5 Best Google Docs Templates for Brochures

Google Docs can be used for so many things and in so many different formats. That’s why users have created templates so that they can reuse them to save precious time. There are all kinds of templates available for Google Docs by both Google and end-users. Today, we are going to discuss Google Docs templates for brochures.

Google Docs Templates for Brochures

A brochure is a popular marketing tool that can be either printed or created digitally and circulated among prospects. They are promotional materials used to market an upcoming product or service to the masses. Of course, you can craft it to be quite sticky among your audience. However, everyone needs a bit of an inspiration to get started. Let’s find out what brochure templates are available to use as Google Docs users.

1. Travel Brochure

The first one on the list is a travel brochure template. It has a colorful design with a pink and blue theme that oddly looks good. There is a space to enter your office address with a product overview and other details.

Google Docs Templates for Brochures 1

There are no set rules in stone. So you can edit the document with other designs and patterns as you see fit. This particular template comes free with all Google Docs accounts. No need to ask for permission or anything. Just open the template section in your Drive account.

2. Go-Go Travel

Another travel brochure for Google Docs and it offers more images in the header and footer area. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all. You can switch these images with your own depending on what or where you are planning to travel.

Google Docs Templates for Brochures 2

The template follows a single-color theme instead of dual-color with a world map made of dots at the top. Again, the brochure is available for free in your Google Docs template section. Spend some time with it to see if you can edit it to suit your needs.

3. Trifold Brochure Template

A trifold brochure is one that is folded twice to create three separate partitions. It is the size of a US letter page (8.5×11) and you can edit it right in the browser. If you want to save the file offline on your computer, you can do so as a PDF or PPT file or even as Google Slides if you want.

Google Docs Templates for Brochures 3

It has a blue and yellow color theme that looks good, and there is space to input your logo and slogan. Of course, if you don’t like the color scheme or any other element, they can be changed or edited easily. The graphics used move from the front of the brochure to the back, creating a seamless reader experience.

4. Annual Report Brochure

Preparing to submit a report to your office? While this is an annual report brochure for Google Docs, you can repurpose it for other types of reports too. All you have to do is make a couple of changes here and there.

Google Docs Templates for Brochures 4

The template is 33 pages long, which should be enough for most people. Again, you can add/remove more pages or copy one of the earlier pages to duplicate it. It has a blue color theme, which looks very professional but has been done subtly.

5. White Paper Brochure

There are entire marketplaces where you can buy templates for Google Docs in all sorts of flavors. In fact, you can buy templates for other Google apps like Slides and Forms. White Paper brochure is a simple and elegant looking template that you can repurpose to use as a brochure, flyer, report, and even prospectus.

Google Docs Templates for Brochures 5

Note that the Etsy marketplace, where you will also find more such brochures from other designers, is not free. It will cost you anywhere from $2-3 to $15-20 for these brochures. They are professionally designed and the marketplace acts like a central hub that saves you time looking for free stuff.

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Etsy is not the only marketplace. There are others like Envato, where you can find everything from themes for WordPress to templates for Google and even Microsoft apps. The benefit of these marketplaces is their review system to know how well the product has worked for other buyers. If you are willing to spend a little money and time is of the essence, I suggest you search them for Google Docs brochures.

There are free sources too, but choices are limited, and whatever you do find, you may or may not like. This is where we step in and compile some of the best options. So you don’t have to waste time looking for them.

There is nothing that’s stopping you from creating custom brochures too, and there are plenty of YouTube videos that will teach you how.

Next up: Want to create your template for Google Docs? Click on the link below to learn and then you can have it just the way you want it.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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