Preparing a syllabus for the upcoming semester? Make it more fun and easy to scan with this syllabus Google Docs template for teachers. It will allow you to prepare a syllabus that’s easy to consume, and also make students’ life easier.

Google Docs Templates For Teachers 9

The template has six weeks pre-defined, but you can easily add more depending on how long the semester lasts. For each week, you can add activities planned, dates, and additional notes. There is also ample room for adding criteria, course description, and materials needed. You can then edit it to your liking by adding or removing elements.

Preparing the Next Generation

That’s what teachers are doing, aren’t they? Preparing an entire generation for the world that awaits them. As students prepare to enter the next phase of their life, it becomes all the more important to be better equipped. These Google Docs templates will help you save time, so that you can focus more on students and their problems.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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