Top 5 Gen­tle Alarm Clock and Tones Apps for Android

Gaurav Bidasaria

I have trouble waking up early in the morning and I know I am not the only one here. We all love lying in our beds long after snoozing our alarms ... repeatedly. But there is work to be done and being lazy won’t take you far in life.

Gentle Alarm Clock Apps

With this thought in mind, I started using shrill and loud sounds as my alarm tone thinking it will jolt me out of my sleep. I soon realized it was having a negative effect and turning me into an unpleasant guy. So, this time I decided to find some gentle sounds to wake me up instead and found some really cool apps in the process. Check them out.

1. Gentle Wakeup

First up is Gentle Wakeup which will simulate sunrise by increasing the brightness of your phone’s screen with birds chirping in the background. Pretty good way to wake up. The screen will dim down and turn crimson red in the evening.

Gentle Wakeup Alarm Interface

You will receive your daily weather forecasts with some decent animation effects. The alarm tones are soft and natural with a gentle feeling to them. Other features include timer, multiple snooze with vibration, clock mode, and power nap.

The pro version is steeply priced at $38.99 and offers more sounds like owls and waterfall and future updates and features. Let’s see if we can find something, err, less expensive!

2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep cycle is the concept of monitoring your movements during sleep to determine how well you slept during the night. Using this information, Sleep Cycle app will determine the best time to wake you up.

Ideally, the deeper the sleeping phase is, the less your body will move. Waking up is then easier if the alarm goes off when you are in a light sleep phase, and when you are moving more. Welcome to the smart new world of AI.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Interface

Everytime I moved in my bed, the vertical lines in the screenshot above moved in tandem. The app will use this info with a 30-minute window to wake you up with a soft and gentle alarm tone which should help you get up and going in no time.

Note that you will have to charge your phone overnight as the app will be working all night. The pro version, priced $29.99/yr, will offer more nature sounds, advanced statistics, cloud storage, and sleep aid. The last one will play soft tunes to help you fall asleep faster. Sleep Cycle is also available on iTunes.

3. Zen Ringtones

What is so wrong with the default alarm clock that comes with your droid? Nothing. Sure it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that we saw earlier, but it still works as intended and many people like to use it. The only thing lacking is the choice of ringtones.

Zen Ringtones

Zen Ringtones is not an alarm clock but comes with a number of ringtones that are soothing, relaxing, and well, zen-like. Just download the app and the ringtones. You can then set them as your alarm tone from inside the alarm clock app or even Zen Ringtones itself.

The app is free to use but ad-supported which is not really a big deal since you will not be using it much anyway.

4. Gentle Alarm

Enter the most feature rich alarm clock app for Android. This app allowed me to change background, colors, and even font type and size of characters of the app. Now your alarm clock will not only sound gentle, but also look the part.

For people like me who find it difficult to wake up, there is a math puzzle feature that won’t allow me to snooze the alarm until I solve it. I know I deserve it.

Instead of using the sleep cycle theory where your movements are tracked during sleep, Gentle Alarm comes with a pre-alarm feature. It will play a soft tune in low volume that you would ideally hear only if you are sleeping lightly.

Gentle Alarm Math Puzzle

If you are deep asleep, you won’t even hear it, allowing you to wake up when your body is ready. This sounds more realistic because I know people who can move a lot even when they are deep asleep.

There is the dock mode for table clock and night mode for muting notifications and calls. You can play soft music that will slowly fade away and be replaced with vibration that will increase accordingly. Finally, there is support for Tasker that will allow you to customize the heck out of the app.

For an app that has so many features, the UI is really dated and boring but as long as the app works, there should be no trouble. There is a trial version available but you will have to upgrade for $1.99.

5. Progressive Alarm Clock

Ever heard the beautiful sound of the Tibetan singing bowls? It’s out of this world. While most gentle alarm clock apps have nature sounds to offer, Progressive Alarm Clock will play the Tibetan singing bowls music that will slowly increase in both volume and frequency.

There are five different patterns to choose from, each with their own schedule and frequency. There are more ways to explore this unique experience in the app with overtones.

Progressive Alarm Clock

The app has a backup feature where it will play a loud and shrill sound, you know when you fail to wake up gently. Other than that the app is simple and doesn’t have much to offer. Regular features like snooze and dock mode are available.

The app is ad-free and will cost just $0.99 in the App Store.

Rise and Shine

Alarm clocks have long been part of our lives. I still have the classic table alarm clock with the round dial. Rising early in the morning can really help you stay more productive and get more stuff done. Plus, it's good for health.

Next up: Do you have Philips Hue lights installed? Below is a simple guide to automatically turn them on when you wake up.

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