Top 5 Free Google Docs Templates to Create Invoices Quickly

If you spend some time with Google Docs, you can leverage its powers to create an invoice from scratch. But if you are lazy like me or short on time, you would skip the idea. Instead, you will look for some blank Google Docs invoice templates.

Google Docs Invoice Template Fi

We all know money cannot buy true happiness, and our lives are made up of such small joys. That may involve sending and receiving money conveniently. And to get paid, we require an invoice for records, accounts, and clarity.

If you have been looking for free Google Docs invoice templates to make invoices quickly, you are in luck. Here you will find blank invoice templates for Google Docs.

Let’s check them out.

1. Template by Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple offers a straightforward yet professional invoice template. The template separates the client and your details making it easy to identify the necessary data. For instance, the template lists your details at the top, along with the invoice number and date. You can even add a logo.

Google Docs Invoice Template 2A

The table offers four columns — description, quantity, price, and total. You can even add discount and tax details to the total amount. Further, the template has a payment instructions area too.

To use the template, open the link below. Then click on File in Google Docs and select Make a copy. You will be asked to name the document and choose the location in Google Drive for saving the file. Once saved, you will then be able to edit it as per your choice.

Google Docs Invoice Template 1

2. Invoice Template with Sidebar

Invoice Simple offers another cool template with a different layout. Unlike the above template, in this one, your details are in a separate sidebar on the left. This template also offers the same items — description, quantity, unit price, and total value. Fortunately, there is free space to add both client and company signature at the bottom of the invoice.

Google Docs Invoice Template 3A

The sidebar on the left has a drawback though. It decreases the size of the table and makes the description column appear smaller. The template works best for invoices with a small product description. Check other Google Docs invoice templates by Invoice Simple.

To use the template, follow the method mentioned for the above template — go to File > Make a copy.

3. Invoice Template by Cashboard

In most of the invoice templates, the due amount appears at the bottom. However, if you want to show the due amount at the top of the invoice, this blank invoice template from Cashboard is perfect for you. You will find the balance due box right next to the client details.

Google Docs Invoice Template 5

Besides adding notes, you have columns for description, quantity, price per item, and total amount. While it offers the ability to add tax, the discount option missing. But don’t worry. You can add or remove any column by right-clicking on the table and selecting Insert row/column or Delete row/column.

To edit the template, open the template from the link below. Then click on Use template.

Google Docs Invoice Template 4

4. Template by Invoice Ocean

If individual tax for each item plays a vital role in your invoice, you have found the right one. The template provides separate columns to add tax besides offering the usual columns for item name, quantity, and price.

Google Docs Invoice Template 6

The template has a sky bluish tone to it. You will find additional parameters such as PO number and due date at the top. It doesn’t support a company logo.

To use this template, click on the Use Template button when you open it from the link below.

5. Invoice Template by And

This template from And is quite helpful for freelancers who work on an hourly basis. Even though you can modify other templates to add hours in the table, this one provides it by default. It offers both types of tables — one having hours and one without it. You can delete one of them according to your need.

Google Docs Invoice Template 8

Further, you can add a payment link too in case you have a digital wallet that supports it. The template takes care of tax and discount as well.

To use the template, open the template from the link. It will open in Google Docs. Click on File > Make a copy. Name it and then edit as per your preference.

Google Docs Invoice Template 7

How to Modify Google Docs Templates

Besides adding the data in the invoice table, you can modify the table or any other element to suit your needs. For instance, if you don’t like the table column size or template color, you can change it.

To add or remove rows/columns, right-click on the table and choose the appropriate option. To modify other table properties such as color, size, etc., right-click on the table and go to Table properties. Similarly, select any other template item and modify it using the toolbar above. In some templates, you will find an instructional or promotional text which can be removed easily by selecting and deleting it.

How to Download Invoice in PDF

Once you are done filling the blank invoice template, go to File > Download. Select PDF document to download it in the PDF format. In case you want to select some other format such as Word, choose it here. The app will download the file to your computer.

Google Docs Invoice Template 9

Make Invoices Easily

The invoice templates are usable by designers, writers, contractors, freelancers, and anyone running a humble business. While they are free to use and work best for small businesses, using templates doesn’t come close to using a proper invoicing tool. These tools provide useful features, such as expense tracking, reminders, history, and more.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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