10 Super Exciting Android Games for November 2017

A new month obviously calls for a fresh list of new Android games. The month of October has seen plenty of games being released on Google Play Store — from exciting soccer games and thrilling racing games to action-filled shooting titles.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017

As it’s going to be a long one, let’s jump right in.

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1. Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer

Honestly, there are very few people on earth who aren’t football fans (yes, it’s football. Everywhere except the USA). If you love to play football both online and offline, Football Strike is a perfect pick for you.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 2

As the name suggests, it’s a multiplayer game where you can challenge competitors from around the world across three online game modes — shooting race, free kicks, and career mode.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 3

In the free kick mode, you take turns with your competitor to be the goalkeeper or the striker. To score a goal, flick your finger across the screen and try to beat the keeper. To save a goal, flick towards the right direction at the right time to move your goalkeeper. Timing is the key!

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2. Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

After some action on the green turf, let’s look at a few games that burn the pitch roads. The first racing title on our list is the Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic. There’s a bike, there’s a road and of course, there are competitors.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 6

All you have to do is maneuver the bike and race as fast as you can. You’ll get a basic bike during your first challenge, which can be exchanged later for more advanced models as you collect cash and rewards.

The graphics are pretty decent for an Android game, and the controls are smooth and don’t sport any knee-jerk reactions.

3. Car Eats Car 2

Racing gets a completely new meaning with the Car Eats Car 2, a steaming racing game with a dash of vengeance. Not only do you have to reach your goal super fast but also have to perform mean stunts along the way to earn reward points.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 5

So, where does the vengeance lie? Well, it appears in the form of evil cars set out to destroy your car. You’d have to fight them off by slamming into them, landing on top of them or collecting guns and boosters to get rid of them while racing towards your goal.

The graphics of Car Eats Car 2 is super cool and I bet that you’d have loads of fun playing this off-beat car game.

4. ReCharge RC

Another fun racing game is ReCharge RC where you get a tiny car on a dirt track in the first round and remote controls to head the car in the right direction.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 4

Sounds easy but it’s difficult to pull it off at one go. I wish you could see how easily my car spiraled off the track.

The graphics aren’t as good as the Cars Eat Cars 2 but if you want to play a conventional RC game, here’s one that fits the bill perfectly.

5. Blocky Bronco

Blocky Blonco is a classic example of an addictive game. There’s a mechanical bull and, of course, you’re on top of it.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 1

Your job? Hold on tight to its horns while it goes crazy with its frantic movements to throw you off.

6. Brutal Fighter: Gods of War

Mythical battles against powerful gods and warriors — that’s the tagline Brutal Fighter: Gods of War swears by. As you might have deduced already, this game involves displaying your martial arts skills.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 7

The quality of graphics is amazing and so is the gameplay. It comes with a unique ladder approach where you climb up one level after each win. The final level involves a fight with the boss as usual.

Similar to any fighting game, this one also has a plethora of blade weapons and explosive firearms for you to unlock.

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7. Stickman Run: Shadow Adventure

A game of shadow and light, and crazy stickmen baying for the blood of the Big — yes, that’s the gist of Stickman Run: Shadow Adventure, a crazy arcade game.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 1

Legendary princess, Beauty, has been kidnapped and only she can bring light into the land of the stickmen … thus begins the game.

As you race to save her, don’t forget to grab the coins, kill enemies and launch your superpowers to cut the long story short.

8. Midnight Star: Renegade (Unreleased)

In Midnight Star: Renegade (Unreleased), you play the role of an elite GMSC soldier on a mission to gain control of the secrets of a long-lost alien race.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 5

The graphics of this game are good and so is the touch-and-swipe gesture to shoot enemies down. The usual features of customizing weapons and upgrading ranks are also included.

Since it’s not a fully released game, it might contain a few bugs.

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9. Shooting: Into the Dead 2

Get more zombie action with Into the Dead 2. A sequel to the popular game by PIKPOK, this edition also involves shooting zombies down to save your family.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 3

The game comprises a set of seven action-packed chapters that include a plethora of individual challenges and stages.

What’s more? The graphics of this game is amazing and I guess. Based on the popularity of the first edition, Into the Dead 2 is also expected to hit the popular charts soon.

10. Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Last but not the least, we have a deadly sniper game for you. Build your battlefield strategies in Sniper: Ghost Warrior as you take out a cartel head and his team.

Free And Exciting Games For November 2017 2

As a hitman, you can customize your rifle’s looks and upgrade it or buy advanced weaponry to shoot better. The dramatic kill-cam makes things even better as it confirms the kills with a dramatic close-up clip of your shot.

Games for Glory!

So, which of these games will you play first? If you ask me, the Stickman Run should be your first choice.

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Is there any favorite game of yours that we missed? Do let us know in the comments below.

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