How to Get Apple TV on Samsung TV and Phone

Like other Apple services, the Apple TV app is also tied to the Apple ecosystem. However, thankfully, Apple has loosened its grip on the Apple TV app in the past few years. You can watch it on non-Apple TVs, including Samsung TVs. Let’s learn how to get Apple TV on Samsung TV. And if you want to watch it on your Samsung phone, we have covered that, too.

How to get apple tv on samsung tv and phone

For the unaware, Apple TV is an app where you can buy or rent movies and stream video content from Apple TV+ service. The latter features exclusive Apple Original shows and movies.

How to Get Apple TV on Samsung TV

Apple TV app comes pre-installed on many newer Samsung Smart TVs. Open the Apps section, and you will find the Apple TV app. Select it to watch Apple TV+ on Samsung Smart TV.

Apple Tv on Samsung Tv Play

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But if you can’t find Apple TV on your Samsung TV, you must install the app from the App Store, provided your TV supports it. Alternatively, if you have an older TV, you must use other ways. Let’s check all methods. But before we go to the steps, it’s essential to know the compatible Samsung TVs.

Which Samsung TVs Support the Apple TV App

  • New Samsung TVs launched in 2018 or later
  • Samsung The Frame Series
  • Samsung Serif Series
  • Samsung The Sero Series 
  • Select 4K and 8K QLED models

1. By Installing Apple TV App

If you have a compatible TV, follow these steps to get an Apple TV on Samsung Smart TV:

Step 1: On the homepage of your Samsung Smart TV, go to Apps.

Samsung Tv App screen

Step 2: Select the Search icon at the top.

Samsung TV Search and install app

Step 3: Type Apple TV in the keyboard that shows up using your remote.

Samsung TV Apps find

Step 4: If your TV supports Apple TV, it will appear in the search results. Select it.

Step 5: Select the Install button to get the Apple TV app on your Samsung smart TV.

Apple Tv install on Samsung TV

Once installed, select the Sign in or Set up button. Then, you will get two options to sign in. You can enter your Apple ID details manually using your remote or scan the QR code shown on the TV using your mobile phone.

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Samsung TV Apple TV Sign in

Note: If you don’t have an Apple ID, you must create one first from your phone (Android or iPhone) or any computer. Then, use the same account to log in to Apple TV on your Samsung smart TV. If you cannot create an Apple ID directly, download the Apple Music app on your phone and create an account.

2. Watch Apple TV on Incompatible (Old) Samsung TVs

If you have a Samsung TV that doesn’t support the Apple TV app or a regular old Samsung TV, the easiest way is to buy a streaming device supporting the Apple TV app. You can connect the streaming devices to regular Samsung TVs, too, via the HDMI cable.

Here’s a list of streaming devices compatible with Apple TV:

  • Apple TV box
  • Roku
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Chromecast

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3. Watch Apple TV on Samsung TV Without App

Alternatively, if you have a Samsung Smart TV older than the 2018 model that doesn’t support Apple TV but supports casting, you can cast or mirror content from the Apple TV app or website on your phone or PC to the TV.

How to Watch Apple TV on Samsung Phone and Tablet

Just like TV, you can download Apple TV from the Play Store on your Samsung phone. However, it’s not available to download in all countries.

To watch Apple TV on a Samsung phone, if you can’t find the Apple TV app on the Play Store, you need to access Apple TV from its website on a browser on your Samsung Galaxy phone as shown below:

Step 1: Open Chrome or Firefox browser on your Samsung Galaxy phone and visit Apple TV.

Step 3: The Apple TV website will show up. Sign in using your Apple ID to view the Apple TV content.

Samsung Phone watch apple tv

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Control Samsung TV

We hope you were able to watch Apple TV on your Samsung TV and phone. Before you go, learn how to control Samsung smart TV with your Android or iPhone. Also, know how to reinstall apps on Samsung Smart TV.

Last updated on 06 November, 2023

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