Top 11 Google Docs Templates to Increase Your Productivity

Google Docs is the de facto leader when it comes to online docs, especially in the small business and education sector. And why not? The word processing software is free to use. It is web-based, so there is no issue of availability. The sharing and real-time collaboration are seamless too. While it’s full of functionalities, the real treasure is packed in templates. One needs to master them to become a more productive Google Docs user.

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The company does offer some compelling options, to begin with. And the internet is full of individual designers creating templates for a specific use.

As you may know, Google Docs is available on Android, iOS, and Web. Their mobile apps get the job done but the template functionality is best served on the web.

In this post, I will talk about the top eleven Google Docs templates that may help you in one way or the other. I will categorize them based on the specific use. Whether you are a student, restaurant owner, freelancer, or running a business, I’m sure you will find something helpful from the list below.

Note: To download the templates from the list, open it in browser, go to File > Make a copy, and save it to your Google Drive account. Now, you will be able to make edits in it.

1. Write Business Letters in Style

Let’s start with the default ones. There come times when you want to create professional-looking business letters for certain purposes. Business letter geometric template not only brings style and substance but also adds the right amount of maturity required in a business letter.

Business Letter

2. Share Cooking Recipe

It’s 2019 and you shouldn’t be sharing a cooking recipe over a WhatsApp message or call. You can use the Recipe Coral template in Google Docs and add the relevant details. One can integrate food dish image with recipe name, required ingredients, cooking instructions, and tips.

Cooking Recipe

As a bonus, you can also add additional info such as cooking time, gained calories, and the number of people to serve the dish to.

3. Send Project Proposals

This one is a must-have for freelancers, influencers, and small business owners. Your clients may ask for a project timeline before assigning the work to you. In such scenarios, you can use the project proposal template to write an elegant looking proposal to impress clients.

Project Praposal

One can add a company logo, address, project name and give a short intro to the project. Here is how I use it. After discussing a potential project with the client, I make a proposal with details, weekly breakdown with cost, and all other minor observations regarding a project.

4. Send Out Upcoming Product Details

A press release is the generally the official way to introduce a new product to the media. The brochure product template by Google Docs is the perfect way to do this quickly.


You can add product overview, mock-up designs, specifications, data, and more. It’s a neat way to present your upcoming products to the market.

5. Design Clean Newsletters

Newsletters are still a thing in 2019. They continue to remain a good way to share valuable insights directly with a select group of subscribers.


Companies use them to share recent updates such as achievements, mergers, stats, and more. Newsletter Plum template from Google Docs is a simple yet impactful way to share your company progress with the world.

6. Make Study Notes

Students, roll in. This one is for you. During class, you can take notes for a given day. This default Google Docs template lets you divide them according to the date and class. Share it with other friends who haven’t been able to attend the class. I have seen teachers sharing important remarks about the class to students on Docs.

Study Notes

As I said earlier, Google Docs is popular in the education sector. I hope the company designs more student-specific templates in the future.

7. Impress Your Employer With Classic Invoice

Well, you can either opt for a dedicated invoice maker on web and mobile or you can use the invoice maker template in Google Docs.

The Classic invoice template is a neat way of sharing the billing info with your employer. You can add your company logo, address, details such as Bank information, items, description, price, discount, and more.


The above list mentions the default Google Docs template. This one is a third-party template designed by creators.

8. Design Yummy Food Menu

You don’t need a dedicated graphic designer to make your restaurant menu stand out. With a ready-to-go Google Docs template, one can easily create eye-popping restaurant menus in minutes.

Food Menu

The template is directly connected to Google Drawing. Double-tap to make edits, and it will open the drawing app to allow changes. You can add menu items, changes photos, tag price, detail ingredients, and more.

9 . Award Certificates

If you are running coaching classes or have an NGO with many volunteers, the certificate template might be the right fit for you.

Award Certificate

With this Google Doc template, one can easily create nice looking award certificates which recognize the contribution from the member. Add a company logo, change the relevant details, and the file is ready to get printed.

10. Make a Solid First Impression

Hey job seekers, your resume is a way of introducing yourself and make a solid first impression. Recruiters mostly make up their mind based on a person’s resume to begin with.


This third-party resume maker template can be the ultimate tool to get you the job. You can add every detail such as name, personal info, study and previous job timeline, skills, passions, and more. All that in a beautifully designed template with lots of graphics.

11. Confirm Delivery

Delivery receipt is a ready to go template for business owners. It’s neatly designed with an option to add all the relevant information. You can confirm the delivery with company and goods details such as description, quantity, weight, and more. Sign the template and share it with others.

Delivery Recept

Master Google Docs

The template list above is just the tip of the iceberg. The word-processing software is full of nifty tips and tricks. With the right use of a template, one can quickly get familiar with the capabilities of Google Docs. If you come across any unique third-party template from the web, do share them in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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